Top Ten Curses to Create If There Was a TheTopTens Munchkin

The Top Ten

1 Sacred Luigist Temple

Card Text: As you enter the Luigist temple, you start to break stuff. This makes Luigi get angry. Luigi's wrath changes your gender. Due to this, you get -5 in your next combat due to distraction. - Turkeyasylum

2 Lava Pit

Card Text: You're not watching where you're going and fall into a lava pit. You think you're getting in dead meat, but realize the lava isn't real. However, the fake lava had a toxic chemical, making you lose all race cards and become human. - Turkeyasylum

3 Table 58

Card Text: There are dozens of other lunch tables, why did you choose this one!? Table 58 breaks and you get hurt. Lose one level. - Turkeyasylum

This sounds hilarious lol - TwilightKitsune

4 Yasmin1's Flash

Card Text: Yasmin1's flash blinds you, which give you a traumatizing headache. Lose one level and lose all your class cards. You also get -2 in your next combat, as well as -1 to run away in the same combat. - Turkeyasylum

5 Explosives Leftover From Random Challenges

Card Text: The explosives detonate as you walk in. They don't injure you but instead make you smell like ash, making everyone else think you smoke illegal drugs. You cannot help anyone in combat and nobody may help you. In order to get a shower and clean the muck off, you must pay items worth 1,000 gold pieces. - Turkeyasylum

6 Miniature Pulsar

Card Text: You see the pulsar, then adapt to its size proportionately. In your next combat, you get -5. The next combat gives you -4, then the next gives you -3, and so on and so forth until you are out of penalties. - Turkeyasylum

7 Gordette's Risotto

Card Text: The risotto's so dry you choke on it. You should know better than to eat Gordette's food. Lose one level. - Turkeyasylum

8 New Policies

Card Text: You're caught violating a new policy put in order. Lose the item that gives you the biggest bonus. - Turkeyasylum

9 Number 10's Revenge

Card Text: You make a list with only nine items, then the number 10 gets mad at you for leaving it out. The number 10 takes away a footgear or headgear item from you and gives it to the player to the left and takes your armor and gives it to the player to the right. If you don't have either of them, give away a level instead. - Turkeyasylum

10 Nu Metal Trap

TopTenners love Nu Metal for the most part, that's a fact. So some genius decided to lure you into a room of poison gas with nu metal. The gas makes you die. When you die, lose all your items. Reveal your hand, then all other players, going from highest level to lowest, select a card from your hand and add it to theirs. Keep your race, level, and class: Your new self is the same as your old. Do not draw a face-down door or treasure card after drawing this curse. At the beginning of your next turn, draw 2 face-down cards from each stack. - Turkeyasylum

I know nothing about this game but come on! It's metal! - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 Duck In TheTopTens

Card Text: You should know better than to pick up a duck in TheTopTens. Lost two levels. - Turkeyasylum

12 Britgirl and Keyson's Love Potion

Britgirl and Keyson created a love potion to make you love the next thing you see. Unfortunately for you, that thing will be a monster. -10 in your next combat due to your throbbing crush on the monster. - Turkeyasylum

Excellent idea! What do you think, Keyson? Keyson...? - Britgirl

13 AlphaQ's Fart Grenade
14 Turkey On Your Head

Card Text: This Turkey is really pesky and straight from the mental institute! -1 to all your die rolls. You lose Turkey On Your Head when you lose your headgear for any reason. If you're forced to give away your head gear, Turkey On Your Head is given away with it. - Turkeyasylum

15 Slideshow

Card Text: You walk in a door, but see a slideshow. This slideshow brainwashes you and tells you that shoes are terrble things and slowly eat your feet away. Lose all footgear you own. - Turkeyasylum

16 Different Way Video

Card Text: You're so grossed out by the video, you pass out and lose your memory. Lose your class cards If you have no class cards, lose 2 levels instead and draw an additional face-up treasure card. - Turkeyasylum

17 Danteem and Linnea's Poison Potion

Card Text: Danteem and Linnea creared a potion that can kill you. Rather than you taking it, they pour some all over your clothes. Lose all your armor. - Turkeyasylum

18 Fake SevenLizards
19 Puga's Lair of Guinness

You see a giant lair of Guinness, then decide to start drinking. Puga gets mad and takes your stuff, then kicks you out. Lose all your footgear, and lose both your footgear and headgear if you're a Halfling (Halflings LOVE their Guinness). - Turkeyasylum

20 Positron's Sandwich

You try to eat a bacon sandwich, but Pos does not allow that. Lose everything.

21 Bad Sponge
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