Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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1 Darkthunder

None of the names make sense. I mean, Darkthunder. Thunder is a sound, so how could you tell it's color hue? Second, you're not allowed to use the Clan names in a name.

Well this sounds like a really big cat who farts like thunder and these names in my opinion are horrible and ugly

A large, well muscled tom cat with a thick jet-black pelt and blazing yellow eyes with a fiery ring around the pupil.

Oops I forgot to say that I see a black ThunderClan warrior with blue eyes - Flamingheart

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2 Owlflame

I love it! I imagine a light brown she-cat with her chest light red like fire. And she could be med. cat

This is very pretty! I imagine a speckled brown she-cat with amber eyes. Intelligent, wise and passionate. - Warriorcatsfandom

Tiny light brown tabby she cat with huge flame colored eyes and white flecks on her chest. Quiet and intelligent.

I thinks its awesome! I think it should be a ginger-brown Molted tabby she. I think she could be a troublemaker as a kit. But intelligent as a warrior and wise. I guess she could be a medicine cat but I think she would be good as deputy or warrior. maybe even leader.

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3 Silentmist

I love this one! It should be the best on the list! I imagine her as a mysterious, black she-cat with odd mist-like white patterns on her pelt. Not like Mary-sue patterns, but still kind of pretty. She would have pale blue, almost white eyes and maybe even deaf... that would explain Silent as a prefix! - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

I imagine her as a beautiful silver tabby with a fluffy tail. She has brilliant green eyes. Many toms are attracted to her but she doesn't like any of them. She is quiet and many cats see her as nothing. She is really mysterious and has special powers.

A tiny pale cream colored she-cat with soft green eyes like summer leaves.

Nice...a petite, long-haired silver she-cat with a white chest and paws, soft blue eyes. Though who would name their kit Silentkit? I'm thinking she was a rogue before she joined ThunderClan - Blossomfrost

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4 Breezefrost

Reminds me of a frigid breeze passing by in the middle of the night. Ominous yet beautiful. I can totally see a dark pelted she-cat with icy blue eyes, or a massive jet black tom with frosty cool eyes. Awesome combination

A normal sized, pale gray she-cat with frosty blue eyes that shimmer in the moonlight.

This might be a white she-cat with ice blue eyes like the winter sky. - DarkthunderDarknessClan

A black WindClan she cat with blue eyes...yet again the suffix isn't fitting - Flamingheart

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5 Purpleeyes

O my goodness, when the kit was born, the queen didn't ever have to expect that they would be named Purple-eyes! So, haters, why couldn't a cat be named Purple-eyes? In the end, it was the clan leader (or med cat) who named the warrior, they could have named it any suffix! The fact that the suffix is eyes, doesn't mean that the cat needs to have purple eyes! Stop hating!

Please stop hating, there's a cat named Pinkeyes! What's wrong with purple eyes? I mean, yeah cats are born blind, but maybe the queen thought the cat looked like it would have rare purple eyes! And maybe it had a prophecy like, the purple eyed cat will etc.. I actually like this name, unique!

Kits are born with their eyes closed, and after that they are blue and take a while to transition to their true color. This is just illogical and purple eyes are very rare. - sheeptuft

Too weird...I mean, Purplekit? - Blossomfrost

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6 Waterstep

I love it-Dapple

Wow I love all the names on this list except purpleeyes cause I hate purple

Come on...Waterstep? What kind of mouse-brain would name their kit Waterkit? - Blossomfrost

Cute name

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7 Tigerwing

Oh wow! This is very pretty. I would think of a black tiger-patterned she-cat with emerald-green eyes. Fierce and bold. - Warriorcatsfandom

I like the name TigerWing- I think It's a great name for a warrior cat. Keep going on the names, bro!

No thanks, this makes no sense

Pretty! A pretty dark brown tabby she-cat with sparkling amber eyes, of ShadowClan

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8 Shadecloud

Sounds like a mysterious tom who is feared by most kits and apprentices - and who's true personality is never revealed! A Mottled grey tom - his green eyes forever cast to the forest floor. I love it!

This is the first name that isn't garbage or too ugly that I see on this list.

