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221 Wido
222 Zoe

That is my name and everyone says I am dark sided but I just like to be alone. I get picked on at school too, for my drawings.

Me too. I get picked on for as well for being introverted and "weird" and because of my music and drawings as well

Same here I get piked on because my drawings

I like this name:-) :-)

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223 Mindy
224 Ashlynn V 2 Comments
225 Tasha

My cousins name all people with the name tasha is beautiful same that goes to raven

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226 Heaven

It s a create name for every emo girl

I love this name and wish it was mine
I'm gonna use it as my nichname

227 Abby

This is a name for a girl that could be hurt, most people imagine it as a sweet little girl but she ain't. Every time she is silent shes trying to think of a way to silently kill u! I wouldn't mess with her.

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228 Selene

Named after the goddess of moon and Vampire's how much more emo can a name get?

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229 Jayden
230 Lenzey
231 Cece
232 Cyreen
233 Sasha

Sasha is a very emo name. I know it's an emo name because I am called Sasha and I am sad 24/7 I am very emo and like good emo music like Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance.
And I am also very edgy and like dogs.

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234 October

My birthday is in October it's my cats name

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235 Jamie
236 Silence

I named a pet of mine this & I think it could be a good name for a human too.

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237 Pierce

Its such a beautiful dark emo name...

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238 Shaylynn
239 Laila

I really like this name

It just seems like a good emo name

240 Xiomara V 1 Comment
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