Best Names for An Emo Girl


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161 Mercy V 1 Comment
162 Maskette

It's a great name for a mysterious little girl who loves playing creepypasta

Sounds like how my cousin says spaghetti

V 2 Comments
163 Scarlett

I have always spelled Scarlett that way even before I became emo

164 Soulie

Soul is my nickname and I'm getting it changed

165 Nathalie

My name is Nathalie but I spell it without the "e".
I am emo.
I do not believe my name is very popular which is what I love about it,
It is very unique.

166 Crystal

My name, most call me emo crystal
Shows of an emo girl who had a happy childhood but forgot about it she grew up cause she began to get hurt. Both physically and mentally.
Looking for her way back to happiness but she lowkey has her darkside
Nice, kind, dark, emo

My name is crystal and I'm emo scene so I'm half emo half scene. I was brought up by goths and complete weirdos. I love the name crystal.. it's mysterious and a little dark.
My nickname from my neighbours were crystal clear or naughty crystal who hates nearly every thing. But I do really like the name crystal.

V 2 Comments
167 Zephyr

Characteristics is dark and mysterious.

Makes me think of those water bottles...

V 2 Comments
168 Hunter V 3 Comments
169 Alaura

Very cute emo name

170 Jenna

My girlfriends name is jenna and she is emo

It doesn't seem like an emo name to me but I still love the name

V 1 Comment
171 Valerie V 1 Comment
172 Rhianna-lee V 1 Comment
173 Elvira V 1 Comment
174 Piper

Piper is a emo name, reminds me of a girl

175 Natasha
176 Dynasty

I don't know but my cousin christal has a friend who is kinda emo name dynasty

V 1 Comment
177 Berlin V 1 Comment
178 Cynthia
179 Juleka
180 Bella

It sounds so pretty and its reminds me of the movie twilight

For some reason it doesn't sound like an emo name to me, even though it IS my name and I am emo...

That's mt name and I'm pretty emo!


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