The Top Ten Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

This is a Top Tenz List for Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds. I'm not very good and searching for seeds to be honest, so you might find another seed way better than what I put as #1. Please don't criticize, I took these from the seeds I have.
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This seed's got a wide open space on the edge of one of the corners of the world. If you want to build a 25x28 house, castle, etc. , just demolish the small pyramid of grass blocks at the corner of the wide open space. It has a grand waterfall and almost everywhere you see stone there is coal ores sticking out. This seed has plenty trees and mountains and overhangs.

Oo tacos its me from the awesome guess what I found a castle stuff its me from that comment lol

What is the seed

There is nothing there


This is a nice world for survival


Super Pig

At the second village if you go down the chasms look for lava. With the lava, you will find iron and gold. Follow the lava for diamond.

I have it its sups awesome

Love it so helpful

It gives you a villge it is only used in creatize I cont spell the because I am in 4th grade.


It is great. You spawn near a cave though I haven't searched through it yet. But there is not much space to build a house straight away. Looks like there is going to be a lot of mobs there!

I think it would be great to have a castle

Is there actually a castle?

Nice, what's the seed?


Plenty of trees, loads (and I mean LOADS) of sugarcane where a medium sized lake is, and there is a HUGE cave that goes far back and REALLY far down. But that cave isn't good for survival because when you get down there you can't get back up unless you have, like, MILLIONS of blocks.

When I tried the seed, I actually spawned in a jungle! :D It was by a river, and behind your spawn point is a lava pool.
You can make a nice, safe tree house in one of them too. It's a pretty good seed

I spawned on a little island with a few trees, no suger cane, a MASSIVE ocean, no cave. So not a very good seed, but a good challenge world.

I wonder what happenes when I put each walrus in caps


Sometimes blacksmith house sets on fire because the lava gets out

Heres the downside: There's an abundance of crosses on that seed

It has a nice, cute village with a blacksmith. You spawn in it.

Very good seed, if you don't like it, that's fine with me.


This has mega ice structures. Where you spawn dig down to find gold. This totally worked for me try.

It is so awesome at first you'll see trees but if you fly you'll see the ice towers start appearing

It was great! It huge snow towers and it was really cool

It was cool but try this seed 1388582293 had 5 villages


The multicolored clay biome is a Mesa and this seed specifically would of probably got 5 votes out of my whole family.

Love the ice I might make a home in it

I will crap on the seed it is a crapy seed

Not very good


This seed has many trees, a wide open spot for a house, and a rock wall somewhere to build a cave house or just get cobblestone. It also has two huge sand mountains connected by an overhang. This seed is great for survival, for it is my main survival world. There is loads of diamonds underground everywhere, too.

This seed is ok. There is a good cave with LOADS of iron and coal, also some gold. I didn't see any diamonds, but there is lava. Take a closer look and maby you'll find diamonds.

Nice job I spawned on a rocky island it was useful

I didn't see anything it was dull!


This seed is just epically amazing. It has two HUGE, and I mean HUGE overhangs and one of them has a waterfall going off of it. This seed is great for survival, and somewhere under one of the overhangs is 12 diamonds, 13 gold, and 7 iron.

Didn't work to well I found a mountain grass and tundra

There was nothing but a river red trees and grass

Terrible! It only gave me a sand desert!

The Contenders

This seed has three good house places, and one is right beside a lake and some waterfalls. It has a huge ice biome and a small one that actually is a scoop in the snow biome ground. There are plenty of trees, too.

Couldn't find any good house places but there is a lot of trees

This is a awesome seed

This's s the worst


Just because the seed says mansion doesn't mean it has a mansion dumbo.

Where's water melon tree and mansion in snow

It did't work no mansion :( when I spawned I found flowers and some tall trees and a couple of watermelons and there was a big space for a house.

A mansion is big village


When first saw this, there wasn't any
Comments. So I'll try it to see how it will turn out.

I think it's amazing


It mwas a great village. When you find the sand well, go down it and break the bottom and go down a way, you will find a stronghold entrance in the side. Hope you have fun! ☺

It has a village a and if you go to the black smiths place there warmer or emailed

Wow. Huge village. Amazing! The village is massive!

Nice I was looking for a big village


This seed is pretty cool, it's my main creative seed. It has a huge lava fall in the middle of a snow biome, it has a little cave thing with a hole in the top corner of it so you don't have to use torches or glowstone, and the snow biome and grass biome split in a perfect line.

Doesn't even work! It only gave me a little, tiny piece of and and wherever I go, it is ocean! : (

, I hate it! Yeah give us stuff with mansions and castles than I will say something nice

The seed doesn't work so get off your ass and make a seed that works


OK, HUGE floating island with NOTHING connected to it from the ground. Under it or on top of it is a good place to build houses, castles, etc. Also there is a HUGE ocean that covers half of the world (this could be an upside or a downside).

All I found was an island no nothing but grass, water and sand

I didn't see a floating island. Does it need to be in infinite?

I will try this right now cause it sounds cool. Can't wait! Agh

Village pls

I just spawned and it put me in the middle of a cool village, if you go around to the side of the village there will be a sand village, in the sand blacksmith there is apples, bread and ink sacs, probably more stuff. In the normal village there is iron, gold, iron chestplate, bread, obsidian and inc sacs; pretty substantial village world

Didn't spawn anywhere near a village. Does it need to be survival? No village at all just a lot of sand and mountains.

Dig a hole in under a well, you will find abandoned stronghold and library

This was really cool. If u do it with no caps, u spawn in the village!


Good world in pe. Lots of open land. I built a castle in that world

I spawned in a crowded forest
I don't like it very much

Magma Cave

Magma Cave is an awesome thing. Basically when you spawn dig down and you'll see a mine with lots of cobwebs. If you poke around a bit you will see a Magma fountain with water around.I suggest you go on peaceful Survival because there lots of Gems and stuff like that

I ended up digging to the end of the world and I just found a bunch of pretty flowers on the top

I dug down and I found a cave but it was completely empty except for some iron and coal

There are trees and beautiful flower


There's a lot of I mean lot of trees were you spawn.

I'm now about to go there


Awesome for survival and creative. The first thing you see is a big open space that can be used to build a massive house. There is an ocean to fish in next to you. A forest is ahead and to the left. A mountain range is ahead and to the right.

Pretty cool Seed,there's a lot of trees around.
Good seed for survival

I like thia seed


There was nothing but crappy sand and no village you really should make a better website

Good world for me


It's cool u spawn in a village next to a cool sand area try it out!

It's good for hiding in a village it has a awesome view

U spawn in the village.

Its very awesome


Lots of sand and wood it sucks but once u play u find a lot of cool things.

Pangit sya wala kang makikita nang kung ano ano


I tried this but there is no blacksmith and it is actually pretty small in size

This seed is great, but 1235045255 has a six villages all in one.

Wow yes the seed1235045255 works this is awesome!

I believe I can fly I can touch the sky!

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