Sounds like the name of a dark gray tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes and is a queen

I think of a dark blue-gray tom with a gray-tinged muzzle and ice-blue eyes. I think he would be short-tempered and deliberately mean, though not a Dark Forest cat. Clan would be ThunderClan. Really reminds of Stormcloud's name. His mate is Silverberry. Kits are Nightkit, Hawkkit, and Graykit. ~Mistyrain

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9 Tigerstripe

This is a really casual name, yet a nice one. I imagine it as a ginger-orange tabby with almost black (but orange tinted) tabby stripes. He would have brown eyes and be a kind of Tigerstar character. - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

Tigerstripe is my friend's warrior name

Simple but nice - sounds like a lighter Tigerstar, lighter in both pelt colour and personality! Lovely!

I don't like it...too basic - Blossomfrost

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10 Nightfrost

Sounds like a black tabby with a silver tip of his tail with icy blue eyes

Lithe black she-cat with silver tabby patches and very light blue eyes

Sounds like a silvery gray Tom with huge dark black eyes

Fluffy black she-cat with silver-gray tipped fur. I imagine that she would have ice-blue eyes and very popular in her Clan! Definitely would be a warrior and queen. Kind, wise, and lovable towards her Clanmates, kits, and mate. ~Mistyrain

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11 Blackwave

How about instead of the terrible names the Erin's used why not these good ones?!

I think you're the only one who didn't just throw two words together. This actually makes sense!

A black tom with blue eyes.

I'm not saying you're sarcastic, the person who wrote that is. That's why they put the last part in all caps ~Mistyrain

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12 Bluedusk

Why's are these good ones at the bottom?!

A dark blue gray she-cat with gray eyes...better than average anyway

This is great! It would make a prefect ThunderClan character. It would be a blue-grey she-cat with bright blue eyes, but she'd be the size of an apprentice. - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

Reminds me of Bluestar. Sounds like a queen who mated Tigerstripe. Her kits would be Shadecloud, Waterstep, Purpleeyes and Brezefrost.

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13 Snowflame

It sounds so cool and sort of an oxymoron, considering snow and flame are almost complete opposites. Sounds like the cat would have a fiery temper yet a cool, placid demeanor. Very nice and contrasting.

This is really pretty and makes me think of a white, amber or blue-eyed she-cat. She seems calm and placid before you get to know her, but she is bold and brave.

She's fiery, but intensely calm and cool. She's a fluffy, white she cat with bright ginger patches and amber eyes.

The name itself is contradictory! A flame of snow? - Blossomfrost

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14 Birchpoppy

Pretty...A long-legged light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and luminous green eyes - Blossomfrost

So pretty! I saw her as a white she-cat with pale and dark brown splotches. Copper eyes flecked with emerald green. - Wisp

White ruffled she-cat with dark brown patches and dark green eyes




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15 Fawnleaf

Why are there no votes? This name is beautiful! I'm thinking a light brown tabby she cat with deep green eyes and whit paws and chest, belly, and tail tip. Most likely med. cat.

Beautifully crafted name! Light brown, with a darker brown stripe down her back and white dapples. Eyes like forest leaves. Gentle, smart and courageous.

This is a beautiful name! I love fawns and leaf's (sound weird but I do.) I think she should be a medicine cat it fits really well!

O my gosh this is sooo pretty! I think she would be a pale birch colour brown she-cat with dark brown stripes and a white under neath of a tail. She would love kits and be one of those cats that when she walks past, all the kits want a badger ride from her. She would know some basic herbs (like Brightheat) but eventually got a mate and kits

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16 Pebblestream

Sounds like a gentle cream she cat with fawn colored dapples

A gray tom with thick, wavy black stripes, blue eyes - Blossomfrost

Mottled gray and black tom with blue eyes. Love it!

This is one of the only good names

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17 Fishleap

Already a name in long shadows were Jayfeather is with the ancients

I personally like it

Besides the fact that this name already exists..."Oh, my precious son! I'll name you Fishkit! " - Blossomfrost


18 Snowcloud

This is the only one that's good.

A clouded snow leopard?

Snowbush + Icecloud

Sounds like a white she-cat with icy-blue eyes. Probably a kind queen and an energetic warrior. - Bluefang of DawnClan

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19 Ambershine

Beautiful! A shy but lovely flame-coloured-she cat - amber eyes and thick fur.

