Top Ten Lessons the Book Series Warrior Cats Has Taught Us

You have to read this series; the morals are amazing!

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1 Loyalty

Loyalty plays a big part in the warrior code. I am a loyal friend, a loyal person, and I pride myself on my loyalty. Also, this is Rainbow Dash's element of harmony. - Wolftail

One of many lessons to be learned through this series - maverick88

"fluff warriors code. Forbidden loves are the best plots on the series."
- No one, really.

You must be loyal to your clan, the code and Starclan

Examples of loyal cats who deserve to be spoken of:




Firestar (even though he was a Gary Sue.)

2 Faith

I am an atheist, but I have faith in my family and friends. Also, the closest to being religious for me is believing in the Dark Forest, the opposite of Starclan. - Wolftail

It makes StarClan heaven for the non religious people - AnonymousChick

I wonder... Do you think that Cloudtail or Mothwing will get into Starzclan? - AnonymousChick

3 Don't Judge People by Their Birth

Bramble kit was always judged because of his father, not because of himself

Don't judge the 50 million cats who's birth broke the warrior code - Lilykit_Kittycorn

#crookedkit This defines Don't judge. I love Crookedstar!

Nobody can control their birth like




Mistystar/Stonefur (dumb Leopardstar letting him die)


Cloudtail (being a kittypet)

Firestar (kittypet)

Can’t control who your parents are either, this is why tawnypelt left ThunderClan
All those half clanners you go! And all those who are the kits of Tigerstar. And kittypets!

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4 Love

Love heals all and brings everyone together, I'm surprised this isn't higher up. If only we had more love and compassion in this world, we could do all types of things. - CatMote

Think about Leafpool and Crowfeather, or even Firestar and Spottedleaf. - Wolftail

This should be first.

Greystripe and Silverstream! Wah! - AnonymousChick

5 Believe In Yourself

Hollyleaf knew she did what was right!

Agreed with the Hollyleaf people!


Bluestar letting firestar join the clan
- dewstar of thunderclan

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6 Bravery

So are the other Clans, boi

Thunderclan is brave. And look at all the great cats that have lived within its borders: Jayfeather, Firestar, Bluestar, Whitestorm, and so many more examples. - Wolftail

RiverClan is brave too! - RiverClanRocks

7 Respect Your Elders

Yes! An amazing example is how the apprentices care for their elders, and older, wiser cats of Starclan helping their kin, who respect them in return. - Wolftail

8 Never Give Up

Basically the same as the one above. - Wolftail

I never give up. Not because of this FABULOUSTASTIC books series, but because I'm stubborn. You're welcome.

9 Never Murder Unless Absolutely Necessary

I'm sorry this one is hilarious you shouldn't murder from the start - SpyroZap99

Yes that is the most important rule...

wow - Manowar9

10 Trust

Trust is really important too, what's a relationship without trust? - CatMote

Leaders trust their deputies. The clans trust Starclan. Cats trust each other. Except for Tigerstar, of course. - Wolftail

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? It's Ok to Be Different

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11 Have Respect for the Injured

Respect the injured, BLUESTAR. Respect Brightheart, BLUESTAR.

Compassion basically. - CatMote

If you don't respect injured, then they may go up to StarClan

Great! like brightheart,cinderpelt, crookedstar,

12 Teamwork

If we look at this for humans, we didn't survive because we were the strongest or the fastest, we survived because we worked together. Sadly I don't really see true teamwork happening anymore, shame. - CatMote

Remember in the beginning of the fourth arc, eight cats (two from each clan) worked together to unblock the river? If you work as a team, you can achieve wonderful things. - Wolftail

And the deliverers of Midnight's message, too

13 Friendship

Life lesson learned! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Like Firestar and Greystripe, for example. - Wolftail

14 Don't Trust Erin

Tricked us into believing that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze were Squirrelflight's kits for FIVE WHOLE BOOKS

Don't trust Erin because they keep changing Dovewing's eye color.

Although I don't like her, decide what color Dovewing's eyes are! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

This is absolutely true. They say that Jayfeather, lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were kits of Squirrelflight AND that Hollyleaf was actually part of the three, along with many more examples I could name.
The Erins always have something up their sleve...

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15 Death

wow - Manowar9

just yes - Manowar9

16 Humans are the Stupidest Things to Ever Walk the Universe

The person who posted this hates themself and has no friends, right? Because if humans are so stupid, why would they like themselves?
Without humans, no warrior cats. Warrior cats are my favorite! :/ Fox the Rogue

17 It’s Ok to Be Gay

Is it actually true in the book or are the crazy fans shipping and making stuff up?

Like Jayfeather and Stick, for example. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

So true! Wait there's no gay couples are there oh therez leafpool and mothwinG!

18 Never Ever Kill

I don't agree with this, partially because it may be necessary to kill someone. Maybe out of self-defense, on accident, or a large-scale betrayal could have been committed. - CatMote

Be a firestar not a tigerstar

Barley! In every book a cat has killed someone!

Be a big hearted jay feather and not a cold blooded killer like holly leaf! 😷

19 Take Care of the Earth

Lol this is so accurate, to be honest

It was really bad to think that we a re twolegs and people are destroying the environment like that.

This. - CatMote

20 Be Careful Who You Trust

Don't trust tiger star

21 Have a Dream to Be a Warrior Cat!

Which cat do you want to be and which cat would be your mate? Please answer guys. ( I'm not saying you have to, but still.) I want to be Hollyleaf and my mate would be Stonefur! I know guys I know, they don't live at the same time. But I really have a crush on him! - Hollyshade

Or Brambleclaw. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Feathertail! And my mate is (no, not Crowpaw) STONEFUR! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I'm already a warrior cat! my names Oceanbreeze! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

22 Judgement

We didn't trust Beetlewhisker he turned out dead. We didn't trust Stonefur he ended up dead saving greystripe's kit. We didn't trust Bramble/kit/paw he turned out to be leader! Not the Tigerstar way - AnonymousChick

23 Vigilance

Always be on your toes, even after the death of a clanmate

24 Stay Strong No Matter What

After Fireheart/ star lost Spottedleaf, or Yellowfang ( I could name more) he stayed strong and worked hard.

25 Give Thanks
26 Respect Those Older and Wiser Than You
27 Rules Sometimes Need to Be Broken

Sometimes? Every day! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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