Top Ten IPL (Indian Premier League) Teams

The Top Ten
1 Chennai Super Kings

It's obvious that CSK will get the number 1 slot in the rankings as the team has the best in the world, 'Captain Cool' MS Dhoni. The way he handles the squad, is quite superb. I have always admired his decisions and the tactics, he uses in the matches. MSD is a game changer. He is one of the best finishers of the game. Now, almost everyone has given their positive view about MSD, saying " MSD is a legend and the best Captain of all time."
CSK always has a quite descent batting and bowling line up as 2/3 all-rounders in the middle order.
So in 2015, It will be CSK, crowned as Champions for the third time.

Let's see this objectively without any prejudices.
IPL - 11 tournaments thus far. (2008 to 2018)
1. 3/9 times title winners (TOP RECORD tied with MI, see point 4)
2. 7/9 times finalists (TOP RECORD)
3. 9/9 times playoffs (TOP RECORD)
4. The above numbers doesn't count the two times(out of 11) they were suspended. (1 title by MI, 1 title by SRH)
(If they weren't suspended, MI would be nowhere as high up in the list as they did now, and that's a winning bet).
5. Home record of the Super Kings 66.67%.
6. 2/5 times lifted the title of champions league.
7. Best win percentage among all teams in the IPL (61.56)
8. They lifted the title again in the best comeback ever after being suspended for 2 seasons. (So much for the proverb "When the Lion takes 2 steps back, it does so to pounce not to flee", CSK is popularly identified their roaring lion logo)

Show me one other team with or near this impeccable track record and then we'll talk.

Best team ever! No body can't beat this team. Chennai super kings is the only and only team in ipl to reach 4 finals in 5 league.2 times champions of ipl and two times runners of ipl and 1 time winner of clt20. Never losing team. Always the with the players like dhoni, vijay, hussey, morkel, du plesis, raina, jadeja, bollinger and ashwin etc... My favorite team. This is the only team having the best winnig percentage of 56.38, no team can't touch this percentage. Always top csk

Well tell me a Team who has played 9 seasons and qualified to playoff all 9 sessions, finalist 7 times and won 3 times.
No team is as consistent as CSK. The next best team was able to win 3 times out of 11 but still failed to qualify semis when they were the defending champions. It's not the cup that matters but consistency is. No team is consistent as CSK

2 Mumbai Indians

According to my thoughts, Mumbai Indians is the most strongest team in IPL. Because, if. We see the performance of MI in last few years, Mumbai has the that kind power to come back with the kingly way after losing continue three to four matches. What no team has this kind of power. And Mumbai is also 3 times champion. And this year also they have a huge chance to grab the Ipl trophy I think.

I support Mumbai Indians and they got 195 runs in 87 balls in IPL7 which was impossible, if it were any team they would have lost their confidence but Mumbai didn't give up and made it to the top 4 teams even though they lost their first five games. bumrah, corey Anderson, aditya tare, ambati rayudu and some more players played very well like them. go! Mumbai Indians.

Mumbai Are the only times to have won the IPL 3 times. They have achieved this without the presence of even one international captain. Even the youngsters in the team including Nitish Rana, Jasprit bumrah are amazing.In the 10th edition of IPL (IPL 2017) they proved their amazing talent and supremacy throught their winning streaks in Home as well as away, losing only 3 of their 14 games.

Mumbai has won ipl against rps last time. Rohit sharma is an incredible player with excellent performance. I want Mumbai Indians to win. There are amazing bowlers like Bumrah and hardik pandya. As rohit sharma is now under pressure so he will change to ro'hit' man as he has made highest records. They have lost three matches but they will bounce back.

