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121 DarkStar

This reminds me of the song by Jaymes Young...sorry just had to say that. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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122 Shattered Ice

Yo! Yo! Shattered Ice is a real character in dawn of the clans he's so awesome!

Mm... could use a little work

This sounds like a silver rouge tom with icy blue eyes. or he could be a tribe cat. full name: shattered ice that falls below cats weight. wait no. that doeskin sound right...
anyway he was found next to a stream that had been frozen over. he tried to cross after his siblings had and fell in. the tribe cats found him almost dead and took him in.
cool name!

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124 Brightstar
125 Ravenfrost

A lithe, swift, black she-cat with a long, white-tipped tail (Emberflight's sister in the fan-made series, "Shadows of the Moon". - Emberflight_of_StormClan

126 Ivystem
127 Chervilpelt

What if she wasn't a medicine cat though? Just think of it...

White and grey she-cat, medicine cat (duh)

Haha. It's isn't funny if it wasn't a med cat, it makes me feel bad because I have Dockfoot. She's not a med cat...

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128 Mistedflame

It a name I made up it just has this mysterious tone to it

Sounds so cool and mysterious and reminds me of shadows lurking in and eerie fog

Makes me think of mist tainted reddish by glowing orange eyes of a cream/red cat

Sounds like a hazel and red striped she cat.

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129 Firecloud

Flame Colored she-cat with light brown paws and muzzle.

I think this name sounds like a mother! So Cute!

Sounds beautiful, this should be higher.

I don't know really. I just ‚ô•Firestar, and this one's cinda similar

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130 Sagewing

Oh gosh it is pretty. White tom, dappled with black, hazel eyes. Handsome.

A white speckled Tom I was thinking

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131 Poopieface

People, understand that there will be some crappy (see what I did there? ) names on this list. If you can't tolerate it, then don't read the list. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Very funny. Not.

Brown Tom. Just for fun

Four words. Didn't read the books. This name is SO CRINGEWORTHY, Eggwhite is GOOD compared to this.

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132 Wolfcry V 3 Comments
133 Cosmowater

IDIOTS WHO don't KNOW A THING, ALL OF YOU ARE SO SENSITIVE AND DUMB; COSMO Is italian for the Universe, IT MEANS ORDER AND BEAUTY! That relates to a feature of them, the cat could be beautiful, like the way waves crash against a shore or move. No better way to make people sound dumb with pure logic! - HermioneGrangerHarryPotter

To creator: please read How not to name your warrior cat. There it states how to give a cat a legal name as most of your warrior cat names are ridiculous, stupid and annoying

Is this like cosmo the alpha in animal jam?


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134 Nightsong

I image a pure black tom with icy blue eyes. He keeps to himself and normally prefers night. His mate might be something like Starshine (which is a rouge). I actually wrote a Fan Fiction using "Nightsong" and "Starshine" :3 beautiful

135 Dawnfire
136 Breezeflower
137 Halfstream
138 Skyheart
139 Morningshadow
140 Mudfeather
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