Coolest Shoe Brands


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1 Converse

I have so many converse so colorful they are so cool.

2 Nike

How tf are they not one they have the best logo surprising no one uses the check sign to copy, also Nike are comfortable fashionable and the best athlete of all time wear it except Messi sadly I'm a big fan of Messi and Nike and adidas!

You realize converse is part of nike...

Nike is straight fiyah bruh

3 Jordan

Jordan's should be #1 there're the coolest shoes on earth everybody where's that I have a whole collection of Jordan's my favorite is spiz'ikes

4 Adidas Adidas V 1 Comment
5 Puma Puma

They're cool
And they come in so many styles and colors. Lol they are just amazing.

6 Skechers
7 Osiris

love them! I own 2 pairs and they make me feel unique because they are so colorful and amazingly comfortable

8 Echo
9 Grizzly

The Contenders

11 Supra V 1 Comment
12 Cat
13 Vans
14 Diesel
15 Reebok
16 Dockers
17 Under Armour
18 Aldo
19 Fila

It's in my price range 50$ - 120$ very affordable and last a long time should be the best shoe

They are the best listin to me the best shoes I have ever worn they have great fitting comfortable strong protective and should be the best

V 1 Comment
20 Geox
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