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21 Featherstorm x Hal

They were so cute before Hal dissed her, Raggedstar, and Scorchwind. There's no denying it, people. Their personalities fit. She can soothe and tolerate him and he can bring her back to earth. Don't hate me, I have a right to an opinion, just like you.

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22 Dustshine x Willowflower

Who are they? - Spottedtail

23 Bluestar x Oakheart
24 Raggedstar x Yellowfang
25 Sopttedleaf x Firestar
26 Palebird x Sandgorse
27 Starstar x Clawclaw

They're born to each other.Literally - cassiabez

Clanclan cats

28 Featherfeather x Stormstorm
29 Moth Flight x Micah

They were so cute! Micah was a Skyclan cat and a farm cat, whilst Moth Fight was Windclan.

30 Ashfur x Scourge
31 Leafstar x Billystorm

Leafstar changed the warrior code to be together. - Spottedtail

32 Cinderheart x Lionblaze

Even if Honeyfern liked Lionblaze first, they were never meant to be together. Imagine them being mates. Cinderheart and Lionblaze would never connect, and when Jayfeather tells Cinderheart that she is actually Cinderpelt, Lionblaze wouldn’t of told Cinderheart that she WAS Cinderpelt, and she is NOW Cinderheart. Then she would have her medicine cat ceremony,and then the whole story would of been jank. I think Cinderheart and Lionblaze were a special couple with beautiful kits. They are my #1 couple!

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