Greatest Telugu Films of All Time


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1 Dookudu (Mahesh Babu)

I agree! Dookudu has it all, romance, intensity, comedy and many many more that make this movie unbelievably awesome!

Superb & apt one for number 1 title

Perfect movie with all mixed


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2 Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan)

Gabbar Singh is the best ever flick. Though it was a remake, he carried it so well n even dominated original. Pawan will soon bcome popular all across india with his Attitude n great character in his real life

One of the Best entertainment movie in Telugu industry and this is power stars movie

Pawan Kalyan Rocks In This Movie!

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3 Magadheera (Ram Charan)

Great movie when compared to other options given here

One of the best movie in telugu film industry until date

Magadheera is the best in this ten years

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4 Athadu (Mahesh Babu)

Awesome movie. you can watch it again and again

The best movie ever in the world that shows each and every relationship so good

Screenplay makes you watch it again and again

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5 Attarintiki Daredi

Pawan kalyan's all time industry record

Best Movie, because of Pawan Kalyan!

Superb movie mainly pawan kalyan

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6 Julai (Allu Arjun) V 4 Comments
7 Baahubali: The Beginning

One of the best movie in telugu

Good move I mean

Prabhas 's biggest industry hit movie. he became number 1 actor after this movie

Great movie

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8 Eega (Nani, Sudeep, Samantha)

Shown up Indian movie standards to world.

Best fantasy movie in telugu.

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9 Pokiri (Mahesh Babu) V 3 Comments
10 Yama Donga (NTR)

He proved after release this movie no1 Actor&Dancer

He is the greatest actor in tfi he I a star but most probably an actor suits best for him

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11 KING (Nagarjuna)

This is best entertainer all time, so this should be best film of all times

Really fantastic comedy through out film,watch again and again

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12 Jalsa (Pawan Kalyan) V 2 Comments
13 Vikramarkudu

Vikramarkudu is a 2006 Telugu action thriller film directed by S.S. Rajamouli.
Ravi Teja and Anushka Shetty play the lead roles.
Ravi Teja played a double role and rocked with his powerful dialogues n comedy breaking boxoffice records.

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14 Athadu
15 Vedam V 1 Comment
16 1 Nenokkadine

A great movie with lack of non sensible entertainment

Greatest Indian psychological thriller ever made.
Deserves a higher position. - itsflashbuddy

Best ever screenplay, direction and acting

Lacks something otherwise good

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17 Happy (Allu Arjun) V 1 Comment
18 Businessman (Mahesh Babu) V 2 Comments
19 Temper

A very good news for youngsters

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20 Deshamuduru (Allu Arjun) V 1 Comment
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1. Dookudu (Mahesh Babu)
2. Magadheera (Ram Charan)
3. Athadu (Mahesh Babu)
1. Attarintiki Daredi
2. Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan)
3. Julai (Allu Arjun)



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