Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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181 Alex

My brother name is alex and his son

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182 Brockisha

Brockisha shut up and eat your Broccoli

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183 Charmaine

Very ghetto. Black people with their French sounding names

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184 Podonda V 1 Comment
185 Syndrown

Someone would get offended with this probably

Also sounds like a disability. Syndrome.

Sounds like a super villain name

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186 Beccauandra V 4 Comments
187 Kailee

Kailee thompson is a ghetto asss

188 Ponymami V 4 Comments
189 Shay

It's way ghetto. It's like someone was only had the energy for one syllable.

It's not a ghetto name

Not stop#not ghetto

Ghetto as crap;(

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190 Keyshoncé

Let me get in the door mixed with beyonce

191 Sharqueshelana
192 Shawnasty

Oh god Shawn how nasty can you get

193 Obamanishia

Now this is doing to much why would somebody name their child this tf

194 Jennifroisha
195 Laquania

A lot of the names you see are made up by the sue ann and biff people because they are pissed off at what they got stuck with!

Black names like most of these DO NOT have meaning! Educate yourself before opening your mouth to share an opinion

I don't see anything wrong with so of these name. Not everybody wanna name their children Anna Kate, Sarah Ann, Beth Ann, Anna Grace. Now those are some stupid ass names. But because of our children names they are judged! What a lot of you all fell to realize is that most black people names have powerful meaning behind them. Try finding out what it means before you make fun of someone's name. I don't care if you disagree with what I have said ask me if I give two cause I don't. #schoolsout #dumbass #learnyourhistory #judgementalpeople

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196 Montlisha
197 Tatataniqua
198 Gia

My bestie name she's white but not ghetto we share a birthday same day

It's a traditional Italian name, moron.

199 Helga

Do you remember me I am Helga G pataki from Hey Arnold! Plus my dad is here bob Pataki with my sister Olga Pataki p.s. Arnold is here move it football head! and I came to tell you to stop using my name!

Very racist, this is my moms name and she is adopted

I think the name helga is from a Holland trailer park,not our GHETTO!

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200 Jordica
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