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21 Yuvraj Singh

Very good middle order all rounder.. Brought India 2007 t20 wc..2011 wc.. And under 20 wc... Taken 100 wk.. Scored above 8000 runs,..

Very very special batsman for Indian side. Without him Indian team's condition is so ^^ so hard as now in Australia

India won world cup beacume of one and only

All time middel oder Batman in word

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22 Mike Hussey

Any format, any batting position, any fielding position, batting average, passion, he is just that guy purfeect MR. CRICKETER... WHAT ELSE DO you WANT, HE IS JUST UNDER RATED...

He is the most embarrassing cricketer in the world - subash123456789

No dout that he has hited such a sixes in cricket and his streight drive are excelent

He is marvellous. According to me he would have place in the top ten.

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23 Shahid Afridi

Yo you gtta admit, he's got the thing that no one has ever got in the history of cricket n will never achieve in the future as well. There's only one afridi. In one report by espn, "10% cricket runs because of him" now that's a big deal.

Fastest century off 37 balls, and has really proved himself in limited overs form of the game. Has shown huge success in the T20 form, and people say it is "tailor made for Afridi". Boom Boom.

Shahid afridi is very honest and does not lie and puts his heart into cricket and fans.

He is my best player ever I love him a lot

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24 Inzamam-ul-Haq

He is out standing. He perform every time espicialy agaist india

He was brilliant, brilliant, and brilliant. He was the match winner, a team player, at most of his career he came to bat at crunch situation release the pressure and give victory to his country.

Such a great player and so down the list..

He is all time super star

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25 Michael Clarke

The Aesthetic god of cricket you people are frigging idiots.. Glenn mcgrath?

He is so talented. He holds a record of most double centuries by any Australian.

He is very talented and he is my rolmodel he is one of the best batsmen you can get and he is one of the men ho made a 300 not out he is a outstanding player and good luck with you're captainse he is a amazing player I like to see him play cricket because he is the one makes me a better player no one els just Michael Clark or can I say the amazing player you're the best thank you for playing cricket I wish the South African team


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26 Allan Border

Amazing captaincy, amazing batsman.

Managed an average of 50.56 even though he played 265 innings. Over 11000 test runs.

Wait! I don't Understand! Is Allan Behind Clarke and Afridi?

The greatest Australian after Bradman and ponting. His 205 against new zeland is the greatest innings which a bat has ever produced

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27 Hashim Amla

The god of cricket, this guy can turn the game around and get a century unexpectedly. He is patient and very careful on his bat, hi is the best batsman ever

He is having ability to strike all the ball and live the ling time in field - subash123456789

Amazing batsman, and dosen't even need to duck the bouncers becase of his beard, I think he has best beard in tge cricket...

He is Mr consistent for south Africa, scoring runs at almost every pitches.

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28 Matthew Hayden

He is dangerous in pitch that even bowler fear how to crack ball

Always destroying opposition, any kind of attack was nothing for him, he was a team player, playing for team nt fr records

The greatest opening batsman of all time... period. He revolutionised the position in test cricket and paved the way for a new generation of opener. Players like Sehwag, gale, and warner all grew up in his shadow and have failed to surpass him. The image of the big unit striding down the wicket to an opening bowler in the first session of a test was a thing of beuty and brute force. Cocky, arrogant and above all else brilliantly bludgeoning. The man in his pomp was a tour de force. The most intimidating batsmen at his peak I have ever seen. I understand there is a heavy Indian and recent bias for half the batsmen in front of him but he should be top 15 at least. - Hayden282828

You are good wicket

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29 Sanath Jayasuriya

He never played for Individual Records, but He always played for his Country and for the Victory of the whole team. That's why he is So Great...

All Hail Sanath Jayasuriya! You are the BEST! - Nirmal1991USA

Fastest 50, fastest 100 and fastest 150 were broken by him. Only batsmen past 13k runs to get over 300 wickets is a bonus too. I believe that he is one of the best players as he is a great player with great aggressive abilities and never gives up. He was the world of cricket, he revolutionized cricket and changed the cricketing world to make it more aggressive.

Why isn't he in the top 15? , he is surely one of the best all rounders ever. Over 13000 runs and 300 wickets, I reckon he should be a lot more higher than this.

Most underrated cricketer.. Because of he isn't Indian batsman.. 😒😒😒 - LakruT

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30 Garfield Sobers

I like him he is good player in the team
So.i can say he is very good player in the cricket

Garfield sobers allready finisheedd

31 V.V.S. Laxman

The useful test batsman. Save the India in her critical position every time.

Very much useful batsman for India. He is part of many greatest victories.

