Top Ten Made-Up Warrior Cat Names that Fit Both Toms and She-Cats


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1 Rippleflame

I asked my dad what he's name would be if he was a warrior cat and he said rippleflame!

2 Ravenbreeze

I like this
Could be a tom or she cat with a black pelt and piercing sapphire eyes

3 Owlflight

Owlflight sounds light a handsome brown and white tabby tom with piercing green eyes. Love it!

4 Blackfeather

Ooh, my oc! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

5 Windsplash

Haha I have an oc named Windsmash - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Sounds like a mottled light gray-and-white tom. Ice-blue eyes. I imagine Windsplash racing into the forest, his pelt bristling with water... Probably not a MAJOR character but like a developing protagonist. Love this name! ~Mistyrain

6 Smokeshade

I know people will think this can't fit she-cats, but it can to me. It could be a slender black she-cat with blue eyes. Or for a tom with the same pelt. - Oliveleaf

A slender black tom with a smoky ruff and dark blue eyes.

Father: WhiteFire

Mother: FallenBranch

Sisters: LeopardSpot, MistyRain

Brother: LionMane

Thunder clashed outside the den. Rain poured and wind whisked the hail everywhere. Smokekit was shivering in fear next to his siblings. IceClan was making their move. They were everywhere, seeking revenge on FlameClan for taking the river and killing ShatterFlame, a former deputy. Smokekit's parents, WhiteFire and FallenBranch were out there. Dead or alive. Another clash of thunder sprang and Smokekit heard a screeching yowl. He saw 5 IceClan cats coming into their den. A black and white she cat lead the group. They would have to run for it. Leopardkit and Lionkit mewed quietly. They would never make it, Smokekit knew. Mistykit, Smokekit's thoughtful and shy sister was the only kit old enough to come. They climbed quickly out of the tiny dip where their parents had left them. Once they were out, they ...more

7 Ashfeather

Oooh this is nice
I see a tortoiseshell tom with some dark brown patches or a white tom with black lined patches

8 Blazetail

Had this in an RP on CatSim. He was my brother and I had a mate named Scorchpelt. CatSim actually has a lot of good servers for RP. Anyway he was killed by a LightClan cat named Beestripe.

Beautiful! I'm thinking... Pale ginger tabby tom with darker stripes and amber eyes. He was born in LightningClan to Redpelt and Sweetfang (Dark ginger tom with amber eyes/White she-cat with brown dapples) As a young apprentice in LightningClan, Blazepaw was very energetic and almost always filled with excitement for hunting or training. After receiving his warrior name, Blazetail joined a patrol with Wolfsong, Ambertalon, and Birchheart. He soon wandered past a Twolegplace and met a kittypet named Flower. Blazetail fell in love with her and decided to meet the kittypet at night so his Clanmates wouldn't find out, but soon realized the relationship wouldn't work and left Flower. He became a loyal senior warrior moons after this, and was a mentor to Poppyfall, Featherfur, and Nutstripe. - Bluefang of DawnClan

9 Winterfoot

Cats have no idea what winter is...Read the books. - PaintedWolves

Cats don't use winter. They call it Leaf-bare. - ClovertheAverageCat

Okay, don't judge the name. I ran out of ideas. - Oliveleaf


10 Nightstream

Ooo, I can imagine a black pelted she cat with small white spots doing down her fur and small grey stripes across her tail with a white tail tip and a grey neck tuft, grey belly and a white paw.

I see a black she-cat with gray eyes and very dark blue strides on her back. That's all. I WANNA USE IT H -Wolfie D.

A lithe black she-cat with blue eyes and a white tail tip. She was teased horribly as a kit, then still as an apprentice but the her medicine cat sister, Birdpaw (black she-cat), and her future mate, Stormpaw (gray tabby tom) stood up for her and she ended up saving the meanest apprentice, Darkpaw (dark, dark brown tabby tom) and earning her warrior name, Nightstream, along with Stormheart and his brother, Rocktail, Darkleaf one moon after and Birdfight two. Nightstream and Stormheart became mates and had Icestorm (pale gray she-cat) and Morningsong (black she-cat with gray paws) they all went to Starclan, even Darkleaf because after Nightstream saved him, he was always friendly.
~Swiftdawn of Doveclan

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? RainSong
? WillowLeaf

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11 Wolfhowl

Nice! I came up with it before but I didn't use it. I wonder why though...

