Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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1 Darkthunder

None of the names make sense. I mean, Darkthunder. Thunder is a sound, so how could you tell it's color hue? Second, you're not allowed to use the Clan names in a name.

A large, well muscled tom cat with a thick jet-black pelt and blazing yellow eyes with a fiery ring around the pupil.

Well this sounds like a really big cat who farts like thunder and these names in my opinion are horrible and ugly

Uh yeah both Fireclaw and Darkthunder are really good

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2 Owlflame

I love it! I imagine a light brown she-cat with her chest light red like fire. And she could be med. cat

Tiny light brown tabby she cat with huge flame colored eyes and white flecks on her chest. Quiet and intelligent.

This is very pretty! I imagine a speckled brown she-cat with amber eyes. Intelligent, wise and passionate. - Warriorcatsfandom

Owl flame sounds amazing.light brown she-cat with amber eyes
Who’s mother was honeymoon and she did not know her father
And she’s a ThunderClan because she sounds warm

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3 Silentmist

I love this one! It should be the best on the list! I imagine her as a mysterious, black she-cat with odd mist-like white patterns on her pelt. Not like Mary-sue patterns, but still kind of pretty. She would have pale blue, almost white eyes and maybe even deaf... that would explain Silent as a prefix! - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

I imagine her as a beautiful silver tabby with a fluffy tail. She has brilliant green eyes. Many toms are attracted to her but she doesn't like any of them. She is quiet and many cats see her as nothing. She is really mysterious and has special powers.

A tiny pale cream colored she-cat with soft green eyes like summer leaves.


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4 Breezefrost

Reminds me of a frigid breeze passing by in the middle of the night. Ominous yet beautiful. I can totally see a dark pelted she-cat with icy blue eyes, or a massive jet black tom with frosty cool eyes. Awesome combination

A normal sized, pale gray she-cat with frosty blue eyes that shimmer in the moonlight.

This might be a white she-cat with ice blue eyes like the winter sky. - DarkthunderDarknessClan

A white she cat with two front jet black paws.

Her mother is Silvermist and her father is Larksong. She has a sister named Windpaw.

As a warrior, Breezefrost never did paid attention to what anyone was telling her. She'd always been thinking about Windpaw's powers. She had dreams every night of the Dark Forest. Breezefrost had no special powers and not even another sibling to talk to about how she really felt. Twostar, the leader of WillowClan depended on Windpaw for everything. He needed her to risk her life and go into the Dark Forest. Twostar told her to spy on Deathstar. She also went to go into the Dark Forest in her dreams and told Twostar about what had happened.

But not only did she have amazing powers, she was humble about it. The cats of WillowClan loved her and praised her. CinderFlame had adored being Windpaw's mentor. Brokentooth even wanted to be a second mentor if CinderFlame was ever sick.

CinderFlame admired her shy little apprentice and ...more

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5 Purpleeyes

O my goodness, when the kit was born, the queen didn't ever have to expect that they would be named Purple-eyes! So, haters, why couldn't a cat be named Purple-eyes? In the end, it was the clan leader (or med cat) who named the warrior, they could have named it any suffix! The fact that the suffix is eyes, doesn't mean that the cat needs to have purple eyes! Stop hating!

Please stop hating, there's a cat named Pinkeyes! What's wrong with purple eyes? I mean, yeah cats are born blind, but maybe the queen thought the cat looked like it would have rare purple eyes! And maybe it had a prophecy like, the purple eyed cat will etc.. I actually like this name, unique!

Kits are born with their eyes closed, and after that they are blue and take a while to transition to their true color. This is just illogical and purple eyes are very rare. - sheeptuft

It is unique. It's just not for me. I'd rather have Violet-eye since it's actually a real prefix. There is a cat named Pink Eyes but that's from Dawn of the Clans; it wasn't Pink-eyes. I guess Purple-eye's prophecy could be kinda like the ' silver cat ' one of Feathertail.

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6 Waterstep V 4 Comments
7 Tigerwing

Oh wow! This is very pretty. I would think of a black tiger-patterned she-cat with emerald-green eyes. Fierce and bold. - Warriorcatsfandom

I like the name TigerWing- I think It's a great name for a warrior cat. Keep going on the names, bro!

