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21 Timmy Sanders

Timmy is short and powerful and, frankly, is my favourite character in all of inazuma eleven

22 Jordan Greenway

I like he's hair

He is the best!

He overcame a lot and had a huge character development! It's a shame the writers got rid of him during the FFI series though, he's one of my favorite characters. He and Mark (Endou) have very similar drives to be good at soccer, but sadly, that wasn't shown much on the show.

*watches FFI prelim final* I HATE YOU, LEVEL-5!
The only good thing level-5 did: He is an ethical hacker :D
Jordan is the best, he deserves better.

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23 Hurley Kane

Most matured and awesome player

Get on that surfboard, dude! You gotta just ride it like the waves and win!
- Hurley Kane.

24 Jim Wraith

He is a highly ignored in the franchise of inazuma eleven and I think he deserves some respect

25 Kevin Dragonfly

He is a top lad and shawn's best friend forever

He is loyal to the team,and deserves more respect than he is reciebung

26 Maxwell Carson

He is so cute, and also his ball control is just awesome, I just don't know why he is a Forward, he plays better as a Midfielder. Erik shouldn't be called the midfield magician, Max should!

In the first game he was way better than Kevin as a Forward, and that cat hat that he uses is really stylish!

Fantastic! Best character, great hat, silky moves should have been part of inazuma national. Wish he was in the game more

He's one of the best and better than nathan swift, jack, jude, timmy, etc.

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27 Einamu V 2 Comments
28 Hakuryuu V 2 Comments
29 Darren LaChance
30 Ibuki Munemasa

Coolest goalkeeper ever. Mark may be a main character, but Ibuki has the coolest goalkeeping techniques


31 Raimon Natsumi
32 Mark Kruger

He's my favorite, he is :
1-the hottest character in inazuma eleven
And he's so fabulous

33 Matsukaze Tenma

A simple boy with an innocent love for football. He may not be the best and powerful like others but his sheer love for football is what lets him to hold his own against others. Doesn't doubts any one and has the capability to cheer others and let them find the right way with his healing words. Also mentioned as a Second Stage Children. has the potential to overwhelm anyone in soccer with his indomitable will. He is just a perfect character.

The best player ever!

Cute,funny and determined.I love him.

He's the best player.
He has the awesome individual shot hissatsu - Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane!

34 Riccardo Di Rigo

He is fantastic footballer

35 Arion Sherwind

He is a fantastic captain for raimon and always tried his hardest even when there were clearly people in the team better suited for the job! Even when he realised this he didn't give up and kept working hard despite his feelings! He is sweet and lovely and never lies to what he believes in and has a nice dog what more could you want my lads...

Okay, if you wanna be Arion's friend, here's one tip for you: don't make soccer cry! Arion loves football so much that he makes up emotions for it. He's cool

Already on here

He's awesome

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36 Kurimatsu Teppei
37 Urabe Rika

She is so funny and has a great personality x3

38 Dylan Keith

He's one of the hottest characters in inazuma eleven
He's cute, funny, fabulous
He's best mark Kruger friend

39 Tori Vanguard

Amazing girl! Epic tomboy! We share the same personality.
"I wanna stay with Raimon! Mark and the others are gonna beat them and I feel like they're the only ones doing anything at all! "

40 Sam Kincaid
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