I apsolutely LOVE this name! It goes so well with any ginger she-cat and it is beautiful. It is one of my favourite warrior names now, whoever made this, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Pretty...a small orangey-gold tabby with thin brown and orange stripes, soulful green eyesshe-cat - Blossomfrost

A kind cream and ginger she-cat with amber eyes, she is sweet, kind caring, gentle, brave, and courageous, she was a medicine cat apprentice but halfway through training became a Thunderclan warrior apprentice and worked very hard and ended up earning her warrior name BEFORE the other full warrior apprentices, she was named Ambershine and fell in love with Spiderleg, had Snowkit, Pebblekit, and Silverkit. Ambershine died first until Thistleclaw killed Ambershine again and she faded to nothing, then Spiderleg went mad with rage and tore out Thistleclaw's throat in grief/fury he always felt a missing piece of his heart even though he had his kits and clan.
- Swiftdawn

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20 Finchfeather

I'm using this for a cat named Larkfur's kit

I think Finch is a weird prefix, even though the Erins used it (Finchflight) - Blossomfrost

Even if the Finchfeather in that story IS a Mary-sue, what can I do except be stubborn about it? The first one's like a Crookedstar story and no one thinks of him as too perfect. Most people anyway. But seriously, the red eyes. Sounds like my friend's OC, Deathstar. Dang is that kid bloodthirsty... Quiet and losing a parent aren't the best mix if you're trying for a simple cat but hey! Leopardstar isn't a Mary-sue and she lost her mother. R.I.P. Brightsky. ~Mistyrain

Warning Gary-Stu in that last story. By the way, I also made Finchwing. But if this could be Finchwing, it would be a white she-cat with black mouth-fur and black fur that blazes from the bottom of her front-legs like shoes. She has unusually red eyes. Finchfeather, though, might be more soft than Finchwing. She might be quiet and tend to stay quiet, she likes to fight but not too violently. She likes hunting and is hard to make frustrated even if she can’t catch a squirrel. As a kit she lost her vocal chords so you will not expect her to talk a lot. She can get scared easily and fill with fear if too many bad things are going on. She lost her mother as a kit and was forced to stay with her kits. And even though she didn’t like any toms but her brothers, she slowly fell in love with a white tom with blue eyes named Sapphire. That was his name as a kittypet and wanted to keep this name. He was deaf, but he knew well how to recognize what cats said. He, too, was very quiet. Soon, ...more

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21 Lightningdust

Lightningdust? Personally I think the dust of lightning is a weird name, but others like it. Well, to each his own. - Blossomfrost

It should've been Lightningstreak! A well muscled jet black tom with a sight-shocking golden streak across back. Piercing golden eyes.

Wow. Having dust as a suffix is literally THE BEST. I should use this name for an OC.

22 Lionclaw

This is so cool!

I have an OC whose name is Lionclaw, he's my son

Ya dis awesome

Clan: ThunderClan
Colour: Dusty tan/brown and ginger w/ black
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Volestar
Father: Tigerfrost
Brother(s): TigerTail
Sister(s): Wolfpaw, SongBird
Death: killed by Tigerfrost
Appearance: A ruffled tan/bright ginger tom with a spiky ruff long claws and green eyes.

23 FeatherMist

Oh NO. How WILL you manage? I'm sure this person STOLE your OC. The world isn't all about you. Sooner or later you must realize that.

. The way you capitalized it had me laughing.

This is my OCs name :D

They came into your mind and stole your OC... Anyway, I saw this name on another list. Silverfeather's I think and it reminds me of Feathertail and Echomist for the prefix and suffix. I think Feathermist would be soft-furred silver-and-black tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes. She has a few white mottled splotches scattered on her pelt. She would be kind, caring, slightly stubborn, and takes what she wants when she wants it. This name is called a Mary-sue in some of the comments in Silverfeather's list and I kinda agree. But whatever... Feathermist's mother was named Otterstar and she was the leader of RiverClan. She had one sister and one brother named Echokit and Mosskit. Their father, Smokefur was killed in a rockfall almost right after they were born and it brought Otterstar back to her days without a real mother. She started acting snappish and stuck up, sometimes even refusing to eat or sleep. Featherkit didn't know she would react this badly. They would be okay! Otterstar ...more

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24 Embermoon

Sunshine filtered dimly through the leaves of the pine forest, heating the smooth rocks and rubble along the path. Four cats walked together swiftly, keeping their ears pricked for any sign of movement.

