Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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1 Darkthunder

None of the names make sense. I mean, Darkthunder. Thunder is a sound, so how could you tell it's color hue? Second, you're not allowed to use the Clan names in a name.

I think Darkthunder is a really cool name. Someone said earlier about that you weren't allowed to have the clans in a name. Well what about Runningwind?

I think it's really cool.
Sure, Darkthunder sounds a bit weird, and doesn't seem realistic, but if you're worried about the story's realism, consider the fact that we have 50 cats all living together who barely ever gossip unless it's about who was born a house cat.

Meh... I think it's a good name...

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2 Owlflame

I love it! I imagine a light brown she-cat with her chest light red like fire. And she could be med. cat

This cat is named for her silent walk and sleek fur. The flame part of her name is for her personality, which can be either gentle and warm, or fierce and protective. - RowanFlame352

This is very pretty! I imagine a speckled brown she-cat with amber eyes. Intelligent, wise and passionate. - Warriorcatsfandom

I imagine a spotted brown tom with fiery eyes with dark streaks around the eyes. A brave and protective warrior that does whatever is best for the clan, but breaks a few rules to do so

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3 Silentmist

I love this one! It should be the best on the list! I imagine her as a mysterious, black she-cat with odd mist-like white patterns on her pelt. Not like Mary-sue patterns, but still kind of pretty. She would have pale blue, almost white eyes and maybe even deaf... that would explain Silent as a prefix! - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

I imagine her as a beautiful silver tabby with a fluffy tail. She has brilliant green eyes. Many toms are attracted to her but she doesn't like any of them. She is quiet and many cats see her as nothing. She is really mysterious and has special powers.

I imagine her a a sleek silverish and blueish she-cat (kinda like BlueStar) who is a very good hunter. She could hunt without making a a single noise. I love it! She could have one white paw with a white underbelly. She also could even have blue eyes. She could live in Shadow Clan. She could have a mysterious back story of where she was the most elite Hunter in her Clan. But one day she goes to far from her clan and gets lost. She runs into a kittypet named stripes. Silent mist soon bring Stripes to his clan and he soon falls in love with Silentmist. They soon have kits and then Silent mist becomes SilentStar. I think it would be a cool story for a cat with this name.

I love this name, it sounds so mysterious, I imagine she would have black fur, and very very light blue eyes almost white.

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4 Breezefrost

As Breezefrost bounds through the forest, she heads towards the stream. She looks down at her reflection, and is startled by her own beauty. as she looks down at her own face, she wonders if it is really good to be so beautiful.
"Don't worry, I love you just the way you are." the loving voice comes from a speckled gray tom, who began lovingly twining himself around her.
"Oh Fernheart, I love you to." Looking down at her own silver and white fur, then back into his bright green eyes, she says something she never had said before, and never expected.
"We should have kits"
Fernheart's voice was overjoyed as he gazes into her blue eyes.
"Of course we should have kits! I've been waiting for you to ask me! I wanted to know if you cared for me the way I care about you." - Ivypool

Reminds me of a frigid breeze passing by in the middle of the night. Ominous yet beautiful. I can totally see a dark pelted she-cat with icy blue eyes, or a massive jet black tom with frosty cool eyes. Awesome combination

A normal sized, pale gray she-cat with frosty blue eyes that shimmer in the moonlight.

It sounds like a very pretty she cat, maybe light grey tabby with blue eyes. I feel like she would be a queen as well

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5 Ambershine

Beautiful! A shy but lovely flame-coloured-she cat - amber eyes and thick fur.

This is a very pretty name, I imagine a flame colored tabby she-cat with amber or green eyes, (Sort of like the first comment.)

This is probably the best name on this list. I imagine a small pale ginger she cat with amber eyes

I feel like that's a name...

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6 Waterstep

I love it-Dapple

Wow I love all the names on this list except purpleeyes cause I hate purple

Come on...Waterstep? What kind of mouse-brain would name their kit Waterkit? - Blossomfrost


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7 Fawnleaf

So beautiful, I bet fawnleaf is very wise and shy. A queen who would put her kits before herself immediately, and will fight for what she believes in. Maybe a light brown she cat with white tuxedo markings and white freckles on her cheeks on at the base of her fluffy stub tail. I also imagine her with a dark brown front paw.

