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1 Shawn Froste

Shawn is the best he is so handsome and I love that he is gentle but he is also fierce an he is a defender and striker I also love his techniques most of them are about snow which I love it makes him seem cold and adorable I also love wolf legend one of his techniques because I love wolves and it makes him seem scary which I like. His hair is so nice it really suites him and I love his gentle smile it is really welcoming and he is so kind he is the hottest boy in Inazuma Eleven!

He's a great player and after what he had to go through... Just respect! He is really friendly to almost everyone. And he is so adorable, I want him to be my boyfriend!

X a soccer and Shawn loving girl

Its amazing to see a player like him who's so great both in defense and offense. he's the perfect combination. He looks cool with is grey hair. He should be giving more importance in the anime because he is way better than axel

Because he is so genrous, beautiful, honest, innocent and a man of powerful shoots along Atsyua.

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2 Axel Blaze

Axle blaze is the best of inazuma club. I'm very glad to see him on the top of the table, he is cool...

Best character he has got awesome skills and he has fire I love him a lot all his moves are awesome I also like shawn but Axel is the best character in the whole solar system and inazuma eleven is the best cartoon in the whole solar system he is the best and my name mathes with Axel a lot ihope he would be in the earth he is the best. Please. vote for him.

This character is unbeatable

Perfect Personality for ace striker.

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3 Mark Evans

He is the best player of the team.No one can stand at first to save the soccer club, he is only who can make realise to all of them that they become best team of japan.But on later he made the team strong ever by fight with aliens team containing Gemini Storm, epsilon, diamond dust, prominence, Genesis, royal, inazuma eleven aliens.he made the team number 1 in the universe.later played in FIFA, defeated all the country.And in inazuma eleven go, he became coach of the next inazuma eleven Inazuma eleve go chrono stone, the antagonist finish him in the timeline, so if he is no more so soccer is also no more in the world.


Mark Evans is my favourite character out of everything in the whole world he is brilliant he taught me how to have determination I personally think he should be number 1 with Axel in second. Mark is clearly the strongest goalkeeper in Inazuma Eleven and simply has the best personality. Just my opinion. Love ya Mark Evans.

Coolest Character ever
Very inspiring guy
Go Majin The Hand

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4 Jude Sharp

Best strategy and sharp mind I love this character

He is a talented playmaker, who has serious skills. And clearly Royal Academy are the best team

If it weren't for Jude, Raimon would still be be catching flies in front of the Infinite Wall! Jude Sharp has been claimed by everyone(including Mark Evans) to BE THE BEST PLAYMAKER AND BIGGEST GENIUS EVER!

Smartest character and the Brains.

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5 Erik Eagle

In midfielder category he is the top he deserves field magician

Properly the magician of the series best dribbler

He is the best

He’s so cool!
Plus, I shipped him with Silvia. He’s definitely a better fit for her than Mark ❤️

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6 Nathan Swift

He originally was from the athletics club but learned and developed his soccer skills very fast. He's been with Raimon from the beginning and was more dedicated to the soccer club than several of the original 7 members - vrfmlyanne

He is caring for his team and is a great defender/midfielder. He is the fastest on the team!

Loyal friend to Mark, tries his best to help his teammates and friends.

I have no words to show my love for him...

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7 Byron Love

Why so much hate to Byron? All Byron's comments have lots of dislikes... I think haters are jealous of Byron because he's the best character in Inazuma Eleven!

No one can compare to his fabulousness

He is the thing of my dreams, makes me quiver every second on screen. My friend kinda looks like him if he was a ginger kid in his twenties.

Best among the inazuma eleven characters.He should be a permanent member of raimon.

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8 Xavier Hunter

He looks awesome with his red hair and his moves are so powerful.

He is out of the Top 5 but he's a good character... his shots are powerful and he is very innocent and friendly...but at 13/14 he still needs his big sister to protect and defend him ( not a bad thing, but strange )

He is cool I like him

Badass BOI

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9 Sakuma Jirou

He has pretty eyes

Please don't poke my other eye out and I'll give you a free penguin plushy
- Sakuma Jirou

In french his name is David Samford. He's my favorite caracter in Inazuma Eleven but I don't know why... He may is not the most important caracter in the history, but I just like him a lot! I love his eye patch : it gives to him a bit of mystery! ^^ He is so nice (in the two ways)! ^^

10 Shindou Takuto

I like him more than jude!

