Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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41 Snowstorm

Sounds like a pure white she-cat with deep green eyes.

Beautiful and simple. I can see a very very light silver shecatwith pure white spotted markings and light bue eyes.

42 Silver Feather

Love it! Sounds like SilverStream and FeatherTail mixed together

I think its nice here is how I picture her: A silver like she-cat with white and dark gray stripes all over here She has a white feather pattern where her whiskers are

43 Willowshade V 2 Comments
44 Oliveleaf V 1 Comment
45 Mistsong
46 Sageflower

A great name for a medicine cat or queen! I'm using it in my story!

This name is great! I picture a shecat with a cream brown pelt, And white on all of her paws. I imagine her as a medicine cat.

V 1 Comment
47 Stormbird

I saw this on another list and just had to add it! (Silentmist please go die)

V 1 Comment
48 Thornberry

Lel Nigel Thornberry approves

This name is.. smashing lol


49 Battlefang

A white cat blood clan red collar badger claws on it a tom I'm on scratch battle kit my friend is battlestar101 follow her please

I don't really like the name of battle with fang. Maybe for bloodclan but for anything it's not that good...

Yall way to many names...

Cool! Warrior of Bloodclan. Probably anywayyy -WolvesNight

50 Bloodbite V 2 Comments
51 Nightstream
52 Crimsonsky

I don't know why, But I like this name quite a lot!

53 Moltenflame

Sounds like a dominant male with black fur and red stripes. He is very prone to starting a fight with another clan. He also has 5 mates. One from his clan one kitty pet and one from each of the other clans.

Sounds like a black tom with gray flecks and dark ginger paws with deep amber eyes. He would be calm and comforting to his ClanMates, but has a tendency to get fired up over nothing, and to always be the first to start a battle.

54 Dovestream

I think an elegant pale gray she-cat with beautiful blue eyes and white paws

V 1 Comment
55 Windsong
56 Echolight V 1 Comment
57 Clearsong
58 Patchstrike

Hey, this thing is sorta getting down to the nice names! Never thought that would happen! -The creator of this name

Haters gonna hate. this name was a randomized thing that I got on a warriors game. I loved it, and he is now an O.C.

59 Sunstorm
60 Mapledawn
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