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41 Sundapple

Amazing! Every time I see the suffix, -dapple I think of Leafstar's warrior name, Leafdapple. Anyway this is so beautiful! I see a light yellow tabby she-cat with striking green eyes and solid ginger/yellow spots. She's heavy on her paws but good at fighting alongside her Clanmates. Her mother could be Sunstream and her father could be Darksky. Sunstream is a dark yellow tabby she-cat with light green eyes. Darksky is a gray-and-black tom with blue eyes.

HONESTLY WHY ISN'T ANYONE COMMENTING ON THIS ONE?! I LOVE THIS NAME! I can imagine a beautiful dappled golden she-cat with hazel colored eyes! I think she would be good in ThunderClan! ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

I think I'll use this name in my book as a queen thank you! Your warrior name was the best by far it should be number one! 😄

42 Battlefang

A white cat blood clan red collar badger claws on it a tom I'm on scratch battle kit my friend is battlestar101 follow her please

I don't really like the name of battle with fang. Maybe for bloodclan but for anything it's not that good...

Yall way to many names...

Nothing with blood- or death- is good for villains. Bloodfang, Bloodheart, Bonescreech, and all so stupid. So is this.

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43 Nightstream

When I see this name I imagine a black tom with misty dark gray stripes that look like streams. He would also have very dark blue eyes.

44 Crimsonsky

I don't know why, But I like this name quite a lot!

45 Hollyfrost

Pure black she-cat with blue eyes, long tail and claws.
Clan : ThunderClan
Personality : kind, smart, loving, a bit stubborn, loyal, funny, adventurous, curious
Is trying her best to be the best warrior in the clan

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46 Firestorm

Firestar and sandstorm's ship name

Was this name not number one? - Marshmellow


47 Thundercry
48 Iceclaw

Pretty neat, I imagine a silver she-cat who is fierce. -Cloudstar of MistClan

49 Willowmist

That's a very pretty name


In my opinion, this she-cat was born by her RiverClan medicine cat mother, DewLeaf. Her father was a of ShadowClan,a warrior with sleek Brown fur and cream spots and foot. WillowKit was born with her two brothers, Littlekit and Streamkit. Littlekit died soon after birth. Willowkit and Streamkit were found near the Thunderpath, half-starved and dirty. They were taken back to RiverClan and both grew into Streampaw and Willowpaw. Soon, Streampaw turns into Streamstep, and Willowpaw into WillowMist. WillowMist becomes a Med Cat, and StreamStep becomes deputy then leader. WillowMist is cream colored with Gray stripes on her back all the way to the end of her neck and the start of her tail that shine silver in moonlight and is very jumpy but confident during healing. StreamStar looks dark Gray with silver tinged among in back paws and tail tip and loves his clan, always following the Warrior Code.

50 Echosky V 2 Comments
51 Silver Feather

Love it! Sounds like SilverStream and FeatherTail mixed together

I think its nice here is how I picture her: A silver like she-cat with white and dark gray stripes all over here She has a white feather pattern where her whiskers are

52 Willowshade V 2 Comments
53 Feathercloud

In my mind, I see her as a long-haired white she-cat. Gray splotches. Sky blue eyes. She's running alongside her Clanmates on the hunt, her tail flying behind her. She would be sweet, energetic, but sometimes too hopeful for the best. She does not approve much for fighting but is a great hunter that rarely missed a shot at a squirrel. After passing her warrior assessment she was named Feathercloud for her fur. But when being a warrior she found new responsibility in fighting for her Clan instead of hiding from it. Later, she mated with a tom named Eaglefrost and had 4 kits; Ripplekit, Frogkit, Sweetkit, and Snowkit. Already wondering what her kit's future would be like, Ripplekit is killed when he falls from a tree branch. Living to be 69 moons old, she was killed by sickness.

54 Sageflower

A great name for a medicine cat or queen! I'm using it in my story!

This name is great! I picture a shecat with a cream brown pelt, And white on all of her paws. I imagine her as a medicine cat.

A tortoiseshell and white she cat with forest green eyes and a torn bobbed tail.

As a kit Sageflower had been flown off by an eagle at hunting practice. Cinderstream, the cat taking the small kit out hunting never thought she could save her sister's new kit. When the eagle carried Sagekit to the nest of screeching chicks it's claws got tangled in the kits tail and not knowing that it cut the top part off. When Sagekit dropped Cinderstream caught her and confessed to BrightSong, the kit's mother that she'd never should have taken a kit this young out hunting. BrightSong was devastated that her only daughter had lost her tail, as a kit! She tried, she really did. But soon seeing every day that she saw her daughter walking through the den entrance with nearly half a tail. BrightSong got so sick of it, she asked the medicine cat to do something. The med cat did the best she could and ended up making a bob tail wrapped with cobwebs that were soon taken out. Sagekit didn't understand ...more


55 Thornberry

Lel Nigel Thornberry approves

This name is.. smashing lol


56 Snowdrop

This is a amazing a white she-cat with dark brown spots and blue eyes as a kit she always wondered of looking for something to explore as a apprentice she was fast and quick she became mates with snow owl she had three kits glow kit moth kit and tree kit and got the name snowdrop

This is a rabbit name in Watership Down the book!

It is in Omen of the stars I have the book

Snowdrop is actually a kittypet's name in... I think The first book of Omen of the stars.

57 Bloodbite V 2 Comments
58 Ambersky

It reminds me of a sunset! Lovely!
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

A pale ginger mottled she cat with dark orange blotches and amber eyes.
Father: DawnClaw, a cream and white tom with near grey eyes
Mother: GingerNose, a ginger she cat with dark green eyes
Sisters: SunDapple, MistStorm, a yellowish she cat with dark orange patches, and a pale grey she cat with white paws and white eyes
When AmberSky and her sisters were kits, their parents had abandoned them, for their own safety over the recent rouge encounters. They were given to a queen named CreamWing. She currently had 3 kits, Spottedkit, Brownkit, and Stormkit. Even though, she was fine with taking in the kits. Sunkit and Mistkit were simply happy with seeing and exploring a new den. At night, the other kits slept in a big pile in the back of the den. But CreamWing always kept Amberkit close on account of her being very young. In the mornings when the other kits were out causing mischief, CreamWing took Amberkit with her and made sure she was always there. CreamWing had 2 litters of ...more

59 Whispersong

A very majestic name. I think it would be the name of a medicine cat. I imagine a pale silver nearly white she-cat with a darker tail-tip and icy blue eyes. I think of this name as one that would belong to a WindClan cat


60 Moltenflame

Sounds like a dominant male with black fur and red stripes. He is very prone to starting a fight with another clan. He also has 5 mates. One from his clan one kitty pet and one from each of the other clans.

Sounds like a black tom with gray flecks and dark ginger paws with deep amber eyes. He would be calm and comforting to his ClanMates, but has a tendency to get fired up over nothing, and to always be the first to start a battle.

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