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1 La Liga

La liga is the most league that have cups of all specially real madrid and Barcelona the we have see that the best average and the most legendary teams are real madrid and Barcelona

They are the best league in the world. They have the best teams in the world. They have the world's top 2 players. They have world class players, and Spanish football is better than English football.

Haha do you actually want me to believe that Premier League is better than LA LIGA?! Premier League is just a money-making league. No football. Just money. La Liga is the real football league!

Competition this season is unimaginable

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2 Barclays Premier League

Most competitive league from top to bottom whilst still being at the highest level. Every match is exciting, in that you never know who will win, unlike the very BORING La Liga which is the same old crap over and over. Best football to watch on the planet by far. No contest at all. Anyone who tells you any different is a fool. La Liga is for fairweather fans who like watching all-star teams dominate everyone. Ever met anyone outside of Spain that claims to like someone other than Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid? No you have not. It's for fairweather fans and it's boring. Premiership is where it's at, as well all know

While La Liga has two of the greatest teams the BPL has many exiting teams many different styles of football and it is a joy to watch. High tempo, edge of your seat kinda stuff no matter who you support.

The best players play in this league, with the best managers in Mourinho and Pellegrini. This league simply outclasses other leagues due to there being 6 or 7 teams that can push for a top 3 unlike many leagues.

Toughest league

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3 Bundesliga

Just voting for the Bundesliga because it should be over MLS... Seriously guys? Can you be more objective?

In the bundesliga there are more attack and defense than other football league.

Bundesliga is the best because of Bayern Munich

Plentifuls of competition in this league, like the EPL, MUCH unlike the La Liga. Real, Atletico and Barca? I mean, I love watching the El Clasico, but that's about it.

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4 Serie A

Still a great league of good teams that plays the Italian rude style of football like Inter, Milan, Juventus, Napoli, Roma and Fiorentina

Yeah sure serie a doped a little coming from an inter fan but we should be second or tired because this is if all time and we produced players like Giuseppe meazza, the Brazilian Ronaldo, roberto Baggio and plenty more

We will rise to the top some day!


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5 Hero Indian Super League

This league has increased the interests of millions of people in football in India where soccer was not a popular game earlier

It is a great league not in case the Indians but also all over the world due to its great success in first season with 25000+ attendance in each game.

It should be ranked third in the world because it's becoming a very in treating league

My country's league. I recommend you to watch it. it is entertaining.

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6 Ligue 1

A good league full of tradicional teams like O Lyon O Marseille PSG

7 English Premier League

It's the best I like amongs all

8 Eridivisie


Small league but with exceptional teams like Ajax Feyernood Twente and PSV

9 Süper Lig

League of a lot of tradition with a lot of teams that are internationally known as Fenerbahce Galatasaray Besiktas

Passion is like nowhere else.. Van persie, Sneijder, Nani, Muslera, Drogba, Mario Gomez, And Crazy Fans

One of the best leagues in the world with good potential. great chance to become 6th best in europe after the top five countries spain, germany, england, italy, france. they will compete with portugal and russia for that place

<3 Turkey

10 Primeira Liga

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11 ABSA Premiership

It is by far the best structured and competitive league in Africa and now with its schedule resembling that of most European leagues, we should see it improving in leaps and bounds.

This league belongs in the top 5.

It should be among the top 5


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12 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

Extremely balanced league!

The best league!

Historically the second strongest league in South America and also one of the most unpredictable. While the league features strong historical teams like Santos, Sao Paulo, and Flamengo, the last 15 edition have been won by 8 different teams: Sao Paulo (3), Corinthians (2), Cruzeiro (2), Fluminense (1), Santos (1), Flamengo (1), Vasco (1), Paranaense (1).

13 Major League Soccer

Really this one of the most stupidest thing I've seen

Going to be a good league instead of Europe with attention

What the hell? Last time I was here this was #11! :(

I like the MLS a lot there are some really good players like Josef Martinez and Miguel Almiron and Bradley Wright-Phillips, etc, and also a yearly MLS Cup.

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14 Argentine Primera División

Historically the most dominant league in South America and the most powerful league in the Western Hemisphere. Features multiple strong competitive teams: Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Estudiantes, San Lorenzo, Velez, and Racing.

A really competitive league were everyone could be favorite to win the tournament and were surprises constantly happen were the great teams are River Plate Boca Jrs Independiente Velez Racing Estudiantes

15 Italian Serie A
16 The A-League

Incredible league, the Western Sydney Wanderers have the best fanbase in the entire world. Attend one game, not even in the active area, and you'll see what I mean.

Awesome league n great crowds

I'm from aus but I prefer laliga bbva

With players like Harry kewel, allessandro del piero, Enile heskey, shinji Ono, Brett Emerton and the sheer determination and strength of Daniel mcbreen proves the a-league is easily in the top 5 in the world.
It could be the best in years to come

17 Ukrainian Premier League
18 German Bundesliga

Come you guys now that bundesliga is one of the best league out there, maybe it is the best

19 Liga zon Sagres

This league is in 5th place in European raking, and it should be definitely in this top 5.

Very talented teams like Porto or sporting

20 French Ligue 1
21 Liga MX

This should be in the top ten

I love la liga mx games.

Laugh out loud why is the MLS even on this list?

Far better than the MLS, even when the MLS has really well known and talented soccer players such as Rooney and Ibrahimovic.

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22 Russian Premier League
23 Futebol Brasileiro
24 Belgian Pro League
25 Turkish Süper Lig
26 English Football Championship

Leicester city are in it so its amazing

27 Saudi Pro League
28 UEFA Champions League

This may not be a conventional league but is much more exciting than LL or the BPL, as it offers a completely different style of play and competition to other leagues

All best teams including real madrid and bayern munich - Leonard1

Lol does this count?

29 J. League
30 Superleague Greece
31 San Marino League
32 Superliga (Denmark)
33 V League
34 Iran Pro League
35 Swiss Super League
36 Indian Super League

The Indian Super League has just started but it has the potential to become one of the best football leagues in the world because of crowd support and quality players and also every team is at the same level no one can predict which is the best that is the special thing about this league...

The newest league added in the world.
First time FIFA has authorized this league and many legend players as marquee players which increases the interest in this league...

Unbelievable game spirit. I saw real war rather than friendly football..

It is most growing populer league in world

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37 K League
38 Jelen Super Liga
39 OTP Bank Liga
40 Slovak Super Liga
41 SSE Airtricity League
42 Indonesian Liga 1

The best league in the entire world
INDONESIA dude. I mean. Maybe u doesn't know much about indonesia but, yeah its still a good league maybe top 49 - 50 I don't know

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