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41 Paintball Warfare

Fast paced. Unlocking perks to get more powerful in-game items. As exciting as Counter Strike.

Destroy other teams by throwing snowballs at them to make their score zero

I Love To Play Paint Ball

I'm making this now haha

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42 Turf Wars

Defense, speed and accuracy become important in this game. You may as well be digging trenches in the middle of a battle, so this will help with your warlike skills. A pretty fun team-territory game.

It's so great. It greatly increased my bow skills. Its matter of building your most comfortable and solid defense and use your bow to kill other at the same time.

Strategy, Accuracy, Reflexes, Perception, These skill's are a good combo when it comes to turf wars I mean who like's using a bow but hates turf wars? I know I don't

I love spawn kiling people - MChkflaguard_Yt

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43 The Bridge

Can't stop playing

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44 Man Hunt
45 Prison

Rank up to Be FREE! Finally FREE

Umm its actually called op prison

I love this game A-Z ranks I got to t rank its fun MY OPINION

46 Dragons V 1 Comment
47 CTW

Isn't this ctf? Which idiot Put this - MChkflaguard_Yt

48 Mine Kart V 1 Comment
49 Temple Run
50 Death Tag

It is fun because its like the walking dead

On the mineplex server. Starts with one alpha chaser and it's kind of an infection/last man standing game!

51 Super Smash Mobs

This is the best game I have ever played because there are so many different classes and all the abilities are so awesome!

Four people choose to BA a mob and fight to the death with awesome abilitys

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52 Missile War

This game is a very fun game that can get you addicted but its not very fun for someone with a bad computer. This is game is literally the most unique game ever created! Very fun!

I like the diversity of missiles you can launch and how you can ride them too! Everyone should try this!

Probably one of the most unique strategy based games in Minecraft.

Awesome game this should be number 1

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53 Team Sky Wars

Pretty hard but fun!

54 Tournament Tower

Kill to advance the tower.
Get killed to drop to a lower story
First to reach the tower wins
Help yourself with the power ups!

This sounds so cool

Where can you play this?

Awesomest game besides ctf!

55 CookieSlap

Meh It's kinda boring.

Fun Minigame that us very spleef like.

56 Skypvp
57 Annihilation

Should be ranked higher, just not a lot of servers have it.

It's better then hunger games

Try it and you'll love it

58 Guess Who

Just like the board game really creative.

59 The Bridges

This is my second favorite game even though I've only ever won once.

Rip off of the walls. Your team can kill you with the water.

Best mini game

How can a game so awesome be so low? On Mineplex it is the best game ever!

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60 Roller Coaster Rampage

Build the coolest, fastest and largest roller coaster that you can in 15 mins. Best roller coaster get a prize! Enjoy!

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