Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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121 Shavonda

Come on this is ghetto as it get

There was a girl in "the real world" named like this...

This name is a joke

122 Ladasha

Lol! This is already on here? I heard this name called out at a track meet once. Most hilarious thing ever. - eventer51314

123 Skya
124 Zaria

It's kinda ghetto IG - Ari123

125 Naomiquisha

This is my name, so I back it all the way!

I feel sorry for your ghetto ass

What the hell?

This is like trying to combine Japanese & "ghetto" names

V 1 Comment
126 Khana
127 LaKondra
128 Lintavia
129 Lechika
130 Shamonica

Might as well name her harmonica

V 1 Comment
131 Lanneshia V 1 Comment
132 Quantisha V 1 Comment
133 Shabooty

I bet shabooty has 2 pancakes instead of plum peaches

Dang shabooty though

Booty really

Now what type of person b decides okay I need to name my kid but but in a different way

V 3 Comments
134 De'bris V 4 Comments
135 Lashala
136 Terra
137 J'Tyra V 1 Comment
138 ShaMonique

That's so ratchet ;3

139 Kyanisha

I don't think it's funny I think it's very cute

So ghetto bro

140 Mystique

Cute and mysterious

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