3 Royal Challengers Bangalore

True talent, caliber, big names, big money and entertainment defines RCB. Some people may make a mockery out of that, but if you owned a team (be it any sport), and if you had a ton of money, wouldn't you buy the most talented players in the world? That is what RCB and Mumbai Indians do. The day decides the game. Look at CSK lose twice in the final? Look at AB Devillers dismissed at the boundary by Lynn of KKR in a "must-win"game. Well, end of the day its entertainment, and grooming a lot of talent. Young guns and unknowns can play without fear (Sanju Samson, Karun Nair etc. ) and make a mark. Gettign back to square one- I would have a bias if I'd say RCB was the best team because I'm an RCB fan. I'd venture to say- the most talented team, and definitely the most entertaining!

I love RCB! Virat kohli my favorite you are the king of this team. Please break Sachins record in all formats. Your drives are cool. I am looking forward for you'll to win this PEPSI IPL 2014/7. I hope you'll beat Mumbai Indians on sixth may 2014 perhaps you'll should win all the matches which are left. Please Virat now it's high time for such a class player like you to score a century in this IPL and other T20 matches. I also hope that from rank 5 you'll become rank 1. I'm very scared about tomorrow's match, KXIP VS RCB and I guess I don't need to say what I have to because I have already written it many times above. Llooolllzzz!

- shanay shah

They are definitely the most entertaining and can pull back almost any games. Their players can hit huge sixes as well as huge wickets M. RCB is the best team by far they deserve to win. Their first match is a giants Rajasthan and that is also the first match of ipl 2014 WISH THEM LUCK!

I support royal challengers banglore because it is a cool team which can handle pressure. second this team is led by young star virat kohli who is the one of quality players & now's indian captain. third this team have many famous and fantastic players like chris gayle, captain virat kohli, the best finisher ab devillers and dhilshan. I think rcb shoukld ranked as number 1 team of ipl. and note one more point rcb has a hard hiter chris gayle and wholebthr team is under his batting perfomance. If he bats good there are more chance to win but he doesn't play well the team can lose.

4 Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders is the most amazing team in 2014... they won the finals by chasing down 200! All their players are deadly except for Ten Doeschate who is an amazing fielder though, according to me KKR is the second best team in IPL after Chennai since they both have won to finals but CSK has been in the play offs the most. KKR is my favourite team as I love their spirit and enjoy when they play the matches. Even their owner SRK is very good and always tweets and supports his team with full faith! KKR also has the best uniform and if they win another year they will be the 'best' which fr me they already are

The best team still surviving in the competition not like the banned CSK and are much more consistent all through the tournament muck unlike RCB and MI who are much acquainted to poor starts... And the remaining are not any threat to KKR. KKR is the best.

I like kkr the most I think kkr is on 4 because of weak batsmens there is no batsman in this team that hits run fast only there is yusuf and robin that hits run fast. I wanted to say that sharuk khan I eric wanted to say you should buy some fast playing batsmen like chris gayle if you buy one then its rank will be 2. I am requesting you to buy batsmen in ipl

We're not just a team, but it is a troop of knights fighting for being the best at all situations. The two time champions can be considered as one of the top three teams of IPL of all time.

5 Kings XI Punjab

Kings 11 Punjab is very dangerous team in ipl4 because gilli, david hussey, parveenkumar are the best players in the world and I wish the winner of ipl 4 is k11p.

The most entertaining team. Great captaincy and team spirit. Love the team. Great game guys.

Beacause. It. Is. The best. Because Adam Gilchrist but this. Time he is. Not. Playing this. Time. Pepsi. Ipl. The. Best team. Is kings xi punjab

Really punjab is the second best team in ipl. Because they are now very dangerous team. The players like viru, maxwell, vohra, bailey, miller,
Balagi, sandeep sharma etc. And saha he take century in ipl 2014

6 Sunrisers Hyderabad

Hyderabad franchise is the only team who won ipl twice with no big superstars other than Warner and Bhuvi I...we back our bowling...we play as a team...we play smart in auctions...we win cups...I really wonder how come a team which won ipl twice be placed at the bottom in this list

The best team undoubtedly...the bowling and the batting line is mind blowing...and how can you give it 7th position? It is number 1 team for sure!

Before I can't say anything, but now it comes with 2 TOP openers S. Dhawan & D. Warner they both can take it away from remaining seven...