This is inazuma eleven not inazuma eleven go but I understand why you would put shindou on here he is so amazing but my vote is actually shawn/fubuki

It's not inazuma 11
but inazuma 11 go - JolteonIsAwesome

I love shidou kami no takuto is the best move ever fire illusion is even better I just like him so much einsatz is also why he is so amazing

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11 Fidio Ardena

He is my favorite, the hottest character even though he is Italian

What the fidio should be rank 5th or 4th he is cool with others. And so kind

I love him he's a sweetheart everybody should love

Even though he's not had much screentime, I think it's safe to say that he's pretty similar to Endou. He's passionate about soccer, full of hope, friendly (even to his enemies/rivals), able to see light in everyone and I doubt that he'll ever have enough of playing his most beloved sport. To think that he can balance being a strong forward and a captain! That's no easy job, honestly. He brings hope to his teammates when they've lost theirs. For example, when the rest of the team had lost their fuse because "Mr. K" was not being a "real coach", he was the one who made a result-determining decision which was to trust Kageyama which then led to his team being able to work in harmony like gears in a machine. Or maybe the time when they were no longer able to continue the FFI when his team was feeling all hopeless, he still saw light and knew they could still do something. And you've gotta admit, he's charming and lovable 😍

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12 Yukimura Hyouga

He should have joined the chrono storm as well

Just look he gained 1% of votings. He probably needed to be on the raimon team.

His kawaiiness is just too much to handle - nanaseNaomi


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13 Nagumo Haruya

Burn is awesome. I love him. Every time I think about him I'm in love. He's so cool I adore him

He has a fiery hot technique, but surely not better than the amazing and awesome cool red haired Xavier

My mum got Xavier and Claude (Nagumo) mixed up just cause they're both pretending to be aliens with red hair! How is that possible?!

He is the hottest, so lets be real and get him in the top 10

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14 Austin Hobbes

He ia very talented and he's 11!

Lalala *whistles* cooking! *hums* ow burned myself!
-Austin Hobbes
He is awesome at soccer at like 10 years old he's as good as Someoka! And he's also good at cooking!

15 Tsurugi Kyousuke

Tsurugi is one of the best players! HE IS AT AXEL's LEVEL!

He's such a matured boy. He knows to control his temper and is a real soccer lover.

He is the best player and he is always score the goal for raimon


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16 Jordan Greenway

My favorite character and best character in the whole Inazuma series.

He's like a girl and very cute!

I like he's hair

Midorikawa is our god Janus! He is the ultimate best.

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17 Joseph King

A seriously good goalkeeper. - vrfmlyanne

He is bad... Joe King! Get it? Joe king, joking?!

Joseph king is epic

The king

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18 Steve Grim

STEEVE! Steve is awesome and yet so underrated... I know that he is the most average character but hey, that's what I love about him!

Because he's just AWESOME

Just an average guy

Mhmm Steve is here. Move out the way peaches.

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19 Kevin Dragonfly

He is a top lad and shawn's best friend forever

He is just amazing

He is loyal to the team,and deserves more respect than he is reciebung

20 Fudou Akio

He's the strongest player on the field he played really well against Korea think he's the best player

He is genius playmaker and his hairstyle is awesome

He is absolutely awesome!

The strongest player.

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21 Matsukaze Tenma

A simple boy with an innocent love for football. He may not be the best and powerful like others but his sheer love for football is what lets him to hold his own against others. Doesn't doubts any one and has the capability to cheer others and let them find the right way with his healing words. Also mentioned as a Second Stage Children. has the potential to overwhelm anyone in soccer with his indomitable will. He is just a perfect character.

The best player ever!

Cute,funny and determined.I love him.

He's the best player.
He has the awesome individual shot hissatsu - Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane!

22 Jack Wallside

He is heavy, good for your defense, bad for your scales.

