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41 Reasons Why Finding Dory is better than Zootopia

The unfunny emotionless monstrosity,

Finding Dory is much better and deserves the Oscar

42 Reasons Why Every Animated Movie Made is Better Than the Lion King
43 Reasons Why Balto is Better Than the Lion King
44 Reasons Why Karel from Fire Emblem is a Better Character Than Mufasa from the Lion King
45 Reasons Why Fruit is Better and Much Healthier Than Chocolate
46 Reasons Why Fuli from the Lion Guard is Worse Than Princess Elise from Sonic '06
47 Reasons Why Scar from the Lion King is Worse Than Tingle from the Legend of Zelda
48 Reasons Why Timon from the Lion King is Much More Annoying Than Slippy Toad from Star Fox
49 Reasons Why the Wo Dao is Better Than a Keyblade
50 Reasons Why the Lylat System is Better Than the Pride Lands/Outlands
51 Reasons Why Mr. Bug Goes to Town is Better Than Gulliver's Travels
52 Reasons Why the Secret of Nimh is Better Than the Little Mermaid
53 Reasons Why Fox McCloud is a Much Better Protagonist Than Simba

Because Fox is a nice guy who helps others, such as saving his teammates from being attacked by his enemies, for instance. Simba is nothing more than a whining brat who is overprotective of his own daughter and never lets her do whatever she wants, and forces a whole animal species to live in a "ghetto" where they starve for no reason.

54 Reasons Why Bowser is a Much Better Villain Than Scar
55 Reasons Why the Night is Better Than Day
56 Reasons Why Black Cats are More Misunderstood Than Any Dog Breed
57 Reasons Why Hyenas are More Misunderstood Than Wolves
58 Reasons Why Star Fox Adventures Deserves More Praise Than Kingdom Hearts
59 Reasons Why Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening is Much Hotter Than Renamon from Digimon

I really hate it when furries sexualize Renamon, as well as Sonic characters such as Cream the Rabbit, when Renamon and Cream were not made to be sexy in their series and are nothing like what the fans want them to be. Yet, fans throw whiny baby fits about Fire Emblem Awakening's Tharja and the clothes she wears. (the swimsuit she wears in one of the DLC missions had to be censored in the US version of the game due to these complainers, and heck, she never even got to appear as a Super Smash Bros. trophy for the very same reason) Seriously people, unlike Cream or Renamon, Tharja was designed to be sexy, and she has a kid in the game she's in. What's wrong with accepting the way characters are?

60 Reasons Why the United States is Better Than Mexico
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