Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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81 Hollyflame

It sounds so beautiful

82 Fawnleap

This one is quite pretty... I imagine a fawn leaping over a small river in a autumn forest... BEAUTIFUL

83 Lilyfeather

I will use this in my book!

84 Bramblethorn V 1 Comment
85 Emberstrike

A dark orange she-cat who earned the name by striking a cat who attacked the leader! I absolutly love it!

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86 Leafsong V 1 Comment
87 Leafshine

Pretty but she's in Tallstar's Revenge

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88 Icepool
89 Mosscloud
90 Frostwhisker
91 Snowdrop

This is a rabbit name in Watership Down the book!

It is in Omen of the stars I have the book

Snowdrop is actually a kittypet's name in... I think The first book of Omen of the stars.

92 Blueocean
93 Thistlethorn
94 Sagecloud
95 Dappledstream
96 Silentfrost

I think this name is okay... Maybe for a Riverclan cat it could be silentsplash?

97 Sunclaw
98 Honeywhisker

I can't reach the honey dripping off my whiskers! : flips table :

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99 Hazelstorm

This just sounds cool, though it may not be for some people. Maybe a light brown or ginger she-car with gold eyes and white paws.

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100 Lightningpelt

I forget if this is used in the early clans, but it's my fursona's name. It would be for a tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and white hind paws.

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