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1 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Most advanced phone ever.

2 Samsung Galaxy S6

Of course I need to comment on my very own phone! It's a worthy competitor! It has a Quad HD display, a powerful Exynos processor, and wireless charging! Unfortunately it doesn't have a microSD card slot. If storage is a concern, I don't recommend this, but other than that, it did well for what I needed!

Features arguably the best display, camera and performance on a smartphone.

3 HTC One M8

Pros: Awesome design, Boomsound, snapdragon 801, photos in the dark, slow motion, micro sd

Cons: AWFUL Screen/Surface ratio, only 4mpx camera, difficulty to repair the phone

I loved using this! I used it from 8th Grade to Sophomore year! I loved the stereo front-facing speakers, 🔋 battery, attractiveness, display, and even the pre-loaded skin, HTC Sense. Of phones with 32-bit processors, this is the best in existence! How could the Galaxy S5 or especially iPbones be higher on this list?

4 Apple iPhone 5

I just bought a iPhone a week ago and I bought the latest games it has the best graphic phone because it has a a6 processor. I just bought mc4 yesterday and it was like real. The online experience is very good. There about 7 ways like team battle, battle, zone control.

Love the phone I got it and panorama is awesome better than just taking 3 pics. And also the hd Camara is awesome. Also in my sight it's the lightest phone in the world of smartphones. And instead of glass there's something else on the back that doesn't show finger prints.

IPhone 5 is better than iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4. IOS7 is coming on iPhone 5 this fall of 2013. IOS 7 is so cool. And iPhone takes cool pictures and it has good Internet and its fun to use.

Look it up on YouTube... iphone 5 is faster and far more durable over the SG 3. The only thing SG3 has over iphone is screen size. iPhone can do anything a SG do software wise, its called jailbreaking. Also look up TechRax on YouTube, the iphone works under water, and can survive being baked inside a cake.

5 Apple iPhone 6

Horrible, bent down cause I dropped the soap and it bent

Apple iPhone 6 is better than Apple iPhone 5.

Worked for me for 4 years

Bends easily.

6 Samsung Galaxy S III

I have own one for 5 years. 5 YEARS! And not a single crack on my screen thanks to a 10 dollars screen protector. Warranty for this phone is pretty much unnecessary.

This phone is better than any iPhone will ever be.

It is the best than has smooth surface and it has no bad informations.

Best of it's time

7 Razer Phone 2

One of the best gaming phones on a budget

8 Razer Phone
9 Samsung Galaxy Note

Best Smartphone/Tablet hybrid with a huge Super AMOLED screen, and also don't forget the advanced S-Pen technology present in it.

Why is sumsung note the 20th I t is even first in the list. Is better than ipone4s and is way better that blackberry curve I think it should be the first

10 LG G3

Best phone on the market. Quad HD display (2560 x 1440), auto laser focus, slow-mo recording, knock code, 538 ppi, 5.5 inch display.

It's The Best Phone Of All Time

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11 Sony Xperia Z3

So underappreciated yet such a pleasure to hold. Better than any of the above mentioned phones at all levels: speed, graphics, ease of use, features, camera (21 megapixels)...

12 Apple iPhone 6 Plus

It's a decent phone but the biggest problem with it is the battery life, absolutely horrendous, it goes from 100% to 20% in under an hour

Best phone ever made it is a combination of a digital camera handicam tablet and smartphone with great apps and features

13 Google Nexus 6
14 Samsung Galaxy S8

No home button

15 Asus ROG Phone II
16 Samsung Galaxy S5

Pros: AWESOME battery saver, sensors, snapdragon 801, waterproof, camera

Cons: design, touchwiz

17 Samsung Galaxy S7

Only phone I've ever owned that lasted more than 2 years and still runs great

The phone I have right now and I love it

18 Apple iPhone 4

The best apps, the most premium materials, the most apps, the easiest to use, and the most stable OS I've ever seen, the iPhone is the way to go. If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone. Thank you Apple for this amazing product!

Cool and even more cool. This phone is totally the smartest one of all.

19 HTC One X
20 Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone is great. Also if you drop it from 5 inches it won't shatter unlike the iPhone

Great performance, good price, and good screen

Only problem is that OLED can chance color over time

Worlds best smartest, best, &powerfulest smartphone in the world

My galaxy s4 is amazing, powerful screen very good camera 13mp. Just amazing smartphone

21 Apple iPhone 6s

Perfectly fits in your hand and takes amazing photos. best iPhone so far

22 LG Nexus 5

Pros: Quick updates, price, interface

Cons: battery life, camera

What is this! One of the best phones on no 77 this is totally insane
Doesn't makes any sense

23 Motorola Droid

Um okay lets think this over people.
Who has more apps in the market? Android
Who has fantastically amazing widgets? Android
Who has a glass touch screen that cracks if you drop it? iPhone
Who has a durable yet amazingly sensitive touch screen? Droid
Who has gingerbread and honeycomb operating systems for HD looks, amazing graphics, and 3D games? You guessed it: Android!
P.S. and since when did android nickel and dime the hell outta you like Apple... Never!

Think again iPhone users

People with iphone understand nothing. They got ios7 and went OHH THE WALLPAPER MOVES:/ duh wallpapers on android moves for years its called live wallpapers:/

24 iPhone 6s Plus
25 Samsung Galaxy S II

The slimmest phone. the best

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