Best Class 1-A Characters from Boku No Hero Academia


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1 Izuku Midoriya Izuku Midoriya

Deku is the main character of course,but another reason why I put him in the first place is because of his character development. Even though he had no natural born quirk he still wasn't giving up anytime soon. When he got into U.A. He's been in awe and supportive of the other characters. Like in the second episode after he threw the ball everyone was curious and nice to him. He has the stuff to be a pro hero. - Manlypants

This character isn't just a underdog main character. He has lots more than that. A lot to make you respect him enough. - AzkaNesia

2 Shouto Todoroki Shouto Todoroki

A really popular character among fangirls is Todorki. Sadly he gets caught in ships that shouldn't exist. Anyway Todoroki has a unique power unlike his other siblings where he inherited both fire and ice. His father Endeavor wants to use him to become a pro hero. Todoroki's mom feels like he's too powerful and wants to stop raising him. After harming Todoroki, Endeavor takes his mom to a hospital where Todoroki was too scared to visit all these years. Todoroki has so much development and bck story. I even liked it when Deku inspired him to use flames again. Being my favorite male character,I really like this dude and I can't wait toee what he becomes. - Manlypants

Dude, his mother harming him has nothing to do with his being too powerful... - Goku02

3 Katsuki Bakugou Katsuki Bakugou

I may sometimes say I don't like this character,but sometimes it's hard to believe. Bokugou's quirk Explosion (which I thought was just fire at first) can be used to go faster or mega charges which turn out to be super powerful. Obviously Bokugou and Deku don't have the strongest relationship as friends and it went back ever since they were young. Bokugou has a strong power but in my mind I don't think he can fully harness it. So let's see how he turns out. (Also it's really funny when he's mad) but I don't like him that much because he has no character development. - Manlypants

4 Tenya Iida Tenya Iida

Lida's older brother is a famous pro hero in which he hopes to become once he graduates at U.A. With his smart mind and quick wits (get it) it seems as he can become a true hero,but when Stain comes around and almost murders his brother it seems as he loses the thought of thinking and just tries to defeat him by himself. But besides that he is really good at keeping things in order and becoming allies with good people. Heck he even decided to side with Deku to learn from him. (Except during the sports festival when he made a really good point) - Manlypants

5 Tsuyu Asui Tsuyu Asui

Tsu has has the powers of a frog. It sounds dumb but really they're phenomenal. She has the ability to climb walls,jump high,and stick her tounge out 20 meters (65 feet) If you've seen all three seasons you'll see that she has an ability to stay calm. Like when the USJ was attacked or when she was at the internship and they stopped criminals. Just like on of the pros said (I can't remember which one) "Asui has the ability to stay calm in any situation which makes it easier to calm people in life threatening situations." Also she my favorite character. - Manlypants

6 Fumikage Tokoyami Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami's quirk is dark shadow which can be really powerful. When in the dark his shadow becomes really powerful and hard to control. If he can harness his power at night and make it more powerful in the day,he can be a powerful hero. - Manlypants

7 Ochako Uraraka Ochako Uraraka

Most main character's sidekick only loveable because they're cute, but ochako uraraka is something else. She badass when she want to, her story isn't as deep as the others but clearly can make you sympatize with her, and her crush on deku is just cute. This character is so far is one of my favorite girl character in anime.

And she should've putted higher rank on this list. - AzkaNesia

Most people only veiw her as cute and helpless,but here's how I see her. Even though her quirk isn't that powerful she still tries super hard to become a hero. She just wants to earn money to help her parents out and for them to chill down a little. She also really sweet and kind to people and always tries her best. - Manlypants

8 Denki Kaminari Denki Kaminari

Denki may not be the smartest character. Or when using over his watt limit,may be the dumbest character,but for him to make U.A. Is really something. He's quick,protective,and always tries his best. No matter what knocks him down,he always ges back up. (Most of the time at least.) - Manlypants

9 Eijiro Kirishima Eijiro Kirishima

Kirishima has an incredible quirk which is hardening. Which he can use to protect others. He's sorta smart but really funny. The way how he and Bokugou hang around together is pretty funny. - Manlypants

10 Mina Ashido Mina Ashido

She's funny and uses her quirk wisely - Manlypants


The Contenders

11 Momo Yaoyorozu Momo Yaoyorozu

Yaoyorozu has a quirk in which she can make objects using lipids in her body. It can be really helpful in emergencies. She's really smart too. Although after the sports festival she did lose confidence in what she can do,but she's working her way up to become the greatest hero. - Manlypants

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