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41 Roxie

Roxy is my name so this is close to roxy

It's a very hot emo name If you ask me

This is what people call me

That is my name.

42 Evelyn

My friend's friend's name is Evelyn when I thing of this name It reminds me of Eve and Hollows eve

43 Miranda

I love this name, but this doesn't sound like an emo, it sounds like... Miranda cosgrove

There is an occasional cOMPLETELY normal name here after "blood" and "thorne" and "midnight crisis"

My name is Miranda, and I wouldn't expect it to be on this list.. but hey, ill take it.

Like the book wonder Miranda was emo let’s all join her 😂

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44 Jackie

I've always loved the name Jackie since I was little!

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45 Glasra
46 Eden

My friends call me Eden I wish it was my real name❤️

47 Kaycee

"It's very different and I find it cool! "

Like it a lot especially the spelling

Kaycee is a beautiful name! Going to be my new name

Yes reminds me of a crazy scene friend I had

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48 Twilight

When I Hear the word Twilight what it comes to my minds is midnight and the Night breeze

I like the name twilight because it has a dark tint to it but it still seems beautiful.

That's a cute Emo girl name... VOTE THIS ONE!

Lol just like the movie!

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49 Skylar

I took a quiz and apparently my emo name would be skylar

I love the name Skylar it is so cute for a emo girl

I took a quiz and it said my name would either be Skarlet or Skylar

I love this name

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50 Ashlee

That's actually my name, just spelled Ashley. I usually go by Ash because I've always thought it sounded better. Does the spelling actually differ the meaning any?

I love not just the full name but being able to go by Ash

My cousin ashley is emo

Love it~!

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51 Enoby





52 Alex

It's gender neutral and it's a good name because it's cool

My boyfriend's name is Alex & he's like an emo guy

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53 Andy

Am I the only one thinking of Andy Biersack?

Andy and the ninjas too! here we go come on join the PRANK PATROL! (here we go! )

My name is Andrea, but my friends call me mostly Andy... Totally reminds me of Andy Biersack haha

I shrieked because well, I love Andy Biersack and this totally reminded me of him 💘. Also, if it's for a girl spelling it like "Andi" would be cute, too.

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54 Tinky

Or going to school and being called "Piss"

Is that a name

My dogs name is tinky

Tinky dinky do

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55 Ivy

It's pretty and it's like poison ivy.

Poison Ivy? Sounds very cool as an emo name. Dangerous.

This is my niece's name. She's like what... two?

I am called this love it

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56 Rachel

My name is Rachael and I'm emo. My name ain't pretty. This name should be at 10 or 11! Also I have an emo friend called jade and I was pleased to see her name at the top of the list!

I would say that I'm emo and my name is Rachel but with an added 'a' so it's Rachael but said exactly the same!

My auntie's name

My names Rachel and people consider me Emo so I'm kinda glad to see it somewhere on this list😂

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57 Katana

Love it1

58 Crimson

My friends name is crimson and she likes EVERY EMO BAND EVER and I love her

This is my nickname actually because I dyed my hair crimson

I like this name really brings my personality out

This name is swag

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59 Violet

My name was almost gonna be Violet but sadly it didn't ;-;

I just love this name. Also purple is a dark

60 Shania

I love this name also

I love this name if I could I would vote 50 times!

That's my name in a scene girl

My names Shania! :D

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