Why are there no votes? This name is beautiful! I'm thinking a light brown tabby she cat with deep green eyes and whit paws and chest, belly, and tail tip. Most likely med. cat.

What is a Fawnleaf? Is it like a leaf made of fawns? Or a fawn made of leaves? Like every time I hear Fawnleaf, I think of a fawn squashed and turned into a leaf shape. Seriously, I hate the name Fawnleaf.

Love the name

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8 Purpleeyes

O my goodness, when the kit was born, the queen didn't ever have to expect that they would be named Purple-eyes! So, haters, why couldn't a cat be named Purple-eyes? In the end, it was the clan leader (or med cat) who named the warrior, they could have named it any suffix! The fact that the suffix is eyes, doesn't mean that the cat needs to have purple eyes! Stop hating!

Please stop hating, there's a cat named Pinkeyes! What's wrong with purple eyes? I mean, yeah cats are born blind, but maybe the queen thought the cat looked like it would have rare purple eyes! And maybe it had a prophecy like, the purple eyed cat will etc.. I actually like this name, unique!

Okay, time for a quick rant. First of all, cats are born with their eyes closed, and even when they do open, they're always blue. And, like one of the comments said, "What if there was a prophecie about a cat with purple eyes? " The mother didn't even know that her kit would be the purple eyed cat from the prophecie. That same comment, "Maybe the queen thought that the kit looked like it would have rare purple eyes? " Yup, that comment said it itself. Purple eyes are very RARE. Why would a queen expect that one random kit from her litter would have the rarest eye color in cats? And another comment said, "When the kit was born, the queen never knew that their warrior name would be Purple-eyes? " But what right-minded queen would name their kit Purplekit, for no apparent reason, except maybe it sounded pretty? And, let's just say that none of those other reasons that I just stated mattered. At least name them something creative. Purple-eyes? Really? *thinks up random name* How about ...more - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

EVERYCAT STOP HATING! Guess what? The Kits Name isn’t “PurpleEyesKit”So if you just stop I won’t say no more!

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9 Snowflame

It sounds so cool and sort of an oxymoron, considering snow and flame are almost complete opposites. Sounds like the cat would have a fiery temper yet a cool, placid demeanor. Very nice and contrasting.

This is really pretty and makes me think of a white, amber or blue-eyed she-cat. She seems calm and placid before you get to know her, but she is bold and brave.

HOW ARE THERE HARDLY ANY VOTES! I imagined a ginger she cat with one amber eye one blue eye and snowy like splotches on her pelt

good name

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10 Sunfeather

So beautiful. Would be a golden she-cat with white socks, tail and ear tips, and chest. Brilliant light green eyes that are always looking for mischief and adventure.

It could be a golden brown short hair tabby with fierce blue eyes and white streaks on the side. I LOVE IT

That is a beautiful name. I think a queen should take that name.

I love it! I imagine a she-cat short golden hair which blends into the golden dappled forest floor and has beautiful forest green eyes
she has no kits but a loving mate wolfclaw and is destined to be a fierce but intelligent leader

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? Raccoonbelly
? Chipmunkstripe

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11 Shadecloud

Sounds like a mysterious tom who is feared by most kits and apprentices - and who's true personality is never revealed! A Mottled grey tom - his green eyes forever cast to the forest floor. I love it!

I love this name he sounds like a dark black Tom crystal blue eyes, he most likely lives as a loner or in bloodclan, he sounds like he would put up a mean fight and win, I imagine he has a lot of battle scars and he is fearless for the most part I imagine him and Ivypool getting along a lot and maybe even be mates

This is the first name that isn't garbage or too ugly that I see on this list.