No thanks, this makes no sense

Tigerheart + Dovewing

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8 Shadecloud

Sounds like a mysterious tom who is feared by most kits and apprentices - and who's true personality is never revealed! A Mottled grey tom - his green eyes forever cast to the forest floor. I love it!

This is the first name that isn't garbage or too ugly that I see on this list.

Sounds like the name of a dark gray tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes and is a queen

A black tom with a smoky ruff and stormy blue eyes.
Shadedkit was born to Darkheart and Blackstar. His sister was Brokenfang. Deathstar was banished from DarkClan. He was forming a new, treacherous clan in the dark forest. He gave permission for only the strongest cats. He and Darkheart stole kits, raided, medicine dens, and sent dogs into every clan. His plan was to soon take over every clan and destroy them. He wanted his son and daughter to be the most fierce cats in his dark forest. He had told them when they were kits that when he died they would take over for him. Brokenfang loved to make Deathstar proud. When she was just an apprentice she had blinded a SnowClan queen named frostflame. Shadecloud tried to make Blackstar proud but he never did. He longed to be part of a loving caring clan. He wanted to learn more than killing and stealing. How to become a real warrior. Finally he ran away to the nearest clan. StormClan. They had reluctantly agreed to let him in but did soon ...more

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9 Tigerstripe

This is a really casual name, yet a nice one. I imagine it as a ginger-orange tabby with almost black (but orange tinted) tabby stripes. He would have brown eyes and be a kind of Tigerstar character. - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

Simple but nice - sounds like a lighter Tigerstar, lighter in both pelt colour and personality! Lovely!

Tigerstripe is my friend's warrior name

One of my OCs. A light brown tom with black tabby stripes and very dark green eyes. He is extremely loyal to ShadowClan and often hunts more than the other warriors. He doesn't enjoy following the warrior code and has to have constant reminders. He kills Longfur's secret mate, Amberdawn from ThunderClan but regrets it when he finds out she managed to give birth to a kit which Longfur names, Skykit. Tigerstripe shows little interest in the kit, but uses it's naughtiness to spy on where Longfur was going day after day. Skykit thinks she is doing the right thing for the senior warrior. Longfur begins to go off again and again until Skykit brings back that he has been going to ThunderClan and hunting for them in strained honor to remember his light ginger mate. Tigerstripe tells the apprentices to act as if Longfur had been a traitor to ShadowClan. The apprentices are forced to agree with the senior's minor plans and Tigerstripe goes to the leader to punish Longfur. He brings Skykit to be ...more

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10 Nightfrost

Sounds like a black tabby with a silver tip of his tail with icy blue eyes

Lithe black she-cat with silver tabby patches and very light blue eyes

Sounds like a silvery gray Tom with huge dark black eyes

A sleek black WindClan cat who has white paws, belly and chest.

Rank: Senior warrior
Mate: Emberstorm
Mother: Frostpool
Father: Owlfur
Sister: Leopardheart
Brother: Wolfclaw
Son: Shadedpelt and Robinflight
Daughter: Swiftcloud
Eye colour: lime green
Mentor: Hawkfeather
Apprentice: Runningcloud
Personality: kind and helpful
Leader: Snowstar
Deputy: Halfpelt

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11 Bluedusk

Why's are these good ones at the bottom?!

This is great! It would make a prefect ThunderClan character. It would be a blue-grey she-cat with bright blue eyes, but she'd be the size of an apprentice. - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

I love it

Reminds me of Bluestar. Sounds like a queen who mated Tigerstripe. Her kits would be Shadecloud, Waterstep, Purpleeyes and Brezefrost.

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12 Blackwave

How about instead of the terrible names the Erin's used why not these good ones?!

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13 Snowflame

It sounds so cool and sort of an oxymoron, considering snow and flame are almost complete opposites. Sounds like the cat would have a fiery temper yet a cool, placid demeanor. Very nice and contrasting.

This is really pretty and makes me think of a white, amber or blue-eyed she-cat. She seems calm and placid before you get to know her, but she is bold and brave.

She's fiery, but intensely calm and cool. She's a fluffy, white she cat with bright ginger patches and amber eyes.

Sounds really cool, like a windclan she-cat with a white pelt and is the deputy.

