Top Ten Most Feminine-Sounding Male Names

By "feminine" I mean soft names, as opposed to Brutus or Hunter where these names sound a lot more masculine. This list is in no way intended to offend anyone. In fact I've even added my personal favourite male name.

The Top Ten

1 Norman

You actually think Norman is a feminine sounding name? It literally has the word "man" in it... - 2234

2 Gordon
3 Nigel
4 Anton
5 Stephen
6 George
7 Christopher

Seriously christopher sounds like a boy name smh people don’t think before they write

8 Sebastian
9 Taylor

Well, it's both a male and a female name, so yeah. - SamuiNeko

When I didn�'t know Taylor Laughtner was the actor from twilight I actually thought it was a she. - Martinglez

10 Thomas

My brother's name. I'll tell him you said that. - PositronWildhawk

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? Dinmukhamed

The Contenders

11 Angel

I know a girl named Angel.

What about Angel from Buffy? He's pretty manly. - BeatlesFan1964

12 James

James is my most favourite male name. And I actually believe I love it so much is that it sounds so soft and gentle. - Britgirl

13 Jessie
14 Luka
15 Samuel

This is my little brother's name

16 Asa

I absolutely love this name. I will write on the list for my future child!

17 Kelly
18 Frankie
19 Oliver

I have always liked this name - Martinglez

20 Guy

How is guy feminine? - Therandom

21 Max

The name is unisex, so it sounds feminine and masculine at the same time. The name can be short for Maxine if it's for a female. For a male, it can be Maxwell, Maximilian, etc. - Pegasister12

22 Chris
23 Sasha

This is my crush’s name. Lol.

24 Alex

There's a kid named Alex at my school and not saying every Alex is like this, but if he were any more flaming we'd have to call the fire department.

25 Vivian

I was looking for a soft more feminine name when my son was born and picked Vivian. He is 12 now and we still love it.

26 Ollie
27 Gavin
28 Desmond
29 Cameron
30 Jayden
31 Jordan
32 Douglas
33 Monty
34 Francis
35 Bonnie
36 Gay

It's a perfect name-machina96

People love it! - oopoookkooo0000
My brother has this name! -harold

37 Jody
38 Kiran
39 Kyle
40 Daly
41 Flynn
42 Billy
43 Charlie
44 Luca
45 Dana
46 Dimash
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