Sounds cool and professional! Maybe a dark tom who is eager for the dark forest. Goes against SilverClan. Can I use it?

Very epic! I never thought howl could be a prefix. I NEED, JUST NEED TO USE THIS CAT IN MY FANFICTION!


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12 Mistshade

A silver and pale gray she cat with electric blue eyes. Her father was CloudStorm, a pale gray to with white blotches on his pelt. Her mother was HailDrop, a pale silver/blue she cat with aquamarine blue eyes.
SharpFang was her mate. But MistShade soon found out he loved RedStripe. She was still expecting his kits even though he and RedStripe had gone to FlameClan. She stayed put in RainClan. HailDrop walked in and nuzzled her daughter's head. She licked Berrykit's head in sadness.
" It's gonna be fine, MistShade... " HailDrop flexed her claws. She crawled out of the den and went hunting. StarkStripe peeked through the hole in the den. He leaped in.
He laid, instinctively knowing she would not like to talk. MistShade glanced at him and grinned. " Hey StarkStripe. " He looked at the kits. They look pretty healthy. " he said happily. He trotted out of the den. He's just a friend, she thought.
The next few moons, MistShade started hunting a bit. She caught a plump mouse and a ...more

13 Darkleaf

Super cool name that can fit both toms and she cats!

This name... I wish I had it!

14 Stormheart
15 Streamtail

A white cat with pale blue gray tail. I like it

16 Stormwing

A pale blue grey she cat with ruffled flanks and dark stormy blue eyes.

As a kit, Stormwing was very adventurous, energetic, and noisy. She played whenever she got the chance and once ventured out to the moor over the forest. When she was a warrior Stormwing never lost her sense of playfulness. She met a grey tabby tom named Splade. He admired her fiery nature and energetic mood. He was a loner from the river but didn't call himself one. He didn't put himself in a category of warriors, rogues, or loners. Splade had never been much of a talker when it came to she cats. With Stormwing he didn't need to force himself to talk much. Stormwing loved seeing him every night. But because he wouldn't talk about himself much it made Stormwing that he didn't love her as much. She saw him less and less until she only saw him while hunting on occasions. Stormwing saw a bouncy kit named Icekit. He was jumping onto his mother, Brightfur, who was a close friend of Stormwing's. Brightfur glared ...more

17 Splashtail
18 Birchwing
19 MorningSong
20 Cloudblaze

A fluffy white tom with light gray paws and green eyes. Clan: ThunderClan. Rank: Warrior. Father: Redcloud, a ginger tom with green eyes. Mother: Snowbreeze, a fluffy white she-cat with yellow eyes. Brother(s): Scorchflight, a ginger tom with yellow eyes. Sister(s): None. Mate: Dovefeather, a light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws. Son(s): Smokekit, a fluffy gray tom with blue eyes. Daughter(s): Leafkit, a light gray tabby she-cat with white paws, tail tip, underbelly, and green eyes.

Meh, it's okay. Though how does the suffix "blaze go with the prefix Cloud"? Blaze means 'burn fiercely or brightly' or burning fire. So it goes with Lionblaze, a fierce warrior. Cats with the Cloud" prefix are usually white-furred but I'm not saying all the time. Like Cloudberry or Cloudtail. But they can have lots of different personalities. Cloudblaze really doesn't work. I do love the way it sounds though. And it's unique. ~Mistyrain

21 Bluefang

This is my main OC. She is a medicine cat who illegally broke the warrior code by getting a fox mate named Freddy, and got three kits, Snow Kit, Tiger, and Wave Kit.

