Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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101 Stormpounce
102 Robintuft

I Think He Would Rather Be Named... Rusty

No no no person. Whoever commented saying, "call him Rusty". Just no. (Face palm) And it's Firestar, not Rusty. Don't call him by his kittypet name. It's a disgrace

103 Nightfall
104 Nightfall
105 Silentsplash
106 Pinenose

This is actually a real name! Pinenose is **SPOILER ALERT** actually Violetpaw's foster mother. - AloeVera

V 1 Comment
107 Flameheart

When I see this name I think of my Oc flameheart she is a ginger she cat with paws ears and tail tip she white on her chest in the shape of a heart and where the white meets the orange its speckled with white spots

108 Silvershadow

Lithe, lean, swift beautiful silver tabby she-cat with brilliant blue eyes.

Lithe, agile silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Courageous and loyal, but often very mysterious and secretive. Can be arrogant, stubborn, and bossy. Has abilities similar to those of ShadowClan.

109 Snowmist

Pure white she-cat with fluffy pelt and a plumy tail, emerald green eyes. Using it in mah fanfic
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

110 Echocloud

Sounds like a beautiful, Snow White, gentle she cat. She gets a mate and has three kits, Riverkit, Bluekit and rockkit. She dies on her children's apprentice ceremony, when Riverkit gets her apprentice name some rogues attack. She gets attacked and dies from a big wound on the neck. She guides her kits along the right path and stays beside them until they join starclan. She also grants her kits a long life, but unfortunately she made their lives too long and fades away, never spending any real time with her kits. I might make a fanfic out of this

Love the name! The story is also great!
- Skyheart

111 Emberstorm

Very powerful and fierce name. I imagine a black tom with ginger splotches and orange eyes.
Clan: most likely ShadowClan
Personality: Clever, wily, fierce, swift

112 Mouseheart

A brown she-cat with black patches

113 Littleleap

Cute! I don't know what design he would have, but it would be a small tom that loves to explore ^^

114 Dewstripe V 1 Comment
115 Silentblaze
116 Redears
117 Violetclaw

I think of a purple-red tom with deep blue eyes. (Deep as in Very dark.) - Starstar

118 Mistymoon
119 Ashears V 1 Comment
120 Bonypelt
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