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101 Olivia

I am so glad this is here because I an like My Chemical Romance, black eyeliner, 2005 Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Tyler Joseph in self titled, and Billie Joe Armstrong emo thank

This is my little sisters name

My name so I love it

My name...and bruh I'm emo it just doesn't sound emo ya know? everyone either calls me liv or harley lol...

102 Nikki

This would be a good name cause it reminds me how bad a s s you are

My name is Nicole and I get called Nikki a lot so yeah

Nikki Is Very Cute And Dark Emo!

Nikki Is A Kawaii Emo Name!

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103 River

I really like this name because of the Doctor Who character

I LOVE this name. So pretty.
It feels like "going with the gentle flow"

104 Chara

Undertale, I mean I would love to have this name

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105 Jezebel

I love this name X

Das my name <3 I AM considered emo but I wasn't aware my name was friends call me jem. I don't like it but oh well

106 Shawna V 1 Comment
107 Macy

Macy is my name and I was emo so its good to see my name is on the list.

I love this name. It's my friend name and it suits her. She is so emo

Reminds me of Macy's day parade by green day

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108 Nichole

I hate that name it's the name of a bff I had and she turned back on me

I hate that name it's the name of a bff I had and she turned white.

no but actually though

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109 Dixie V 1 Comment
110 Sirus

This is my best friends name and she is emo lol

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111 Delilah

I thought of it as a name for a cute, shy goth...

I love that name it's so beautiful

Lol this reminds me of the song Hey Ther Delilah by Plain White Tees

I like this.

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112 Ashton

Beautiful name. It really sounds so nice and I love it! My friend and I were making up imaginary boyfriends and mine's name was Ashton.

That's my brothers name

That's my best friends name

AShtion irwin 5 sos

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113 Esme

Beautiful name


114 Envy

Best name ever! Imma pastel goth

115 Lauren

She's my mom she is the most amazing person in the world

This is my girlfriends name... so of course I love it

My name is lauren and I'm kinda emo

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116 Kate
117 Ava

Ava is a pretty popular name, yet it means birds and in Hebrew. Ravens are birds and there kind of emo.

Ava might be popular but it is defiantly me


Ava is a name that obviously is emo.
It means birds and ravens and crows which are all pretty emo animals

118 Cherry

It's super cute, and it's Frank Iero's daughter's name

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119 Elin
120 Sabrina

Awesome name

That's my name

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