Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

This is a list of the top ten most ghetto girl names you can find in the hood.

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41 La-a

You have to say it right. La"dash"a. I've seen this a few times at the hospital I work at. The electronic medical record screws it up every time because the dash can't be entered. The poor patient has to explain their name isn't Laa every time.

I know some one called this I asked her how to pen ounce her name and she said that the - isn't silent laugh out loud

Ghetto, often mistaken, and just simply ghetto

This is the best one yet

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42 Chantal

Sounds like some girl who's from the hood and always does her makeup and is a hoe but wears lots of expensive stuff

This name is considered ghetto in germany. (i'm german)

That my friend name

How is this name ghetti?

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43 Ikea

Ghetto girl from Sweden - NicholasYellow

If this wasnt a store name, I would think its pretty

is good

44 Shebeboop

Sounds like something you'd name a robot

Betta boop became hood

What in the world were you thinking

This is so ratchet

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45 Le'vonia'jai

Worst name so far. Should have higher in the list. Lol.

Dayumm laugh out loud

Just had to comment since my name is Levonne


46 Symphonique

Ugly names but lol

47 Shaweewee

Funniest one yet

Please don't call your child Shaweewee

Really bad name for a kid in school

Swag lee

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48 Nemoquisha

They just finished watching Nemo so they got sharkeisha and added Nemo to it.

Makes me laugh every time



49 Courtney

Court is a place and the nee is knee your knee! Get it?

What's wrong with that

Well a court is a place so ya know...

Not really ghetto

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50 Ticonderoga

My teacher buys pencils and they have this brand name on it

"Ticonderoga! Pick up yo pencil! "

51 Abcdiqua

You need to learn your abcdiqua

I am going to call people this!

What the hell


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52 Dayzee

Ratchet spellin ma name daisy sike


53 Obeesha

She must be fat.

Too much food


Love it new baby name ty XOXO gg

54 Fianshafa
55 Uniquisha

It is super ghetto

You are unique

ghetto as

It's a bootyfull burack whoman name and fits their ghetto ass lifes most of the times

56 Sarah

Sarah is not a bad or ghetto name it is actually a common name and a pretty name.

It was my Grandmothers' name. It is my middle name. It is a classy name taken from the Bible.

This is jewish and it's my middle name

This is so rude frack my name is SARAH I AM NOT GHETTO! 1

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57 De Nijs

This is a common dutch last name

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58 Ray Ray

My friend name is ray ray

That s my s-momma name

This is ghetto.

I like it

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59 Shameeka

My cousin name I guess she was born in the ghetto and acts ghetto

That's my auntie name si guess she ghetto

My step momma name shameeka

Who names their kid this?

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60 Steakaquan

Eat beef or die. The west wasn't won on salad

So amazing so hot

If I was named this it'd be kind of ironic cause I am a vegetarian

y though

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