Funniest Total Drama Couples

The Top Ten

1 Cameron & Eva

Cameron has been in a bubble his whole life and ever
Is an adventurous person who is very fit and loves the out doors.
It would be funny to see them quarrel about dates and
Ever would probally hurt cameron somhow
There couple name is EVRON

2 Dawn & Izzy

If you left these 2 in a room together who knows what would happen. Dawn may have trouble readin izzys auroa.
There couple name is DAZZY

3 Tyler & Jo

Jo would probally embarass or humiliate tyler in athleticism. Jo isn't that romantic or into love that much.
Tyler will have lots of hospital bills fo jo to pay and she wont be happy
There couple name is JOYLER

4 Lindsay & Dakota

A cat fight would form between them fighting over popularity. Lindsay might break something special of dakotas
There couple name is LINDOTA

5 DJ & Duncan

Whilst dj loves bunnies
Duncan probally shoots them for dinner.
There couple name is DEJACAN

6 Staci & Owen

These would probally live in a chocalate factory and once the chocalates runs out theyll try and eat each other
There couple name is STACEN

7 Mike & Gwen

Mike has diffent personas which change to gwens moods
There couple name is GWEEN

8 Chef & Lindsay

Chef would enjoy being with lindsay as lindsay would mistake chef for tyler
There couple name is CHINDSAY

9 Chris & Ezekiel

Chris would probally throw up on ezekiel and ezeke
Would eat it. Making chris puke more
There couple name is CHRISSEKIEL

10 Heather & Brick

Heather would manipulate brick into helping her get world domination.
When heather is caught brick will take the blame
There couple name is BRITHER

The Contenders

11 Owen & Food
12 Lindsay and Tyler
13 Alejandro & Owen
14 Heather & Cash
15 Owen & Mr. Coconut
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