" When was the last time I had a good night of sleep? " A white she-cat yawned, her tired eyes only half opened. " I can't stand how Tigerstar put me on extra patrols. I've been nursing kits for six moons and this is my reward? "

The sleek black tom narrowed his eyes and gave the she-cat a wry look. " There's more prey now, Snowbird-- its greenleaf and we need every warrior to pitch in. "

Snowbird exchanged an annoyed glance with a pale brown tabby and grunted. " Easy for you to say. You've never gone through kitting like Grassheart and I. " the she-cat yawned once again and added under her breath, " Toms! Always so stubborn! "

The fourth cat on the hunting party hadn't spoken yet, bored with her Clanmate's ...more

Black she-cat with dark ginger muzzle, paws and tail tip with orange-amber

This reminds me of one of my friend's OC, Dapplemoon which is super pretty! Embermoon would maybe be like Milkweed in DotC except a dark brown, not black. Anyways, a very dark brown she-cat and her pelt is scattered with bright ginger. Or... maybe... a blue/white she-cat with bright ginger speckles. Either would be really pretty.

A ginger tabby tom with black paws, muzzle, and tail tip with green eyes. Clan: ThunderClan (formerly) ShadowClan (currently). Rank: Warrior. Father: Firewind, a ginger tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Mother: Nightfall, a black she-cat with white specks and green eyes. Brother(s): Scorchstripe, a ginger tabby tom with white specks and blue eyes. Blackpounce, a black tom with one ginger tabby paw and green eyes. Sister(s): Darksong, a black she-cat with two white paws and dark blue eyes. Mate: Doveheart, a white she-cat with gray tabby paws and green eyes (TC). Son(s): Emberkit, a ginger tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Daughter(s): Snowkit, a white she-cat with green eyes, and Bravekit, a ginger-and-white she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Lionpaw, a long-furred yellow tom with green eyes.

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25 Poopsnot

*takes a sip of coffee, chokes when eyes fall on name, brother runs up and thumps me on back, sees what I'm looking at and falls over laughing, snaps a shot and texts to friends* A true story! - Blossomfrost

Wow... That is the most disgusting name I've ever read

I imagine a white tom with dark brown patches and dark green eyes.

What the...?! - Flamingheart

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26 Wispwater

Brisk, beautiful, cream she-cat with a ruffled white chest, paws, ears, and tail tip. She has brilliant green eyes and a soft voice. She is devoted, kind, and calm medicine cat. Whenever a cat from her clan is injured, she will do everything in her power to heal each and every one with care and patience. She does not rush her work, even if a battle is going on to make sure all wounds are treated the right way.

I think that she would be a beautiful cream she cat with little white streaks and swirls all over her body, white paws, and pale green eyes. I love this name!

A wisp of water...ahem - Blossomfrost

Love it! Never heard the prefix but it's a good name anyway. I think of a light cream tabby with a white chest, white paws, and white tail-tip. She has brown eyes, a strikingly pink nose, and darker stripes. I imagine her stepping through a patch of ferns, the glistening dew catching her fur. The sunlight shines brightly through the forest leaves, dappling the she-cat with gold. Wispwater would be the ShadowClan medicine cat, generations after Mistystar's leadership. She is devoted, understanding, calm, and sometimes impatient. She first discovered her passion for herbs as a kit when correctly identifying oak leaves from raspberry leaves. She was very proud when her brothers became warriors as Brownfoot and Cedarwhisker. Original and beautiful. ~Mistyrain

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27 Snowstorm

Sounds like a pure white she-cat with deep green eyes.

Wow, hot pink eyes, great..___.