Ack this gave me Todoroki vibes

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12 Birchpoppy

Pretty...A long-legged light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and luminous green eyes - Blossomfrost

So pretty! I saw her as a white she-cat with pale and dark brown splotches. Copper eyes flecked with emerald green. - Wisp

White ruffled she-cat with dark brown patches and dark green eyes

so pretty

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13 Tigerstripe

This is a really casual name, yet a nice one. I imagine it as a ginger-orange tabby with almost black (but orange tinted) tabby stripes. He would have brown eyes and be a kind of Tigerstar character. - BrokenheartOfShadowClan

I've actually made a warrior cat called Tigerstripe, he's a brown tabby tom with blue and green eyes

Tigerstripe is my friend's warrior name

Tigerstar and Darkstripe's ship name - RoseWeasley

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14 Tigerwing

Oh wow! This is very pretty. I would think of a black tiger-patterned she-cat with emerald-green eyes. Fierce and bold. - Warriorcatsfandom

This could be a good name for a fierce, protective she-cat with cool blue eyes. - RowanFlame352

Tigerwing is a great name! I imagine a light brown tabby with amber eyes.

Hmm, maybe a dark ginger-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes. - Firemist

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15 Nightfrost

Sounds like a black tabby with a silver tip of his tail with icy blue eyes

Small She-Cat with short black fur, silver patches, white paws, and a white tail-tip. Ice blue eyes with a hint of green.

She seems like a black-and-silver she-cat with dark blue eyes! Beautiful name, I love it!

Reminds me of my OC! She's Yangpaw,and she has a black pelt with a white patch around her left eye that looks like a broken heart.That's all for now, but look out for my fanfiction 'Yang'! -BrokenHeart

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16 Blackwave

A small black tom that is frequently moving. His fur is very fluffy, yet pretty short. He has no patterns or markings, only solid black. His eyes are a greenish turquoise with naturally somewhat slitted, but not extremely so. He has a hard time sitting still, and this causes some sleeping problems for him. He's very alert yet jumpy, and has some problems with anxiety. His name is Blackwave because of for the prefix, he has all black fur, and for the suffix, when he's not up and moving, he often waves back and forth slowly.

How about instead of the terrible names the Erin's used why not these good ones?!

I think you're the only one who didn't just throw two words together. This actually makes sense!

Ooh, I'm a black wave! - Firemist

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17 Amberleaf

Isn't that a shadow clan warrior in Yellowfang's Secret?

Ya Amberleaf is real, she's in Yellowfang's secret

Already exists. See Yellowfang's Secret - Blossomfrost

Already exist in Yellowfang's secret - Frostwillow

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18 Bluedusk

The reincarnation of Bluestar. She would lead a happy, carefree life, and would be the star of a Super Edition, called, Bluedusk's Light. - RowanFlame352

Why's are these good ones at the bottom?!

A dark blue gray she-cat with gray eyes...better than average anyway


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19 Amberwing

Love it!
I imagine a grey tortoiseshell she-cat a puffy tail and has white on her paws with green eyes and puffy on her ears and paws, she has a heart nose and loves everybody in her clan no matter what they are.

A tortoiseshell she-cat with a strong amber gaze...

A brown she-cat who is an expert at blending in with red-brown leaves and catching thrushes. With yellow eyes and a fierce personality, she scares even toms. Thunderclan warrior, to be leader.

Oh perfect can I use that

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20 Feathercloud


Grey feathery-furred Windclan she-cat. Great hunter. Fierce in battle; very friendly

Beautiful - Leafshade

Oh my gosh! I love it!
Gender: she-cat
Clan: Windclan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Grey-silver tabby with a feathery tail & ear tips
Mate: Oakfur
Parents: Breezefrost, Sunfeather
Kits: Pebblekit, Gingerkit, & cloudkit

Names: Featherkit, Featherpaw, Feathercloud, Featherstar
Gender: She-cat
Clan: ThunderClan
Highest Rank: Leader
Current Rank: StarClan resident
Mother: Leopardwish: Golden tabby with brown markings.
Father: Nightclaw: Mottled black cat with yellow eyes.
Sister: Shadestream: Very dark gray tabby with sky-blue eyes.
Brothers: Lionstep: Thick furred ginger tabby with dark green eyes, Gingerfoot: White tom with pale brown patches.
Mate: Lightpelt: White cat with amber eyes.
Daughter: Mistheart: Pretty silver tabby with blue eyes.
Description: Beautiful silver tabby with dark blue eyes.

