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401 Wildfire V 1 Comment
402 Cloverstream

Is a brown cat with white patches and the mother of Fernkit and Dapplekit. She mated with a white and black tom named Patchtail. She was a member of AmberClan, but she came to EarthClan is Cloverkit.

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403 Plumnose V 1 Comment
404 WeedWhisker

He is a blueish-green tomcat, watery green-blue eyes, skinny whiskers.



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405 Strikeclaw

Blue she-cat, white ear tips, Amber eyes.



Apprentice:Honeypaw (soon to be honeyblossom)

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406 Honeydrop
407 Ravenshadow
408 Crowflight

Take it don't need it

409 Royalpaw

I don't think this could be a real warrior cat name, but creative.

This is the name of my OC. - RiverClanRocks

This is my OC's name! - RiverClanRocks

This is the first thing that came to mind:
'Cause we'll never be Royalpaw (Royalpaw)
You can call me Beestar
Kitty, arooo (arooo, arooo, arooo, aroo)
Let me live that StarClan prophecy

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410 Lemonjuice

A white tom/she with yellow tints and brown tints. - xcToxicana

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411 Gracelight

This is my warrior name and I hope you all like it.

412 Whitemoon

OC is mine: A pure white tom with one blue eye and one green. He is calm and gentle with his own clan mates and shows no mercy in battle, he is snappy with other clans and quite pushy too but he is dead loyal and always will be.

413 Silverfrost

She's a beautiful silver tabby with emerald green eyes.

Beautiful silver tabby ice blue eyes

Silver tabby she-cat with night black stripes and unusual amber eyes
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

414 Hazelfur V 1 Comment
415 Mapleshine
416 Ambershine
417 Mossystone

Dark tortoiseshell she-cat with gray paws and damp green eyes and sleek fur.

418 Icewater

Pale silver and white tabby she-cat with long fur and pale blue eyes. Very good at swimming.

419 Snowtail
420 Birdpelt

Light brown she-cat with green eyes

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