Brian Lara


Brian Lara had outstanding test records at the end of his career. An average of 52.88 from 131 games, along with the highest score in test history- 400. He also holds the statistic of being one of only three players (along with Bradman and Sehwag) who has passed 300 or more runs in an innings on more than one occasion. Some would say that Tendulkar's superior average and career runs, or Bradman's far greater average, could imply that they're greater players. For me, however, it is also important to remember that Bradman played only 52 tests, which is far less than 1/2 of Lara's total. When it comes to Tendulkar, even though I have the greatest respect for his achievements and the way he dealt with the immense pressure that always seemed to surround him, it is undoubtedly true that he scored a great deal of his runs on slow, flat pitches that would of certainly hindered bowlers. He also played with batsman, such as Dravid, Ganguly, Sehwag and Laxman, who often scored runs around him ...more

Absolute Class! Love his back-foot, flicks for 6s, and most important he delivers when required, the opening stand b/w him and D. Haynes was truly worth watching. Tendulkar has got most his records against weaker teams and when he scores team mostly lost (talking about records, he played for 25yrs like Mafia, what the hell) Lara should be on top

Pure Class often played with a team where there were few other good batsman and had to carry the side many times. Who else have score 500 runs, 400 runs, 300 runs and 200 runs in any cricket format while they played? Many times he was cheated out as well or else his average would have definitely been higher! Simply a brilliant batsman!

Highest test score and first class score in a single innings... Best ever when one considers that he did the bulk of the batting on the West Indies Team during the peak of his tenure there.

Lara has succeed where sachin has failed Lara having played. Less. Test than the Indian great has more record and achieved them in a shorter span. The best bowler in the world were at his mercy the only man to score 501 in a first class match and 400 not out in a set...

Brian is an artist, he uses the bat like a the paint brush of the Vinci, his records are incomparable, and his powers of concentration unsurpassed. Despite being the "ATLAS" of his generation he did everything with style. I would pay a years salary to see him bat for 1 hour...

Don't go by statistics. Just watch him play and you yourself decide.

153, 277, 375, 400, 501. Match winning innings, beautiful to watch and has dominated all bowlers plus the burden of captaincy. At times scoring 40% of overall team score. Greatest batsman I've ever seen.

No one will ever begin to scratch the surface of the type of talent Brian Lara was how many batting records does Sachin
Have? Who else do you know can destroy England at his prime for 375 and then do it again when he is almost 40 and score the monumental total of 400 N. O (note the not out) Lara had a more finess refined game than Sachin, Sachin's talent was more soothed to the Asian continent stile of play on slow pitches with a lot of spin and remember how Lara destroyed Murali enough said peace

501. You name it, Lara's done it. His quality with the bat is undeniable. There has never been anyone as great as Lara, and there never will be. In fact, I would go so far as to say yo emulate him is impossible.

Sachin above him could be bradman yeah but umar akmal give me a break!

Thegreatest ever batsman. Gets going till he finishes. Feel proud that I lived in the time when he played and I saw the greatest innings such like 213 and 153 not out against aus, his fastest century against bangladesh and the 28 runs in an over against south africa and his epic 400 N. O against england. Genius incredible stuff.

He is classical and greatest player his personality is so different and he did one great mistake he retired soon that decision was absolutely wrong... He is amazing I haven't words to tell about him he is great.

He is a classic batsmen who has set up his own style of batting. Stamina, energy, stylish shots, will power, hand power, smartness, leadership... What else wanted for a good cricketer?

A batsman who can play for long hours but not consistent. He will play a few extremely good long innings. In between there could be a string of relatively poor scores. So while he could play some of the finest classiest innings on one hand, he would also play worse than some of his contempories.
But he is an extremely good batsmen but lack of good consistency prevents him from being the best.
Three cheers to him though

Brian is a genius who played without the support of team, but surpassed everyone by his obstacles, He is truly a master class act

He is the best player ever in the history of cricket I think he is the number 1 player. He is most better then tendulkar, ponting.

He created a test record of 375 then it was broken by an Australian then he was like I'll break it again 400 and it stands unbroken until today. Lara, pure class that's all.

I think there is no comparison between Lara and Tendulkar undoubtedly Lara is the best batsman in the world most of the Australian cricketers rate him more than Tendulkar

Lara. My goodness! What an amazing player. Should definitely be no1. He knows to play different kinds of shots. My tribute to him

His style of playing is different. He is a legend. Its was a great entertainment watching him play. An excellent batsman. He is the number one cricketer of all time.

According to me he is the best batsman in the world. His bating style is superb. He is batter than Tendulkar also.

Current holder of that record. Also holder of highest individual test score (500*)

Best lefty ever. Best stroke through the covers... Got to love the game to appreciate the rewards.

Lara is the greatest batsmen cricket to grace the cricket field... A real Pleasure to watch him bat... even the way he leaves the ball is also a treat