Top 10 Most Interesting Non-Romantic Relationships in Warriors Cats

I'm talking about; friendships, rivals, siblings etc. No couples here.

The Top Ten

1 Darkstripe and Tigerstar

Darkstripe needs special edition so we can learn more about this mysterious character.

Darkstripe definatily liked TigerpoopTigerstar! He was like "Woah so evil, woah so powerful, woah so murderous, woah...I have a crush on him!"
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

I like this a lot -- but I'm pretty sure it was said at one point that Darkstripe had a crush on Tigerstar. - Talljake

2 Needletail and Violentpaw

I love their relationship, but the fact that Violetpaw is misspelled to Violentpaw though- - subscribe2pewdiepie

She's so Violent
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

3 Cinderpelt and Firestar

The Erin's said that Cinderpelt actually had a crush on Firestar...°~°
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

4 Alderheart and Twigpaw

Love it! Alderheart is so kind! Also TWIGBRANCH CHOOSE FINLEAP AS YOUR MATE! I love Finleap he so cute! And in Vision Of Shadows It was so cute how Twigpaw was thinking about how handsome Finpaw was! °3°
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

5 Sol and Jayfeather

***! SLIP UP! *** Meant to be; Rock and Jayfeather. - Mellowix

6 Jake and Tallstar

Who ever just said eww...SHUT UP! It's 2020! Be more respectable! And don't be so homophobic! PEOPLE (and cats) CAN LOVE WHO THEY LOVE! DEAL WITH IT!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

This IS a romantic relationship. The Erins confirmed it.

Eww. Tallstar and Jake ARE FRIENDS PEOPLE!

7 Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze
8 Mothwing and Hawkfrost
9 Hollyleaf and Ivypool

Ugh, best non-romantic relationship ever! I bet if hollyleaf was still alive they would be best friends. she died saving ivypool! <3

why isn't this higher

yes definitely

Yes just yes

10 Bramblestar and Squirrelflight

It's romantic, and this is suppose to be for non-romantic relationships- - subscribe2pewdiepie

To me they're quite an interesting and complex couple. Specially with the whole Ashfur, the three and Leafpool issue. - Mellowix

The Contenders

11 Firestar and Greystripe
12 Nightcloud and Crowfeather

He never loved her!
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

13 Brightheart and Swiftpaw
14 Rootpaw and Bristlefrost

Ha! He has a crush on her :3
~Mistwhisker of Windclan

15 Crowfeather and Breezepelt
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