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21 Ambersky

This name makes perfect sense unlike Darkthunder... The name reminds me of a small tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes. Absolutely gorgeous!

It reminds me of a sunset! Lovely!
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

A pale ginger mottled she cat with dark orange blotches and amber eyes.
Father: DawnClaw, a cream and white tom with near grey eyes
Mother: GingerNose, a ginger she cat with dark green eyes
Sisters: SunDapple, MistStorm, a yellowish she cat with dark orange patches, and a pale grey she cat with white paws and white eyes
When AmberSky and her sisters were kits, their parents had abandoned them, for their own safety over the recent rouge encounters. They were given to a queen named CreamWing. She currently had 3 kits, Spottedkit, Brownkit, and Stormkit. Even though, she was fine with taking in the kits. Sunkit and Mistkit were simply happy with seeing and exploring a new den. At night, the other kits slept in a big pile in the back of the den. But CreamWing always kept Amberkit close on account of her being very young. In the mornings when the other kits were out causing mischief, CreamWing took Amberkit with her and made sure she was always there. CreamWing had 2 litters of ...more

22 Fawnleap

I imagine a light brown tortoiseshell cat who is shy and very quick and silent when it comes to hunting not afraid to kill a cat who breaks the code or hurts her. She is a medicine cat who helps all when those who are prisoners.

This one is quite pretty... I imagine a fawn leaping over a small river in a autumn forest... BEAUTIFUL

This one is my OC's sister

Hey! I used this as my OC's med cat! She is a light brown she with sky blue eyes.-Skunktail of FallenClan

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23 Echolight

I love it! I am so using this for some rp game that involves cats. Anyone else, or just me doing that?

Lol! I have an oc with this name for the longest time! Great minds think alike!

Umm good

Love it! I’m thinking a black fur she-cat with blue eyes.Kind and probably a medicin cat.

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24 Fishleap

Already a name in long shadows were Jayfeather is with the ancients

Really Cool Name, Thanks For Making It Up!

I personally like it

Stop hating this is actually my OCs son!
Clan riverclan
Rank warrior
Mother Silkear
Father Fuzzytail
Sister Pebbletuft
Brother Oceanclaw
Mate Tinytail
First litter
Daughters Bluewing Dappledpelt
Son Scareye
Second litter
Daughter Sandpaw
Son Beachpaw
Fishleap woke up in the warriors den he had just become a warrior with his sister pebbletuft and brother oceanclaw. Fishleap padded out of the den seeing the deputy stormheart getting the portrols ready for the day fishleap saw tinypaw eating a fish at the fresh kill pile and padded over to join her. He sat down next to her and picked up a water vole and started eating. "Congratulates Fishleap! " Tinypaw mewed when she had finished her fish "thanks tinypaw you know your assessment is today"
Fishleap meowed "I know" tinypaw mewed "and volepelt said I can take it after I'm eating! " Just then tinypaw mentor volepelt padded up to them. "Would you like to take your ...more

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25 Pebblestream

A gray tom with thick, wavy black stripes, blue eyes - Blossomfrost

Mottled gray and black tom with blue eyes. Love it!

Sounds like a gentle cream she cat with fawn colored dapples

An incredibly light grey she, almost white. Her eyes are a shimmering shade of yellow, along with one very light amber eye. She has black spots along her back, followed with white stripes on her cheeks and back. She has a small tail that is black and white. One of her ears is black and one is white. Her head is dark grey and her left paw is black and her other paw is white.

Pebble stream woke up, frightened. What has happened when she was asleep? She coughed, realizing big flames were in front of where she was sleeping. ‘ ‘ Help! ‘ ‘ she screamed, tears in her eyes. She heard a familiar call through the fire. ‘ ‘ Pebblestream! Honey, Are you okay? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ MOM! I’m.. d-dying.. ‘ ‘ she called back. ‘ ‘ Pebblestream! ‘ ‘. someone squeaked ‘ ‘ Bird kit..? Go.. run! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Sissy! No! Sissy! ‘ ‘
Pebble dropped, her eyes slowly closing. Voices faded slowly and soon, she could see nothing but darkness.