23 Raimon Natsumi
24 David Samford

He is sick because he also takes risks like joseph king but with a powerful move beyond human limits like beast fang called emperor penguin number 1 and looks cool with his cool robot eye and also plays for royal academy the best team for me in inuzuma eleven

He is boss

He is the best one he is hot and a signe to his awsomness he have an eye patch

25 Maxwell Carson

He is so cute, and also his ball control is just awesome, I just don't know why he is a Forward, he plays better as a Midfielder. Erik shouldn't be called the midfield magician, Max should!

In the first game he was way better than Kevin as a Forward, and that cat hat that he uses is really stylish!

Fantastic! Best character, great hat, silky moves should have been part of inazuma national. Wish he was in the game more

Well he's the best in inazuma eleven vote for him.

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26 Jim Wraith

He is a highly ignored in the franchise of inazuma eleven and I think he deserves some respect

Jim is here. Oh yeah.
Probably one of the most ignored and underrated characters in the series but I find him hilarious x)

27 Connor Kanon

He is basically a child version of Doc from Back to the Future who likes soccer. Awesome!

Kanon, what is wrong with you why didn't your bring Jordan back?!

28 Timmy Sanders

Timmy is short and powerful and, frankly, is my favourite character in all of inazuma eleven

29 Hurley Kane

Most matured and awesome player

Get on that surfboard, dude! You gotta just ride it like the waves and win!
- Hurley Kane.

30 Shirou Fubuki

He is so handsome, cute and amazing.

What the heck?! Fubuki Shirou already been mentioned! He's in the first place! you don't know?! Shawn Froste is Fubuki Shirou! His real name is Fubuki Shirou, Shawn Froste is his DUB name!

He Is Sako Cooll

31 Hakuryuu

He's too cool and awesome

Seiju Shining Dragon, come on its amazing as hell, he's basically a cooler version of matsukaze

Holy beast shinning dragon can't be stopped
Fm arnav

32 Ibuki Munemasa

Coolest goalkeeper ever. Mark may be a main character, but Ibuki has the coolest goalkeeping techniques


33 Einamu

His Shoot Command 06 has swag

He's cute and loyal!

34 Darren LaChance
35 Arion Sherwind

He is a fantastic captain for raimon and always tried his hardest even when there were clearly people in the team better suited for the job! Even when he realised this he didn't give up and kept working hard despite his feelings! He is sweet and lovely and never lies to what he believes in and has a nice dog what more could you want my lads...

Okay, if you wanna be Arion's friend, here's one tip for you: don't make soccer cry! Arion loves football so much that he makes up emotions for it. He's cool

Already on here

He's awesome

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36 Mark Kruger

He's my favorite, he is :
1-the hottest character in inazuma eleven
And he's so fabulous

37 Endou Daisuke

Gan Shan dwan!
Man can Han ban LAN pan ran xan zan tan yan wan van dan fan Han Ian jan Kan nan quan san

38 Victor Blade

Victor is in inazuma eleven GO and is just awesome because of his terror moves please add him he is awesome!

He is to cool

39 Riccardo Di Rigo

He is fantastic footballer

40 Sam Kincaid
41 Kurimatsu Teppei
42 Urabe Rika

She is so funny and has a great personality x3

43 Domon Asuka
44 Dylan Keith

He's one of the hottest characters in inazuma eleven
He's cute, funny, fabulous
He's best mark Kruger friend

45 Kageyama Reiji
46 Dave Quagmire (Saginuma Osamu)

The big black tall scary captain of Epsilon.

Big scary tall black Epsilon...

47 Tori Vanguard

Amazing girl! Epic tomboy! We share the same personality.
"I wanna stay with Raimon! Mark and the others are gonna beat them and I feel like they're the only ones doing anything at all! "

48 Suzuno Fuusuke

No doubt, best and coolest player ever. Awesome hair and swag style, come on! Vote for him!

He is really cool, my fave character!

Oh god, he is ssoo col


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49 Clark Wonderbot

Such a funny bear - yasirzxzxzx

50 Zel (Zeke) Valanche

In Epsilon, he's cool and a great striker and keeper. Swaps position with Dave/Saginuma when he becomes forward.

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