He Always Perform Well. That's Why He Trends On Twitter Every Week. - tayal5001

He has played the greatest all time knock ( 281 at Eden Gardens) and has distinguished himself with playing many great knocks especially in the third and fourth innings. Extremely Stylish, Wristy and Graceful batsman

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32 Shane Watson

He is the one hero who had to fight the villains in his own team and is still battling for a long long time. This man is able to fight it all. AND he has proved time and again that he's the best in the world. Worldt20 2012 is one such proof. In few cases he fails, but one should notice that he fails when clarke is in the team. Any human can fail in such torturous environment created by clarke. But no matter how many villains surround him, he battles them all. I've never seen such a great talented player battling such hostility from his own team and his captain and from his own country citizens and media. Although he is best player by far in his team and the world, his country wants to drop him out of the team. This is the exact reason why Australia is so low in world cricket now. They have hit rock bottom. Australian cricket sucks now. They can be beaten by any team horribly. No player in the world at present works as hard as watson. He bats and bowls in tests, odis, t20, champion ...more

Shane watson, what a sinple strong player he is. Australia has won a couple of time, just because of Shane watson. Who ever made the list, probably doesn't even know cricket.

What a batsman.. The star player.. Sometimes the whole team depends upon him... He Is one of the best all rounders

He is number 1

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33 Steven Waugh

Could pull his side out of trouble with a typical skipper's knock. One of the classiest batsmen of all time. Also scored 32 test centuries.

He never gave up he is great he made a century or a half century every time he played cricket he should be on top he also is a player who always hitted more than 4 sixes

What a great player, never gave up, briilant stroke player, and that trademark cut shut.

Hiss namee iss Steve Waugh. nott steven waugh

34 Rohit Sharma

He is one of the best batsman in Indian cricket. He is the future of Indian cricket

He is one who can replace sachin. Great batsman! Rohit is better than others who appear in the list he should be in to top ten list... ,

He is the best... Player of indian crisket team till now and will be foreever
He can be the naxt caption of india... Beware Rohit is coming

I am huge fan of Rohit Sharma,He is the Best ODI and T20 player..I like Rohit more than Virat.

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35 Don Bradman Don Bradman Sir Donald George "Don" Bradman, AC, often referred to as "The Don", was an Australian cricketer, widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time.

A league of his own, no comparison; simply the greatest - And that's from an Englishman. Sorry!

Why is Bradman shown twice?

This is very very excellent batsman I like it on Facebook

.And a Gentleman

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36 Umar Akmal

I think he is a really talented player, cricket players always have ups and downs in their careers. Also Pakistan needs to use Umar Akmal properly, at no3.

Umer Akmel your best batsman for ever you are a star of Pakistan you have to create a enough score that no one beat this score all pakistani have a wishes from you that you can create a name of Pakistan forever All pakistanis were love you

Umar Akmal is a fearless batsman and he can change the game and turn around the match in the favor for his country but, he must also learn how to play with a good temprament and how to play controlled shots otherwise, he can be the best modern batsman in the current world.

He Has Tallent But Needs To Prove It

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37 Imran Khan

I am surprised to see Imran's name so low. He is one of the biggest legends of Cricket History and the whole world admits this. Can't compare with any one.

I can't believe Imran Khan's not in the list!
COME ON! He brought World Cup home! - mahnoori

He is a intelligent cricketer. He is pioneer of swing and world cup winner.

WHY ON 37!? why not on 10!?!?

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38 Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir is one of the best batsman in this 21th century. He is a different styled push player, can stroke shots all along the ground. He is much talented young batsman alive in India.

Gautam gambhir is best in the world, he is a fine player of all form of cricket odi, t20, test

Gauti is the best batsman and he keeps on encouraging his fellow mates as his fan I too believe in his words, he always " a good captain who makes good team but a good team that makes a good captain. This is just a part from his speeches. HOPE YOU COME UP WITH FLYING COLOURS GAUTI, BEST WISHES.


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39 Shikhar Dhawan

What a player he is. Hats off to him. And this crap list.. Argh Nevermind! - saihemanth1

Oh amazing batsman and a golden bird for team india because his performance is awwsome. Has a ability to strike. He is a rising star and soon will be a legend like sahin, ricky ponting, adam gilchrist.

He Reminds Me Of Matheww Hayden. He is a Dangerous batsman at the top of the order. I think he is a remix of Sehwag and Ganguly.

Should at least be 10

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40 Mahela Jayawardena

What he is in 18. After umar akmal, virendra sehwag. He is stylish of all in the list

Most elegant batsmen ever, stylish and wonderful to look at - pasan

Mahela isa best batsmen in the world

Above mr.thidas proved that sanga is bethere than Sachin. Now ifor you reffer to some records and scores,you will understand that mahela is equal to sanga.Also the name couple Mahela and Sanga is appearing in almost in every discussion of srilanka.So are you kidding me.This great legend should be placed in the top 10 of the list.

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