Top Ten Most Boring Holidays


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1 President's Day
2 Pi Day

I wish it was pie day instead of pi. - Martinglez

You get to eat pie. That is not bad unless if you,are me and hate pie. - AnonymousChick

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3 Wikipedia Day

This exists? What does one do on Wikipedia day? This is coming from a long-time banned user of Wikipedia.

The Wiki is so unaccurate

4 Thanksgiving

But! Thanksgiving is where you give thanks and eat a delicious meal! - EpicJake

Besides the meal - Nateawesomeness

5 Labor Day

Who wants to just sit around and give birth all day? Sounds painful. - MoldySock

6 St. Patrick's Day
7 National Computer Day
8 Apple Mac Anniversary

Apple computers suck. - sketchysteve

9 Valentine's Day

The only reason I like this holiday is because my birthday is on it. - NikBrusk

10 Star Wars Day

I love Star Wars :( - AnonymousChick

No. Just no. Star Wars is my life. - RiverClanRocks

Only nerds care about this day

And heres the reason I hate it so much,I did hate it in general,but Star Wars day takes place on my BIRTHDAY,but I don't celebrate Star Wars on my birthday party - Nateawesomeness

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11 Arbor Day

I thought this was a myth or something until five seconds ago. Like an even worse version of Labor Day. - poncho531

12 Christmas

Why I Love Christmas

13 Halloween
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1. President's Day
2. Wikipedia Day
3. National Computer Day
1. Pi Day
2. President's Day
3. Wikipedia Day



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