Small but a loyal fan base..Most under rated team..! But still got a cup for you even in the hardest of the circumstances!

7 Rajasthan Royals

Obviously RR is the best... Who would have ever known that these fighting lions would punch above their capability and win the inaugural IPL... without any huge superstars like Gayle, ABD Virat in Rcb?
They have excellent team work which none... I REPEAT NONE of the other teams have.. They work so hard and have played some real cricket.

They are best of combination and they disciplined cricket in dlf ipl. Dravid is a cool captain and he proves it when every time he was in field.

The team with the least resources but the best courage in IPL! Under dog in every match, fighter in every match!

Rr is best team wrk, & good professionalism. I think the young boys also perform very well, they have good freedom inside and outside. RR got one talented player in future world- sanju samson. I think you just give one chance in sachin baby

8 Delhi Capitals

Prithvi shaw is great and shreyas iyer is full of talent and a great captain. They need a little bit of improvement in some places but I truly believe that they have great potential.

Delhi has best talent which is on the verge of getting selected for the Indian team, amazing established players such as JP Duminy and some of the best coaches in the world such as Rahul Dravid.

Delhi daredevils is giving chance to young indian and delhi players... with having good winning percentage.. So delhi should be in top 3 teams

I love that they give young cricketers chances to play in a pro league. Maybe one day they will be playing for India international cricket team

9 Deccan Chargers

What! Chargers at 4!. It have to be 2nd. It performed bad in ipl4 because they are unlucky at their home ground. This is the only team that inspired me! Go chargers! And kkr 3rd aray this list is crap. In ipl 1,2,3 this was the only team which was in the last of the table. Even in ipl4 they performed average!. Dc is the best team of ipl. Chennai super kings cheated in ipl3! Match fixing with deccan chargers in the semi finals! Other wise deccan would win even the ipl 3!

Gilchrist was the greatest captain. Even sangakara! The only reason they dint qualify semi finals in ipl4! This team rocks forever! No team can defeat this team! Go ghargers!...

IT's the unstoppable team in IPL.
Deccan charges doesn't have good players this time but sangakkara, white, steyn, dumminy, dhawan'mishra all have been supported well. I think DC should get many cricketers to play the IPL 6. I think sanga captaincy is good, but DC doesn't have good players. I thank to sanga and other players like daniel, white, dhawan. Mishra, dumminy, steyn that they brought deccan to 8 place. I hope next time deccan charges owner will buy good players. I thank to the coaches of DC... UNSTOPPABLE!

Deccan chargers do not have stalwarts and big hitters like sehwag, gayle, pollard etc... But it has a pool of performers.. Dc will perform as a team and not individuals.. Chargers have players trying to prove themselves, the commitment will be high..

Deccan is obviously the best. They one once in 5 of the IPL seasons. Besides they have Gibbs and Symonds.

10 Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Bye bye the worst team

The swing of sreesanth

Super team ever

It is good for playing all the teams on ipl and and the fans would have more excitement

The Contenders
11 Pune Warriors India

Come on this should be above kochi tuskers!

Not Only Ross Taylor, But This Team can be the best because of ganguly

We are the beast

This team is best

12 Gujarat Lions

It's the most awesome since it has good players like Mccullum Raina Dwayne Smith and Aaron Finch. It also has Andrew Tye the good bowler in 2017

Gujarat is a new team but they can also become champion if they tried.

So far Gujarat lions have win all they matches.

Gujarat has nice players and even they have good fielders like raina. if this form of playing of gujarat continues it willl win

13 Rising Pune Supergiant

It will be the best team in IPL 9... because it has players like Dhoni, Smith, and Peterson who are the best international players

It is amazing because of the one & only MS Dhoni. The others are also great, though.

I love this team mi and eps are my favourite mi 1 eps 2. What a team smith Dhoni Ashwin undakant in 2 seasons they have 1 runners up that is great but I was confused whom shall I vote in the final eps or mi but I supported mi

Rising Pune Supergiants is a new team so it will take some time to rise up