Top 10 Healthcare Management Companies

Healthcare management is one of the grave questions that every healthcare organization, hospital, clinic and pharmaceutical company faces today. Most doctors and practicing physicians also often face management problems that, in turn, result into unprofessional patient care services. In today’s world, hospitals and clinics and even pharma companies have become complex institutions that require the aid of advanced technology to be managed effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, a lot of healthcare management companies with expert professionals in IT, provide exemplary, professional and customized services to the healthcare industry. The companies innovate solutions based on latest technology that integrate with the healthcare workflows of clinics, hospitals and pharma companies.
Here we present you with a list of the top ten healthcare management and solutions providing companies that will provide you incredible services and solutions.
The Top Ten
1 GreenPoint Healthcare

GreenPoint Healthcare is a pioneering organization when it comes to offering tailor-made services and solutions to the healthcare industry. A specialist in IT and the latest technology, this company understands the complex workflows of the healthcare industry and offers solutions that are professional and based on your exact requirements. These solutions are ideal for clinics, hospitals, and even pharmaceutical companies.

A major advantage of partnering with GreenPoint Healthcare for your healthcare management requirements is its professional and experienced staff and cost-effectiveness. The range of services offered includes clinical data management, medical coding and billing, medical transcription, ER management, and much more.

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2 Navigant Visit Website
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4 CureMD

CureMD is a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations. Our all-in-one cloud platform integrates specialty EHR with practice management, a patient portal, and an iPad app. The app is built with maximum functionality to help physicians chart on the go.

Not only is the EMR solution configured for each specialty, providing the necessary clinical content and decision support for delivering better care, but it also offers advanced enterprise functionality at a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors. Support is available 24/7. Ranked by KLAS as the number 1 SaaS EMR, CureMD has raised the bar in usability with one of the lowest issue resolution times in the industry.

5 Pharmaceutical Product Development
6 National Medical Billing Services
7 Hapusa
8 Tata Consultancy Services
9 Invensis
10 1st Medical Billing
The Contenders
11 SpectraMedi
12 Resource4u, UK

Whether you're looking for an additional hand to bolster your team and skills in the short term or seeking a complete solutions provider, Resource4u has the healthcare professionals to meet your needs.

We have information analysts, project managers, board-level executives, as well as clinicians in several medical specialties. Having worked on several NHS assignments, from strategy design to implementing IT systems, we have developed solutions for a variety of challenges and healthcare organizations.

13 WeCare TLC

WeCare TLC is the only developer of on-site or near-site primary healthcare centers, which year over year consistently demonstrate significant client cost savings and quality improvements. Since 2005, WeCare TLC has helped employers and plan sponsors keep rising healthcare costs in check. By bringing healthcare directly to workers, we save your health plan money, improve employee health, reduce absenteeism, and boost quality of care. For more information, call 1-800-941-0644.

WeCare TLC provides on-site healthcare and near-site healthcare for employers of all sizes. Since 2005, WeCare TLC has helped employers and plan sponsors keep rising healthcare costs in check. By bringing healthcare directly to workers, we save your health plan money, improve employee health, reduce absenteeism, and boost quality of care. This is the reason why WeCare TLC is one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the United States.

14 Hindustan Wellness

If you are looking for the most reliable and cost-effective strategy to stay away from various critical health diseases, welcome to Hindustan Wellness. This healthcare management company gives you a clear picture of one or several medical issues you might be facing. Prevention of disease is the sole aim of the team at Hindustan Wellness. Expert doctors have been appointed from reputable institutes to ensure people can avail the right medical guidance and counseling on how they can manage their health further.

Our preventive healthcare company has its own NABL lab where tests are conducted, and reports are delivered within the same day. It has the latest set of technologies to scan for serious diseases, some of which include cardiovascular diseases. These are a lifestyle disorder disease but hard to detect. Hindustan Wellness has satisfied over 150,000 customers and is working relentlessly to reach out to more families who cannot afford the hefty cost of treatments and people who are scared of getting treated under hospitalization. Our preventive healthcare lab has been successful in enlightening and alerting people about managing their lifestyle, due to which we have been able to save millions of lives. We further promise to bring health as a mandatory concern for everyone in the country.

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