Average - Blossomfrost

He’s in my series: Fox Tales. A white tom with light gray dapples and dark blue eyes. He was on a patrol with Nutclaw and Silverbirch, when they noticed a new cat who claimed she was Ember. They took her to Lilystar, a cream-colored she-cat with hot pink eyes. Ember becomes Foxpaw, having Snowstorm as her mentor. He thought her the Clan ways ( by the way he was in WindClan ). The next day she brought her rogue mother TSheika, a white she-cat with green eyes. He shows both of them the whole territory. The next day and all four clans had a meeting. At her turn, Lilystar said Foxpaw was a new edition to her clan. Then, she dragged a cage and in it was a fox. Foxpaw claims he was her father. But Lilystar let the fox out. She and her clan, and ThunderClan form a severe injury on the fox’s back. Then, after TSheika dies ThunderClan and WindClan were going to kill Foxpaw but Snowstorm protected Foxpaw and he killed Lilystar, and some weaker warriors. But he unfortunately died and went to ...more

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28 Wolfclaw

Gray tom and with black stripes-WolvesNight

Uh deerfoot and wolfheart already exist -_-
But this cat would become Wolfstar

Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Ferndapple
Father: Wolfheart
Sister(s): Spottedtail
Brother(s): Lionpaw
Mate: Whitebird
Son(s): Littleear
Daughter(s): Deerfoot
Rank: Deputy
Age: 122 moons
Apprentice(s): Oakpaw
Mentor: Yellowclaw
Named by: In honor of Wolfheart

29 Willowmoon

Why is this at the bottom it's a wonderful name!

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30 Appledust

Actually sounds sweet and creative! She's headstrong, sometimes willful or stubborn, but a natural born leader. I imagine her a mix of chestnut brown, dark brown, and reddish brown with even darker brown eyes. I really love this name! She gets her stubbornness from her mother fern dapple but her father is kinda calm and cool so they get in fights a lot sometimes)) she was apart of the great battle to snowclan so she and her group of 7 cats including one app -apprentice- she had to take so they fought against each other partly in the snow and Leaf clan wasn't used to the cold frosty snow so they were forced out of the forest and snow clan had a new territory. At the same time her little " group " had mouths to feed because little tail had her kits with black stripe named them frost kit, dark kit, and hawkiit. then their group came across this huge deadly sharp tooth and it killed two of her kits Hawk and dark kit. It also attacked snow clan and killed one of the apps so they had to ...more

A weird name taken from the cheater Appledusk - Blossomfrost

I see a solid, dark brown she-cat with bright green eyes. She'd be the eldest daughter of Thornberry, a light brown tabby tom, and Ferndapple, a soft-furred tortoiseshell she-cat. Sister to 2 siblings; Oliveleaf, a tortoiseshell she-cat, and Acornfall, a brownish-red tabby she-cat. As a kit, Thornberry died of greencough in leaf-bare when Applepaw was in the middle apprenticeship. Even though Ferndapple and her sisters handled it in grief, she couldn't see any reason to stop listening to what her mentor, Mudwhisker, was teaching her. Olivepaw and Acornpaw were bewildered at why their sister didn't show much sadness when her own father had died. She was sometimes looked over because of this but only focused on becoming a warrior. When she finally received her name, Appledust, she became much more bold and independent.

31 Stormbird

This actually sounds like a real warrior name!

I saw this on another list and just had to add it! (Silentmist please go die)


It means they want Silentmist to stop being a popular name.
I think.

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32 Echosky



Cool - Blossomfrost


33 Mistycloud

Sounds cool. I imagine a silvery she-cat with darker stripes, pale blue eyes

Pale gray and white tabby with blue eyes. - Oliveleaf

Hey that's actually my warrior name :D

Clan- windclan



Pelt-pale grey with dark tabby stripes and a pretty white tail muzzle and paws

Eyes-mint green


Sons- breezeleaf stoneheart eagleclaw

Daughters-rabbit tail and sandstar



Sisters-quiet breeze


I really like this name

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34 Oliveleaf

Love it! Does the creator mind if I use this for my RP?

35 Silentsong

Her prophecy could be: 'There is no song without silence, and no peace without violence'. She could be mute, not able to talk at all, and be a silver tabby. She is awkward, and intelligent.

I thought of her as being a pale grey and white she cat who is a mute but a dedicated medicine cat

Weirdly contradictory yet oddly it! - Blossomfrost

In my mind, I think she would be a silver cat. White splotches. Blue eyes. She would be sneaking out of camp with the moonlight hinting the fear in her eyes. She would be very intelligent but too fearful, often a cat that wouldn't understand feelings well. She never thought she would become a medicine cat in the first place, but missing her forgotten sister, was thrown into the life of one. Later, she was named Silentsong for her lack in speaking. It wasn't her fault that her sister had left without telling! She couldn't have even bothered to tell her mate? But her sadness had been replaced by fear and anger. She wouldn't budge from the apprentice's den and refused even to help herself to Smallstone's offerings of goatweed. But what drove her to find her mate was a kittypet: Nellie had been settling into her Clan after meeting them as a loner and seemed to be more of a medicine cat than Smallstone. Silentsong snuck out of camp and became mates with another medicine cat named Jaysong. ...more

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36 Nightstream

When I see this name I imagine a black tom with misty dark gray stripes that look like streams. He would also have very dark blue eyes.