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26 Aspenbranch

I really like this. Aspen might be my child's name one day, if I have one anyway - Hickoryshine

Nice! - Leafshade

27 Poopsnot

This name made me drop my iPad and laugh hysterically. When my brother asked why, I couldn't tell him for a good five minutes. I finally regained my composure and tried to tell him, but went into a laughing fit again. He got impatient and took my iPad so that he could look for himself. Long story short, we couldn't stop laughing for a while. Every time we stopped one of us would start laughing again, and cause the other to laugh too.

*takes a sip of coffee, chokes when eyes fall on name, brother runs up and thumps me on back, sees what I'm looking at and falls over laughing, snaps a shot and texts to friends* A true story! - Blossomfrost

Wow... That is the most disgusting name I've ever read

I am going to name my warrior oc this, it's so creative and elegant

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28 Snowcloud

You're a pure white, ruffled she cat with ice pooled blue eyes and a soft feathery tail.

Kit: When you were a kit, your mother had neglected and almost killed you for no certain reason. Although this, you saw that your siblings had very strong connections with your mother. Your father felt he wasn't the one for your mother and started searching for a new mate. All the she cats had turned him down he became depressed. When your mother found out she clawed him up and he became a kittypet. You never knew this happened but after this your mother had had enough of you. She threw you out of the clan and to the boundaries of IceClan. You mewed desperately for someone to help. You became sick and thin without food before a medicine cat apprentice out gathering herbs found and took you back to IceClan. The apprentice's mentor, the medicine cat gave you some plump mice and some herbs. You looked up at his eyes and he saw your shy but dark gaze. He gave you to a kind hearted queen named ...more

This is the only one that's good.

A clouded snow leopard?

Soft furred white she-cat with sky blue eyes. She has silver spots along her back and tail. She is a warrior of RiverClan. She is gentle and caring and has a sister called Hazelmist.

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29 Hollyflame

It sounds so beautiful

So pretty... - Leafshade

A bushy black she-cat with fiery amber eyes of ShadowClaan. average name - Blossomfrost

Yes! I imagine a light she-cat with yellow-ish stripes, Name: Hollyflame: Gender: She-cat Rank: Deputy Apprentice: Pebblepaw (Pebblestream) Past names: Hollykit > Hollypaw > Hollyflame Current Clan: Thunderclan

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30 Finchfeather

I'm using this for a cat named Larkfur's kit

I think Finch is a weird prefix, even though the Erins used it (Finchflight) - Blossomfrost

My friend has this name! Lol! Don’t think that she saw this website ether!

Finchwing breathed heavily. The battle still raged around her, but her wounds were too great. A gash across her rib cage left blood spattered over her chest, and she would surely die. Finchwing blacked out. When she woke, she was in a different place. Strange, for her wounds had disappeared. A tabby she-cat padded up to her. "Welcome to Starclan! " Finchwing staggered back. "W-what? Starclan? " The she-cat smiled. "Your're joking, right? come on! You are going to be reincarnated.'' Finchwing was lead by the she-cat, whose name was Sorrowflight, she later learned. The two arrived at a clearing, where Sorrowflight murmured chants. Suddenly, the world around Finchwing dissolved, and she entered Thunderclan.

"What will her name be? "

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31 Lightningdust

That's a character is in My Little Pony! Lightning Dust, Rainbow Dash's friend! My little sister knows all about it... but I still picture a sandy-ginger she-cat with brown eyes

Lightningdust? Personally I think the dust of lightning is a weird name, but others like it. Well, to each his own. - Blossomfrost

It should've been Lightningstreak! A well muscled jet black tom with a sight-shocking golden streak across back. Piercing golden eyes.

