McG's Photo Blog 1: Camera Testing

Mcgillacuddy So I've come up with a new blog series now to make some utilization of my latest hobby. I'm making utilization of my photos to share with fellow TopTenners. Most of these photos are taken in California, so you'll get to see the views and what goes on in my state. Some of the photos are also taken from my phone. I'll also try to find a way to include videos in these posts.

The way this will work is I will put a link in the post and you'll get to see the pictures I've taken for the topic in a website I found called Shutterfly. I'll also write about what was going on in these photos and my initial reactions. It's basically a photojournalism blog, so I hope this blog will interest you and keep you coming so I can make more. I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I feel I can get back into the groove with this one. This blog is also not going to be consistent, but if you keep yourself updated with my profile, you won't miss a post. And don't worry, because I have a lot of great photos to be seen and I think you'll love them!


This first blog post is going to be simple and short just to test everything out and make sure things are running clean. The posts will get much longer in the future. I'm also gonna need some criticism just in case there are some kinks that are possible for me to work out, so I need your honest response on this. Thanks in advance.

These photos were taken last year in March, where me and my Dad drove down to the Highland area in San Bernardino very early in the morning to test out our cameras. Crenshaw at that time wasn't the safest place to do it. The cameras me and my father use are both Canon EOS REBEL T3's. We bought them on Ebay for a good price, which is what we've been searching for quite some time. We started off with testing how well the cameras work in the dark. We have two flash devices for our cameras: the basic flash that's on the camera itself, and a very large attachable flash device, which is ridiculously powerful and can shine crazy bright. So pretty much whatever level of darkness is nearby, our flash devices will work like a charm.

Although, long distance photos in the dark have to be worked out manually. Later down the line, I've fiddled with the manual feature my camera includes, and it sets how you want your photo to turn out including the brightness, aperture, color, blur, and other crazy features. We were in an elevated neighborhood near the mountains in east Highland, where we could see the landscape of San Bernardino. You can see this in the first three photos. It was difficult to get the lighting right, and it seemed like the first photo was the best attempt because you can see the street lights, but the only problem was the blur. At night, it's hard to take clean photos because of the lighting. When a camera takes a photo on auto mode, it tries to get as much light as it can before it snaps, and most the time, the camera will take a still photo to grab all the light it can grab before finally snapping. Although, when in manual mode, you can set the lighting how you want it to be and the camera will snap the photo immediately, regardless of the lighting. I was unaware of how to use manual mode at the moment, but I was able to at least take a pretty clean photo of the moon.

The next couple of photos were up close and were me utilizing the flash devices. By far my favorite photo is the sunflower because it doesn't even look like it was taken in the dark. The quality could've been worked out more but some details of the flower are quite distinct and it still looks pretty. The photos of the rock with the pole on it was an interesting find. I have no idea how those things ended up there or what they were used for but I found them to be good subjects.

Next we get into my favorite set of photos. As dawn was approaching, we drove to the hills of Redlands, which isn't far from Highland and is still in the San Bernardino area. We approached the peak of a hill which was near a small valley and it had a single house on top with a water tower next to it. There were also hiking trails nearby so we walked towards them to get photos of the sunrise. These are definitely some of the best photos I've taken because I haven't taken anything like it a second time so far, and the view is simply stunning. As the sun sat behind the mountains, it created beautiful red reflections off the clouds. I also snapped a couple of photos of the mountainous area we were in. You could also see snow caps on one of the mountain ranges, which was located on the other side of the flat desert of San Bernardino.

This was a great experience for me to take photos because it helped me become much more proficient in the future, and I can't wait to show you guys what I have in store. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I really hope to see you in my future posts as well. Thank you :)


The city pictures have a Mulholland Drive feel to it. Nice. - Martin_Canine

Thanks - Mcgillacuddy

These photos are cool, and a lot of them are views I love. - visitor