Sounds like a jet-black she-cat with dark, smoky blue eyes. I imagine her tail curled neatly around her paws as she listens to the rustling leaves of leaf-fall, the wind brushing against her dark fur. The water from the stream flows in a rhythmic pattern, the moon casting a silvery reflection. So beautiful... Nightwater or Nightfrost could be cool too. ~Mistyrain

37 Crimsonsky

I don't know why, But I like this name quite a lot!

Nah too unusual - Blossomfrost

Sounds like a dark brown, nearly black tabby she-cat. Blue eyes. She would be in ThunderClan and is known for her friendliness to all cats. She would be an excellent hunter because of her camouflage and silence in pouncing. She likes relaxing and viewing the her lush forest home. Her tragic death occurred in the middle of a fiercely fought battle between SkyClan and ShadowClan, though to have started in a conflict between Plumwillow, Juniperclaw, and Strikestone. She knew she had to end the war and persuaded some of the cats to retreat, accidentally shoved into the claws of the enraged warriors and died. ThunderClan mourned her death, especially her mate, Nutfoot who now had to let her kits, Dawnkit, Greenkit, Brackenkit, and Bushkit, be raised by another queen named Willowfur, Oakstorm's mate. Crimsonsky was never forgotten by Nutfoot, her kits becoming Dawnbreeze, Greenbranch, Brackenstar, and Bushfur. ~Mistyrain

38 Wolfheart Wolfheart

This could be a gray tom with black tabby stripes and blue eyes.

Already exists people. See Code of the Clans - Blossomfrost

I love this name, it would be a pure grey tom with green eyes, and he would be loyal towards his clan as deputy. when he became wolfstar, he lost his first life in a battle against rogues.

A greyish white tom with a spiky ruff and dark eyes.
Wolfheart was an adventurous tom when he was young and still was to this day. He was always risky even with his apprentices which was why they loved having him as a mentor. But one day his riskiness nearly killed him. He was trying to get to a step on a sheer cliff. The ledge broke and he almost fell. But a border patrol from FlameClan spotted him and caught his ruff at the last second. At first he backed away and hissed in fright. She scowled and then stepped closer to him. He did the same. She told him he'd better get away from FlameClan. Your lucky I'm the one that found you. Any other cat would've clawed you up. She smiled sweetly. He grinned a bit. And ran away.
He smelled of FlameClan and his clan mates stared suspiciously at him. Wolfheart tried to be casual.
When the sun fell, he had the sudden urge to go to the she cat. He went and she was there to. She was named Russetstorm. He loved her and told her instantly. ...more

39 Hollyfrost

I picture a dark grey she-cat with pale green eyes. She is the medicine cat of thunderclap



So-so - Blossomfrost

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40 Hawkwing

Already exists

Lol Hawkwing's not a even a minor character like Wolfheart you could miss...he has his own SE! - Blossomfrost

Err this IS a cat there will be a book called HAWKWINGS JOURNEY. THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR NAMES TBAT don't EXIST

41 Sunfeather

Sounds like a pretty golden she-cat with fawn colored tabby stripes! I LOVE it!

I have literally come up with this name so much it's so pretty!

Eh - Blossomfrost

I love this name! I'm imagining it as a small golden she-cat with a white muzzle, neck and underbelly, and little white spots on her ears! X3
~Blossompond of Cloud clan~

42 Shatteredflight

A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She has long fur and a bushy tail.

