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281 Michael

I love this name because it's Michael Clifford's name and he's my everything

Michael Clifford is my entire existence I love him so much

Awesome name! My ex-boyfriends name and yeah he's emo!

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282 Rayne Wynter

I Though this name said Kayne west

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283 Laura V 3 Comments
284 Araly
285 Destiny

I don't see why its only 190 on the list. Its really nice and emo

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286 Love
287 Rhose V 2 Comments
288 Onyx

Like the Pokemon

Like the diamond

I love the gem and I love the name thts according my nickname

Best name ever
(it's a pokémon too)

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289 Theresa

"Emo and proud and I'm happy the way I am so don't get me depressed by those names "

290 Melody V 3 Comments
291 Maria
292 Blade

That name nickname for doing marital art and yay I am a emo with black with White hair so great name

It sounds like it could be a vampire name for an emo kid I LOVE IT!

Andy Biersack thinks this name is badass


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293 Renessmee

Watch twilight breaking dawn part two. Bella calls her baby Renessmee.

Yep I love this name from twilight

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294 Fate V 2 Comments
295 Evana
296 Audrey

I spell it like Adri.. it's different like me

297 Victoria

My name is Victoria and it's a nice name for a shy, nerdy but emo girl in my opinion!

This is my middle name :3 love this name

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298 Tori V 2 Comments
299 Skylynn

I love my name! People can call me Sky, so basically Sky's the limit!

300 E.V
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