Lightning Dust is used in MLP, if you recall Rainbow Dash meets a Pony named Lightning Dust in the wonderbolt academy tryouts and they become friends. Does anyone else remember for StarClans Sake?! Also it would sound weird on a cat,
“Hey Lightningdust come over here” like what? Lightningblaze or Lightningstreak (yes I used the name Lightningstreak) sounds much better. You should consider that. - PalestrokeOfSkyClan

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32 Berrymoon

Moon as a suffix is allowed because it usually refers to wide, knowing eyes.

Voting! - Hawkfrost

"Moon" cannot be one because the specialty of the moonstone and moonpool... sorry!

I love it! can I use this is my rp? -whisperingmoon

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33 Oliveleaf

Love it! Does the creator mind if I use this for my RP?

I like the name Oliveshine. - Firemist


Lol reminds me of my oc Oliveheart!

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34 Bluelake

It's so graceful and beautiful

Bluefires good also - Leafshade

Names (BlueKit, BluePaw, BlueLake)
Mother: Bluestar (don't JUDGE ME! )
Father: RoosterEyes (Again, don't JUDGE ME! )
Clan: WindClan
Looks: light blue fur, faded white feet
Personally: adventurous, king, Perky, loyal
Died: killed by a rouge

35 Blazingshadow

A blazing shadow? Hm... - Blossomfrost

This is AMAZING even though it makes 0 sence

36 Embermoon

Sunshine filtered dimly through the leaves of the pine forest, heating the smooth rocks and rubble along the path. Four cats walked together swiftly, keeping their ears pricked for any sign of movement.

" When was the last time I had a good night of sleep? " A white she-cat yawned, her tired eyes only half opened. " I can't stand how Tigerstar put me on extra patrols. I've been nursing kits for six moons and this is my reward? "

The sleek black tom narrowed his eyes and gave the she-cat a wry look. " There's more prey now, Snowbird-- its greenleaf and we need every warrior to pitch in. "

Snowbird exchanged an annoyed glance with a pale brown tabby and grunted. " Easy for you to say. You've never gone through kitting like Grassheart and I. " the she-cat yawned once again and added under her breath, " Toms! Always so stubborn! "

The fourth cat on the hunting party hadn't spoken yet, bored with her Clanmate's ...more

Black she-cat with dark ginger muzzle, paws and tail tip with orange-amber

I see Embermoon as a ginger she-cat with a white tail and white paws. She is in ShadowClan and is a medicine cat. She is kind and caring.

A scarred black-she cat with one gleaming red eye and a slash scar across her flank.

Mother: Shadecloud (dead)
Father: Blackwave (dead)
Siblings: None
Clan: Windclan
Mate: Slash (rouge)
Kits: None

The cold night chilled Embermoon to her core. As a night wind whistled through the trees, she saw a figure in the dark. A male cat, gray with black patches. Embermoon stepped forward. "Who are you? " The cat simply padded forward in reply, his blue eyes gleaming. Then, the tom spoke. "I am Slash." That first night the two met, they became friends. They lounged in the forest on warm days, and huddled together when it was cold. Finally, one day, Embermoon looked to her friend. Slash smiled. "Will you be my mate, Embermoon? " The black she-cat was overjoyed, but Tallstar soon found out. Embermoon was exiled from her clan and she joined the rouges. Becoming Ember, she swore revenge on Windclan, but fiercely loved and protected Slash.

Moonpelt of ...more

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37 Wispwater

Brisk, beautiful, cream she-cat with a ruffled white chest, paws, ears, and tail tip. She has brilliant green eyes and a soft voice. She is devoted, kind, and calm medicine cat. Whenever a cat from her clan is injured, she will do everything in her power to heal each and every one with care and patience. She does not rush her work, even if a battle is going on to make sure all wounds are treated the right way.

I actually REALLY like this name! It sounds mysterious, but still like something that would realistically be in the books. I imagine a blue (gray) she-cat with streaks of lighter fur, and a scar on her ear. She would be a Riverclan medicine cat, and her personality would be quiet but fierce, like the flame of a candle.

