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101 Ivyhop
102 Stormshadow


103 Grassfang
104 Shystream

I imagine a small shy grey she-cat - chomei

105 Frostfire

I picture a ginger tabby she-cat with white blotches on her pelt and deep, icy, blue eyes. I love this name.

I think it should be a light orange REALLY light Tom with beautiful blue eyes.

A white she cat with orange eyes. - Leaftail

I made this name up once! I think of an orange and white tabby with faded amber eyeys and a silvery-white tabby mark on her head.

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106 Swiftstream

Silver tabby with black stripes and sky blue eyes. She-cat. Some one can use it in fanfics. If they want. Randomly take it. Don't ask me. Lol.

107 Notesong

I've come up with better names than this. I mean, my sister, who's never read the books. Whoever made this, please, write down this name, and burn it. Or I can do it, that's just fine.

Against laws of warrior cat naming! (again) Whoever made this should search How To Make Warrior cat name on Wikihow

Whoever called this name dumb is totally wrong. It may not follow traditions, but I like it.

Her songs come out as notes - Berrystumpytail

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108 Olivefrost

Black she cat. - Oliveleaf

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109 Jayheart
110 Bumblecloud
111 Swiftshadow

THIS IS MY OC ! Swiftshadow is a black she-cat with odd eyes, one green one blue. She was born to Ivyfrost/Ivystar and Streamfur (who was originally a rogue named Stream) with Silverstorm (died as deputy) Spruceheart (evil, also died as deputy) and Redfern. Originally she was called Iciclepaw, since her pelt was white. But she fell in twoleg stuff and her pelt was stained black. She is a current senior warrior. Mate is Brackenfern. Best friends: Snowfall, Leafberry, Jayfeather (yes Jayfeather). 1st litter: Mintshade (she) Lightleaf (she). 2nd litter: Spottedlight (she) Smokefang (tom) Goldenbreeze (she) Shellsong (she) Flintnose (tom). Clan: FlowerClan. She's had three apprentices: Mapletail (was crippled by a tree *like Briarlight* a little after she became deputy) Smokepaw (died with a medicine cat apprentice, Frostlily, when falling over the gorge) and Shimmertail. She feels like she failed her apprentices, but her friends comfort her. She has gone through many troubles but is ...more

112 Gingerspot
113 Cragtooth
114 Fawnwhisker
115 Hollysong
116 Hollowfang
117 Waspfire
118 Tawnyleaf

I imagine a amber colored she-cat, with green eyes. Maybe a medicine cat

119 Silverbirch

Silver and brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Cream pelted cat with silvery eyes. Wind clan cat.

I imagine all the toms falling head over heels for her!

Awe, it is so pretty!

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120 Lonespirirt

This is just a cat with a sad history maybe kicked out for no reason and all his loved ones died - Bloomtail

I picture a beautiful grey she-cat with a white underbelly and soft grey-blue eyes.

This would be great for a warrior without any siblings.

Silver she cat with thick black Bengal tabby markings and blue eyes.
As an unnamed kit her mother was dying and her father had only days left, her brother had died the day before. Her father knew she would be the last one so he named her lonekit, she grew to be wise and strong and was named lonespirit.

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