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261 Poppyflower

Eh.. it sounds weird because poppies are a kind of flower.. poppylight, poppystorm or poppyfall would be better

262 Goldenstar

A pretty, strong and kind leader

I have a Goldenstar and Gingerstar. Goldenstar's warrior name was Goldencloud

Thunderclans leader when me, tigerstar and deathlaw try and kill firepelt and stay in thunderclan
She's golden with green staring eyes and gives really bad names to poor kits!
-Leaftail (by the way I'm a she cat)

263 Firesong

Energetic young flame red she-cat who found her sister was trying to kill Smallstar (clan leader) to become leader

264 Featherstorm

A she cat with long feathery pelt. Soft blue eyes. And mates with a russet tom from river clan and has a russet she cat with long fur. I just made up this story

Actually, Featherstorm is a Shadow Clan queen in Crookedstar's Promise.

She's real. She's Raggedstar's mother and Brokenstar's grandmother.

Already a cat-Yellowfang's Secret - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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265 Roseblossom

This name just sounds so RIGHT to me! LOVE IT!

I, LOVE the idea that in the light, she looks pink! Brilliant. And the name itself, is just DAZZLING!

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266 Bluemoon

A gray cat with blue eyes, is shadowclan medicine cat! Is she cat

Cool story idea! And the name is pretty cool too.

This blue eyed she-cat pursuaded me not to kill firepelt. She and spottedfeather became my close friends after that.

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267 Crowfire

A black Tom cat with amber eyes, has unique red stripes on his tail

I, love this name! And the stripy tail, too! Amazing! I love it!

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268 Burningfire

No your too fifty and weird the way you describe things! Like what the hell is fitty?! Anyways, Burning is the English translation for Ardente in Italian meaning Blaze and Blaze is a suffix. BOOM! I JUST DROPPED A KNOWLEDGE BOMB - HermioneGrangerHarryPotter

OK, NO OFFENSE, but this name is just a LITTLE too... fitty, if you know what I mean. What I'm saying, is that in Warriors, the names usually are a bit random. Like, Lionblaze, for example. Random. I really like the name, but Burningfire is just a bit too fitty.
P.S. So sorry if I'm too critical, that's just the way I am.

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269 Rainstorm

A cat of a lost clan called SunClan. Was a mix of all other clans. Is a beautiful gray she-cat with blue-ish patches. Has unusual ice colored eyes. Eventually becomes leader of her clan and is the wisest cat in their history.

OK. Love the name, love the description, LOVE the story line! You deserve a GRAMMY for this! I'm a writer, and I love to read. The creator did an AMAZING job with this!

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270 Cloudpool

White she-cat with yellow eyes.

Her eyes are cloudy

, OUTSTANDING! Love it! Beautiful. I see a white she-cat with long, wavy fur and blue eyes. But the description above is better, by a longshot.

Pretty cool. Do you mind if I use it for my fanfic? ;-)

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271 Firestorm V 2 Comments
272 Galaxystorm

People, People are just too Pale in their thoughts. Galaxy is what cats refer to as the silver pelt, All the Stars in the sky ( The Milky Way ) The galaxy! - HermioneGrangerHarryPotter

There r no good names on here

Star specked pelt with Dark Forest eyes.

No. I am a critic when it comes to bad names, and this is a name for a Mary-Sue. Thanks, big tuft of hair covering one eye! You've ruined the canon, but now you've made your way to original characters! 😑

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273 Bloodpool

This sounds kinda like Deadpool (he's a Marvel mercenary, but his name also fits the warrior cat series).

She cat with blood colored pelt and eyes black as night.

Well, this is violent. A pool of blood? Seriously

A pool full of blood... He spilled a pool full of blood...

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274 Lakefrost

I just fell in love when the name when I created it He is a black tom with paws and tail that fade into gray. He was my main cat but He got pushed back and is now the Leaders mate (Brightstar)

Awesome! So cool! Is this cat like a blackish color with white patches and green eyes? Love it! :)

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275 Wolffang

Is a silvery grey she-cat with kits. She is in darknessclan (made up). Her kits are gold kit and red kit. Her mate is a tom named Stonerage. She is shy at times but will not hesitate to fight for her clan, for she was born and raised there. She feels eternally grateful to starclan for the wonderful life she has. She has a scar running up her back.

Silver grey she-cat with kits. Long fur and shaggy tail. Her mate is flamefur. Her kits are grasskit and bluekit. She dreams of one day becoming deputy

I think, that that is the coolest ever! I especially love the story line! C'est magnific! (Magnificent in French)

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276 Grasskit

Is a tawny orange she-cat with spots. Mother is WolfFang. Father is FlameFur. Sister is BlueKit. Wants to be a medicine cat. Has a paw with a star on the pad, though this is very faint and her parents know nothing about this.

Can you please get off this sight with your terrible names and stop putting your fan fic in

Don't BE MEAN THE TITLE SAYS FAN FICTION! And warrior name is Grasswhisper

277 Bluekit

And Warrior cat names doesn't mean it's just Warriors. The names of the series is Warriors, and there is kits, apprentices, and leaders. So I suggest you idiot shut your mouths. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

This name is breaking two rules. First, it needs to be WARRIOR names. Second, they need to be fake. Bluestar was once a kit, too.

A blue tinted cat with long fur like her mother, WolfFang. Sister is GrassKit. Father is FlameFur. Wants to be a warrior someday. She has a backwards paw, but this has NEVER slowed her down.

To the comment below me, this list is FANFICTION names, it doesn't matter what status of the Clan it is.. Also, Crowfrost from ShadowClan was once a kit, so was Crowfeather. I have proven my point. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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278 Flamefur

Is mate to WolfFang. Father to grasskit and bluekit. Is part of DarknessClan like WolfFang, GrassKit, and BlueKut. FlameFur has a flame colored pelt with very faint striped. Has a faint outline of flames on his paw.

Wait, I'm confused. I thought that Wolffang's family was Stonerage, Redkit, and Goldkit? Or does she have another mate and litter?

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279 Vixenflight

Is a bright red she-cat. Is grandma to BlueKit and GrassKit. Is mother to FlameFur. Daughter in law is WolfFang. Is an elder.

And can a squirrel fly? No. No they can't. So deal with it. If you have a problem with Eri Hunter then LEAVE

Shut up will you?

A deer can't fly. I rest my case

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280 Runningstream

Is a silvery short haired tom. Is Grandpa to BlueKit and GrassKit. Is father to FlameFur. Daughter in law is WolfFang. Is an elder.

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