Best Mobile Phones of 2013

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1 Samsung Galaxy S4

Everyone in my family has one and I must say, They are the smoothest machine to ever grace my hands! I like it so, so so much better than my boyfriends iphone4s which just seems like a toy comparatively. He's thinking of switching to the galaxy 4 soon too!

I believe that the S4 is the smartphone of the year.
I'm astonished by the technology in this machine.
The eye motion capture, the customizations and much more.
I can control pretty much everything in my home with the help of android.
The television, the lamps all around the house, etc.
The Iphone is a phone for the individuals who doesn't need, want, or understands how to use all of the things you are able to do with the S4.
It might be too much for certain people.
In short words, the S4 or any android machine is a phone for the more "technical" individuals.
I also find it hilarious how so many fanboys start to scream at everyone which phone is better.
These are my personal beliefs and I don't want anyone to feel offended in any way.
Ps. I like the new android operating system for the Apple products,
"IOS 7".

2 Apple iPhone 5

Apple is the best thing going right about know if your looking for a powerful smartphone

My mums got the 5 and I have the 4s love it

Apple only no1 phone in the world.. And introduce the new technology in that company only.. I love apple

The I phone should be #1 thy are way more loved than any other phone

3 HTC One

I think that it is a verynice mobile. It is one of the top 10 mobiles in the world. My opinion is that to buy and enjoy with beautiful days. My best mobile is htc and iphone. If I want to buy any mobile I used to buy HTC One. I think that it is one of the best famous company in the entire world. IF my dad asked to buy a nice mobile, I want to buy the HTC One only... And my last beautiful WORDS is... HTC One is the best mobile...

Much cooler than anyone. Anyone can't describe it in words.its amazing, fantastic, fabulous, superb, crazy, cool, funky...

Why is the S4 Above this its so overrated. Its full of useless features you will use one time, like eye scrolling.

Better than the s4 and the iphone love the sound quality I had the s4 it was cheaply made and had worse battery life than the s3 so screw Samsung and apple htc for the win

4 Samsung Galaxy S3

The best phone by far if you don't count the samsung note2

This phone knocked apple off there throne! This phone made history

Amazing mobile one of my favorite

I have it.. And its awesome! , enough for me.. Don't feel I need to upgrade.

5 Sony Xperia Z

This phone has : The best UI and preinstalled apps design, so nice effects, everything is so pleasant to see, the quailty of the body is very very good! Better than galaxy S4 at gaming, better than S4 at ui, better than S4 at chipset, GPU, CPU and sensors! The best phone on this list!

A really efficient phone. This deserved to be way up the list. Probably in the top five's.

It is waterproof why can't you say it is better than s4 an iphone 5.

This must go to the second place this rock

6 Nokia Lumia 910

That's my favorite mobiles.

Laugh out loud I got a I phone 5c and lumia 920 I think lumia is better than I phone 5c casue I do laugh out loud

7 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Greatest phone ever I love my phone

8 Apple iPhone 5s

How is I phone5s in 9th it should be 1st

This one is better than all

How is iphone 5s #10

9 Nokia Lumia 920

Amazing phone, love it. Absolutely brilliant! This should be higher! Does everything a smartphone does and everyone needs one!

What the hell, this phone is amazing should at least be number 2

Amazing phone ever made!
This should be higher!

The best phone you can get

10 Samsung Galaxy S2

My sister has it

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11 Apple iPhone 4s

One of the best mobiles ever I love it.

A great mobile, one of the best

12 HTC Butterfly
13 Blackberry Z10
14 LG Optimus G
15 Galaxy Grand

Good smartphone for the price... Worth it

16 Blackberry Curve 9320
17 Nexus 5

This is all set to pose a SERIOUS threat to the iPhone for years onward. The last nexus did, too.

Nexus is better than iPhone, I am an electronic engineer, trust me!


Super good ppi how can it be 18

18 iPhone 6

Yea it exist and I was late and it's is one of the best phones. Like I didn't hear anything about it till it first came out.

Does it exist at all?

19 Nokia Lumia 520

I am the same engineer who voted for nexus and I approve the lumia 520 as well!

Laugh out loud this is the cheapest of all lumias it sould be in the top 10 good window 8 phone got an iphone 5c I think lumias are better

Man it's so good.

20 Karbonn S5 Titanium
21 Sony Xperia Z1

I'm using nokia lumia 720 and Samsung Galaxy S3 but so far this phone is better than Samsung Galaxy S4

22 iPhone 5c

Good phones from 6 of my iPhones, very good one from just a 40000, I like it very much. its really a promising phone from which I have

23 Micromax Canvas HD
24 Nokia Asha 311
25 Sony Xperia SP

Come on man... D music n d lighting is just awesome! Next level stuff...

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