I think that she would be a beautiful cream she cat with little white streaks and swirls all over her body, white paws, and pale green eyes. I love this name!

Wispwater cried as the fox jabbed her neck with it's dagger like teeth.She huddled around her kits, protecting them.The fox jabbed her again and darkness wreathed around her.She woke up, and looked down.Her kits were gone.She looked at her bloody pelt.She gasped as she saw that it was flooded with stars!

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38 Lionclaw

This is so cool!

Simple but AWESOME name! Really cool! (surprised Poopsnot is higher on the list) - RyanTheMythicalLion

I have an OC whose name is Lionclaw, he's my son

Whenever Heatherpaw and Lionpaw (Heathertail and Lionblaze) met in the tunnels they made up DarkClan. In it, Heathertaik was Heatherstad and Lionpaw was Lionclaw - Leafshade

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39 Mintflower

I think mint flower is a pretty silver she cat with deep blue eyes black ear tips and a black tail tip she is a new warrior

I love it! It makes me think of a light grey she-cat with bright blue eyes and would be the medicine cat

Mint flower sounds like a light gray tabby she-cat with slightly darker gray striped one white paw,white muzzle and under belly with ice blue eyes. I LOVE IT!

Love it! so original, mabye tortoise shell, has suffered quite a loss, and please,internet, POOPSNOT! GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTERS PEOPLE!

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40 Silentsong

Her prophecy could be: 'There is no song without silence, and no peace without violence'. She could be mute, not able to talk at all, and be a silver tabby. She is awkward, and intelligent.

I thought of her as being a pale grey and white she cat who is a mute but a dedicated medicine cat

Weirdly contradictory yet oddly it! - Blossomfrost

I was thinking that she could be part serval, part tabby, a very rare "EcoHybrid". She could have been abused by her twolegs, so she decided to leave her twoleg place into the forest.

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41 Sundapple

Sundapple was a handsome, dappled yellow tabby tom with soulful amber eyes in my fan fic...I love him - Blossomfrost

Cool - Frostwillow

Cool! - Leafshade

Came up with this name long ago! I wrote a fanfic about Leafpool and Crowfeather right after reading Starlight in fifth grade; I put in Sundapple as a handsome and brave golden dappled tom with green eyes. He had a bit of a mane like Lionheart from the first arc, and his paws were huge and powerful. His mother was Cloudstep and he was the only survivor in her litter. I really like him and was very proud of myself for coming up with a half-decent name! I 💕 Sundapple.

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42 Wolfclaw

I LOVE WOLVES it's my favorite animal so I say this name is AWESOME! - Frostwillow

LOVE THIS! I can easily imagine a fierce, handsome grey tom!

! I love wolves! this is my number one choice!

I think Wolfsong would have been better...

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43 FeatherMist

Oh NO. How WILL you manage? I'm sure this person STOLE your OC. The world isn't all about you. Sooner or later you must realize that.

. The way you capitalized it had me laughing.

This is my OCs name :D

Lol my oc is mistfeather

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44 Echosky

What is an echo sky? What is a Hawkfrost? A honeyfern? None of these make sense. That's what's creative and beautiful about them I love them all - Leafshade

I imagine a dark gray she cat with white patches, feared by most kits but loyal and kind

In my head, EchoSky is a gray she-cat with a white chest, tabby stripes, and one blue eye, other green. and paws black.

So beautiful... I see a skyclan warrior, sharing tongues, gray pelt.
- Dawnlily

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45 Snowstorm

I really like this name! It made me think of a cat with blue eyes and a white pelt. Also I really like how it's really easy to say.

Sounds like a pure white she-cat with deep green eyes.

I love this name when I think of it I imagine a long haired white cat with blue eyes infact I was thinking about this the other day if sandstorm was a name it would be cool to have snowstorm as a name

! this is in my opinion the best cat an here! I recruit her into RanchClan as the proud deputy! -Darksound of RanchClan

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46 Dawnbreeze

How is this gorgeous name at the bottom! It makes the most sense out of all of these names! Anyway, I imagine a pretty cream furred tabby she cat with icy blue eyes.

