Best Shampoo Brands

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1 Pantene

The best! I use pantene since I was 4!

2 L'Oréal
3 Garnier
4 Herbal Essences
5 TRESemmé

Even though this sounds very much like "Theresa May", it hasn't put me off using it often. My hair is quite long and thick so I needed a shampoo to manage it. It has a wonderful fragrance and leaves my hair soft and shiny and very manageable.

Also use Aussie.

6 Head & Shoulders

Cool & Anti - Dandruff

7 Forest Essentials
8 John Freida
9 Sunsilk

It gives such a brilliant shine!

10 Dove
The Contenders
11 Kerastase
12 Redken
13 DevaCurl's No Poo
14 Irish Spring
15 OGX

Ogx is amazing!

16 Pert
17 Phyto
18 Bottega Verde
19 L'Erbolario
21 Satinique
22 Paul Mitchell
23 Collistar
24 Lear
25 Axe

It has that great smell that makes you feel alive

It's amazing

Vote Axe

Use axe

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