BLUEstar and YellowFANG
Equals Bluefang
Lol noticed but nice. From Stormwing.

Okay it’s me again. I will tell you a lot about my character. She is a blueish-gray she-cat with dark blue eyes, yes, she looks like Bluestar, but she is mostly like Yellowfang.

As a kit, Bluekit was a WhisperClan resident. She lived with her mother, Rainspirit, a light silver she-cat with white spots and stormy blue eyes. And, with her brother, Wolfkit, a silvery-gray tom with dark green eyes, and her sister, Finchkit, a white she-cat with black mouth-fur and shoe-like black fur on her legs. Bluekit’s father, Icestar, did not like her the way Rainspirit did. One day, Icestar calls a meeting and asks his mate to kill Bluekit and her siblings! And if she refused, her life would be taken away. Rainspirit had loved her kits the way she did for a moon, so she did not agree to fulfill Icestar’s wish. Icestar was so angry that he called Stoneshine, ( a brown she-cat with a tan chest, who is new) and asked her to kill Rainspirit. But Bluekit’s mother took the recent newcomer. ...more

22 Shadeflower

Beautiful she-cat of ShadowClan. Shadeflower has dark gray/black fur, with lighter gray paws and a fluffy white gray chest. Her eyes are a strange yet beautiful olive-green ish color. She’s the future leader of ShadowClan. She’s usually calm and tranquil, but she’ll always protect her clan. Others are stunned by her beauty, loyalty, strength, and kindness. She’s usually an introvert, but loves chatting with friends. She’s quick and agile, and extremely intelligent and respected her clan members.

Sorry, and no offense, but that first comment on Shadeflower is a total Mary-Sue. I do not like Mary-Sues OR Gary-Stus. But since I’ve commented, I’ll tell my idea of Shadeflower.
She is a dark brown she-cat with pale blue eyes. What first comes up to my mind is that she is shy, and wants to be alone. She can daze off into the midst of battle, and doesn’t feel secure around toms. She doesn’t know how she is beautiful, though. But the darkest question was: Who was her mother, and where was she? Shadeflower had always lived with her father, Smokestep. He would never tell her. Young Shadeflower just HAD to find out herself!
Racing through the ravines and spooky shadows, the dark brown she-cat was determined to get the answer she always waited for. She didn’t care what her clan, ShadowClan, would say about this mission she was on. As she walked at the outskirts of RiverClan, she spots an unusually small gray tom. *Oh no*, she thought. Shadeflower didn’t like toms and the ...more

23 Littlecloud

He already exists...He’s a ShadowClan medicine cat...

24 Firewing
25 Firenose
26 Goldstorm
27 Birchcloud
28 Breezebirch
29 Acornwhisker
30 Jaywind
31 Iceblaze
32 Sparrowfeather
33 Morningleaf

Well there's a tom named Mistfeather so...

34 Ivysplash

A gray she-cat with green eyes and brown spots. Clan: WindClan. Rank: Warrior. Father: Dustnose, a brown tabby tom with green eyes. Mother: Smokesong, a gray she-cat with blue eyes. Brother(s): Rainstripe, a gray tabby tom with blue eyes. Sister(s): None. Mate: Rabbitear, a brown tom with long ears and yellow eyes. Son(s): Stormkit, a dark gray tom with yellow eyes, and Pebblekit, a light gray tabby tom with green eyes.

35 Duskpool
36 Peacockwing
37 HollowFlight
38 Skunkwhisker

Used this for ThunderClan RP on Roblox

39 Icestorm
40 Blazingstride

I just love the sound of the name. Not sure if it makes sense, but came in mind. In my fan fictions he/she will be my Oc’s kit. Even though I’m a medicine cat, I just want to make my story a little more dramatic by breaking the warrior code (I made this name).

41 Eaglewing

I am very I put this name on and I’m like, “Hey this should be Wolfhowl’s mate in the story! ” He is a dark brown tom with white spots and green eyes. (Wolfhowl)

42 BadgerWhisper
43 Snowstorm

It sounds so right

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