I'm imagining a bloody, mutilated robin struggling to escape from a cat's claws...*shudders* How about Shatteredlight? - Blossomfrost

Paws padded lightly around the brush as tall, black shadows bounded across the silver-tinted grass. Bright eyes glanced ominously around the clearing, the moonlight casting a metallic glow onto their ruffled pelts. To one side, a dark gray tabby stood on a ridged rock, his face grave with worry. Newly arriving cats sat tensely on the ground, two toms hissed with fury, an apprentice cowered in fear behind a bush, and others nervously waited for the silence to break. A young dark ginger she-cat growled hesitantly at the sight of a sleek tan tom, taking his place on a high brick wall, which surrounded the gathered cats at one end. The she-cat remained growling until the tan tom suddenly spoke. " You came. " the tan spoke in a sneering, dangerous voice that made the she-cat force herself not to flinch. She looked over at a dark tortoiseshell beside the tom who narrowed her glinting amber eyes at the dark gray tabby tom.

" Yes. " he answered between his teeth. ...more

Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Squirreltail
Father: Stonefall
Sister(s): 0
Brother(s): Thornberry, Nightshade
Rank: Warrior
Death: Killed by Iceclaw
Appearance: Dark russet she-cat, bushy tail, dark amber eyes

43 Ferndapple

I think they' d be a brown, mottled she-cat with green eyes. You may be thinking, "This name doesn't make sense! Kits don't open their eyes right away! " And that is where you're wrong, my friend. Ferndapple was born as an only kit in a bed of ferns, her mother, although the kit wasn't forbidden, was more intent on being the leader of her Clan with no time for kits. - AloeVera

Hey I wrote a super edition about Ferndapple! She was a dappled (duh) tortoiseshell with long fur and beautiful green's so sad...first she went mad, and in the end she killed herself...*cries* - Blossomfrost

Very nice. I don't think Fern was for the eyes in this case. I think it was for a feathery build kind of like a fern. - Warriorcatsfandom

44 Silverstreak

I imagine a pretty silver she-cat with beautiful icy blue eyes

I'm thinking that this person is a Silverstream-lover. Um... Basically another Silverstream. Just change 'k' to 'm' and there ya go. -Bluefang of DawnClan

45 Mistsong

Nah - Blossomfrost

46 Sundapple

Sundapple was a handsome, dappled yellow tabby tom with soulful amber eyes in my fan fic...I love him - Blossomfrost

Amazing! Every time I see the suffix, -dapple I think of Leafstar's warrior name, Leafdapple. Anyway this is so beautiful! I see a light yellow tabby she-cat with striking green eyes and solid ginger/yellow spots. She's heavy on her paws but good at fighting alongside her Clanmates. Her mother could be Sunstream and her father could be Darksky. Sunstream is a dark yellow tabby she-cat with light green eyes. Darksky is a gray-and-black tom with blue eyes.

HONESTLY WHY ISN'T ANYONE COMMENTING ON THIS ONE?! I LOVE THIS NAME! I can imagine a beautiful dappled golden she-cat with hazel colored eyes! I think she would be good in ThunderClan! ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

I think I'll use this name in my book as a queen thank you! Your warrior name was the best by far it should be number one! 😄

47 Battlefang

A white cat blood clan red collar badger claws on it a tom I'm on scratch battle kit my friend is battlestar101 follow her please

I don't really like the name of battle with fang. Maybe for bloodclan but for anything it's not that good...

*screeches to a halt* WHAT?! Honestly, Battlekit? - Blossomfrost

Nothing with blood- or death- is good for villains. Bloodfang, Bloodheart, Bonescreech, and all so stupid. So is this.

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48 Whispersong

A very majestic name. I think it would be the name of a medicine cat. I imagine a pale silver nearly white she-cat with a darker tail-tip and icy blue eyes. I think of this name as one that would belong to a WindClan cat

Mm...maybe Whisperingsong would better suit - Blossomfrost


Mine! -.-

49 Dawnbreeze

Pretty! I think of a cream-and-white tabby she-cat that's calm and controlled. - AloeVera

! SOOO PRETTY! I think this would totally be my main OC! I think she'll be a very pretty cream she-cat with blue eyes and some white markings. She'd be a great hunter and tree climber AND a great swimmer. she will live in RiverClan - dawnbreeze101

Very pretty! I think a long haired cream she-cat with beautiful blue eyes! (And her fur blows at the slightest breeze at dawn) Stay AWESOME! 😆

50 Dovestream

I think an elegant pale gray she-cat with beautiful blue eyes and white paws

I think it is really pretty.

Eww stream of doves? That makes no sense! And this would never be in the actual terms books anyway.

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