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1 Back to the Classic

YES! The old voices should come back and nothing too complex or maybe they journey through time and see all the seasons (not all episodes)

Don't think it's going to happen Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, and Issac Hayes are dead - Ihateschool

The boys build a time machine and travel to the first episodes of the series - Yona_db

2 Pulcino Cartman

Cartman sings Kyle's Mom's a B****, again. And he becomes a great famous singer. - Yona_db

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3 The Omen: The Return of Damien

Damien returns to destroy South Park - Yona_db

And almost succeed at it

4 Cloudy with a Chance of Monsters

All monsters in the series, return to destroy and dominate South Park. And only the children with the help of a monster (Scuzzlebutt or Robert Smith in his monster form) will be able to stop the evil monsters - Yona_db

It would be great to see Scuzzlebutt - OneWayStreet

5 The Stick of the Truth

Three episodes based on the game - Yona_db

6 Lorde vs Lorde

The Real Lorde appears in South Park, To kill Randy. - Yona_db

7 A New Mr. Slave For Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison wants to have a new boyfriend. On another occasion, Cartman wants to kiss Patty Nelson - Yona_db

8 Gingerdead

Scott returns with many Ginger Children, To destroy Cartman. - Yona_db

9 A Soul a Day

Based on the book, "Every Day" by David Levithan, an unexplained "spirit" takes the place of a different South Park resident every day. Every resident is "possessed" until this spirit moves on to a new town.

10 Terrance and Phillip in: The Final Fart

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11 South Park 51

The mayor wants to use a astronaut from USA to destroy the world

12 Kenny Moves

As a parody of the movie 8 Mile, Kenny's family can't afford to live in south park anymore and have to move to Detroit where kenny becomes a famous rapper.

13 Blame Canada, Again!
14 Black Metal

South Park should make a black metal episode.

15 NFL Nightmare

It is discovered that every event in the NFL is scripted and since Rob Gronkowski is the cover athlete of madden 17 in a game against the Ravens he is scripted to get a fake injury to keep the myth of the madden curse alive and he disagrees so the NFL decides to give him a real injury

16 Terrance and Phillip Retire
17 Terrance and Philip vs Drake

You should do a shoe where Terrance and Philip are jealous of new star Canadian Drake. Drake should be drawn like American characters but somehow Terrance and Phillip discovers he wears a disguise and is really a basic drawn character like all the Canadians. You should focus on the points that Drake steals all American culture and just fill in the rest. It should be easy from here

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1. Pulcino Cartman
2. Back to the Classic
3. The Omen: The Return of Damien



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