Pretty! I think of a cream-and-white tabby she-cat that's calm and controlled. - AloeVera

I love this! I think of a purplish black she cat with bright sun yellow eyes

Wow! I think of Dawnbreeze as a light brown shecat with light green eyes who is very protective of her clan.

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47 Willowmoon

Sounds like a beautiful light grey she- cat with spots of white on her back and coming up from her paws

Why is this at the bottom it's a wonderful name!

Sounds like a gray she-cat with white paws. She is a Med cat and has a strong bond with star clan. She has fallen in love but forgot about her feelings. She is in RC and has lots of friends.

Shadows. Willowmoon shivered. The wind rustled some bushes, and she whipped around at the sound. Nothing there, only eerie silence. Willowmoon's green eyes stared into the night, and a flashback entered her vision. Instead of darkness, she saw the Windclan camp.

"So you treated a Shadowclan cat's wounds to the best of your ability, and brought them food!? " The Windclan leader, Whisperstar, was seething with rage. Willowmoon's friend, Rustpelt, a tabby tom, winced. The leader's voice snapped Willowmoon back to attention. "Is that what I am to understand, Willowmoon? " Barely audible, the grey and black she-cat's voice answered, "Yes..." Whisperstar shook his head. "I have no choice but to expel you from the Clan, for you have broken the Warrior Code." Willowmoon hung her head. The flashback ended suddenly in a burst of light, and the she-cat found herself back in the forest, breathing heavily.

Wondering what had brought her back ...more

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48 Appledust

Actually sounds sweet and creative! She's headstrong, sometimes willful or stubborn, but a natural born leader. I imagine her a mix of chestnut brown, dark brown, and reddish brown with even darker brown eyes. I really love this name! She gets her stubbornness from her mother fern dapple but her father is kinda calm and cool so they get in fights a lot sometimes)) she was apart of the great battle to snowclan so she and her group of 7 cats including one app -apprentice- she had to take so they fought against each other partly in the snow and Leaf clan wasn't used to the cold frosty snow so they were forced out of the forest and snow clan had a new territory. At the same time her little " group " had mouths to feed because little tail had her kits with black stripe named them frost kit, dark kit, and hawkiit. then their group came across this huge deadly sharp tooth and it killed two of her kits Hawk and dark kit. It also attacked snow clan and killed one of the apps so they had to ...more

Cool. I mean really. It reminds me of a mottled brown she-cat with piercing green eyes

A weird name taken from the cheater Appledusk - Blossomfrost

I don't approve this name if you copied off Appledusk, I know as a fact that Appledusk is CHEATER! - Frostwillow

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49 Stormbird

I saw this name and really loved it! I imagine a dark grey tom with a white muzzle and chest and bluish gray eyes.

This actually sounds like a real warrior name!

Clan:Sky clan
Sleek white with dark green eyes
Mate:timber eye
Mother:ash fire
Fother:dew feather
Litter mates:mist feather
Kits:Thunder spirit and mist paw

I love this name. It reminds me of Snowbrd who's one of my favorite Shadowclan characters. I see StormBird as a small grey she-cat with glowing green eyes. She is currently an average warrior working her way up to deputy. Bluestream an average warrior completely adores StormBird whom couldn't be happier to push him into a river. (forgive my awful whatever this is) - WillowShine1342

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50 Sagecloud

This is a good one! The first thing I thought when I saw it was Sagewhisker

LOl this makes me think of Ferncloud & Sagenose

So cute

How come this has no votes? I imagine a pretty silver she-cat with white-tipped ears and underbelly. She is a loyal warrior of ThunderClan before she was killed by her sister who went crazy.

Names: Sagekit, Sagepaw, Sagecloud.
Highest Rank: Warrior
Mother: Spottedcloud
Father: Sparkheart
Sisters: Spottedstorm, Willowberry, Cloudwing
Brothers: Stormflight, Darkpelt, Blazeheart
Pelt: Silver and white tabby.
Eyes: Clear green.
Clans: ThunderClan, StarClan
Death: Killed by Cloudwing

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