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14 Birchpoppy

So pretty! I saw her as a white she-cat with pale and dark brown splotches. Copper eyes flecked with emerald green. - Wisp

White ruffled she-cat with dark brown patches and dark green eyes

It's very beautiful! It reminds me of Brichfall... I imagine a cream she-cat with darker flecks of ginger! -Creamheart of LightClan-




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15 Fawnleaf

Why are there no votes? This name is beautiful! I'm thinking a light brown tabby she cat with deep green eyes and whit paws and chest, belly, and tail tip. Most likely med. cat.

Beautifully crafted name! Light brown, with a darker brown stripe down her back and white dapples. Eyes like forest leaves. Gentle, smart and courageous.

This is a beautiful name! I love fawns and leaf's (sound weird but I do.) I think she should be a medicine cat it fits really well!

A sleek light brown she-cat with light blue eyes, a white underbelly, and a white paw. As a kit many young warriors were captured by her beauty. Even the young deputy, Coldfrost. Coldfrost was a blue-silver tom with soft green eyes. He was chosen deputy because he was smart, strong, full of courage, and did not rush into battle. Fawnkit often played with him when he was free. He taught her battle moves and hunting skills. When she was a apprentice her mother, Hazelwing was murdered. She was no longer the sweet and gentle cat Coldfrost knew. But evil and bloodthirsty. Fawnpaw lost her great friendship between her and Coldfrost. Coldfrost was afraid of her. She killed any cat in her way. The leader, Jaystar admired her and made her deputy instead. She had a dream from StarClan who made her realize what a monster she was. Fawnleaf turned back into a sweet cat. Coldfrost fell in love with her again. Fawnleaf realized how much she cared for Coldfrost. He asked her to be his mate and they ...more

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16 Pebblestream

Sounds like a gentle cream she cat with fawn colored dapples

Mottled gray and black tom with blue eyes. Love it!

A gray and white tom with amber eyes.

This is one of the only good names

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17 Fishleap

Already a name in long shadows were Jayfeather is with the ancients

I personally like it


18 Snowcloud

This is the only one that's good.

A clouded snow leopard?

Snowbush + Icecloud

I see Snowcloud as a mottled white warrior. Born into LightningClan, her mother would be Dawnheart, a pale yellow tabby, and Blackfang, a white tom with a black muzzle. As a kit, she would have the nature of most kits; playful and energetic. At the time she was apprenticed to Dustfur, she became more and more independent to the point where she sleep alone outside the dens. As a warrior, she often ate some of her prey before taking the rest back to camp which earned her a few apprentice chores with Flowerpaw and Flashpaw. Soon, she decided to start training in the Dark Forest, soon regretting it, but was accepted back to her own Clan.

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19 Ambershine

Beautiful! A shy but lovely flame-coloured-she cat - amber eyes and thick fur.

I apsolutely LOVE this name! It goes so well with any ginger she-cat and it is beautiful. It is one of my favourite warrior names now, whoever made this, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Such a pretty name.i love it.-wildhawk

20 Finchfeather

I'm using this for a cat named Larkfur's kit

I have an OC named Finchfeather, brother to over 5 siblings, died before could have a mate or kits. He mentored his youngest brother Tealcloud but could watched his warrior ceremony from the stars. He died falling into the gorge at the edge of this territory.

A white tom with black and gray flanks. He is quiet and submissive, because of the family he was born into. Finchkit had been born in newleaf, which was great for a kit to Larkwing and Otterfur with siblings named Sorrelkit, Dovekit, and Snowkit. He had been born with no seen flaws which was why his mother loved him the most. His 3 sisters had something out of the ordinary for them, Sorrelkit had lung problems because she had breathed in smoke at the time Otterfur had given birth in the fire. Dovekit was half deaf ( considering most white cats with blue eyes are deaf ) Snowkit had been born with a splayed paw that made her walk awkwardly everywhere she went. Finchfeather wanted nothing more than to be like his sisters. He noticed every passing night that Otterfur pushed his his siblings aside so that she could clean his head or rub her muzzle in his soft fur. But he had wanted his whole family to be equal with disabled kits or not. He helped Snowpaw as a apprentice by working with her ...more

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