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141 Izzy

It sounds like you have secrets and it's kinda dark

Because it's cool

142 Lydia

My friends name is Lydia we are best friends

143 Kim

I watch an MC series called MyStreet by Aphmau, and there's a girl named Kim but she's nerdy, but she has a ghost inside of her that she has to get along with.

144 Linda
145 Emery

Sounds misterious

I love this name sounds bad a$$ and also like a depressing twist

146 Elaine

I love this name, I wish it were mine, but, my parents had to name me after a punk band

147 Kourtniee

I love how it's spelled

I just love that name

148 Vanessa

That's my name What I find weird is that everyone I go to school with, including friends, calls me emo. Just had to put that out there/

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149 Jenny

That's my friend's name and she is emo

My mom's name is jenny.

this is such a white list of names

Awesome love this name and it's also the best song in the world writen by the best band ever NOTHING MORE

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150 Baillie V 1 Comment
151 Phoenix

I always loved this name and word. It also reminds me of the saying The Phoniex by Fall Out Boy. I also love that song!

I love that name! It definitely reminds me of FOB which can't be a bad thing

Love the name and its actually my nickname :) I hate my first name!

If I have a girl this is her name pheonix is just THE BEST!

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152 Nessie V 2 Comments
153 Juniper

I think of skyrim's juniper berries when I see this lol

Its pretty and emo too

Like a juniper berry! So perfect for an emo!

It sounds like a hippie name

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154 Darcy
155 Brooke

My name is Brooke But I'm not emo

My name is Brooke And I'm emo so yeah...

Like it cool last name.

This one of my friend's names.she's not emo but beautiful and outgoing.

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156 Dawn

This is my middle name

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157 Snow

Snow is a really pretty name for an emo person it's one of my personal favorites and I feel like it would just fit
It's not commonly used for children so it's kind of unique I think it's bold and beautiful

A brilliant name for a brilliant person

Lovely but doesn't seem very emo to me

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158 Star
159 Melissa

My moms name lol

It is may name

160 Scythe

This name is so metal holy god

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