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221 Xzyleonx
222 Aircry

He can't be defeated. Have you seen them combos?

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223 MysticVolt V 1 Comment
224 TalekioYT

Not bad at pvp.He won 3 Cube UHCs.(One of them as a new participant).He should be in top 20 at least for his skills.

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225 ixkillerx

I Think He Is The Number One

Very good player

It's A Good Player (Best Rod Player In Hive MC) And A Have A Good Hits And Op Fire And He Is The Best Arabic Player Ever He Have A Best Arabic Clan Mortalz Have A 80K Points In Hive MC :).

226 RuLingGame
227 Noboom

Super cool and fun

Absolute trash.

I don't know

Noboom actually sucks
he kindda uses auto clicker

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228 LandonMC

I know LandonMC is good at PVP He managed to beat 2 hackers on micro battles and get a quadruple kill.

LandonMC is awesome! He is quite good at pvp and should be at least in the top 20.

I love Landon he is awesome

I could beat him

229 PorkkanaPvP

I just voted for her because I'm bored

230 Thisgrizzly


231 JustToggle

He is a god I almost beat him and I'm a I'm a god

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232 Cxrly

She is goddess - kmscarly


She is an amazing pvper and a great egirl to date. Also is edating cal. ooh

233 Magikz

Magikz is one of the best players in Spain is very strategic and save manipulate all the elements of pvp very well

He are one of the better player of PvP in Spain, but he it's banned for the UHC Elite's (from dedreviil) for use X-Ray, he explicate the last one I said in this video (only in Spanish no subtitles) v=3OLApTwrlwA - Viiktor

234 uoshi to mario
235 Team Business

We will fight anybody who disagrees that we are the best pvpers. add luketho3 on skype and fight us

Team Business Based God. Beat Bajan Canadian in every battledome. Get out my face fool.

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236 aarond09

Oh. Your to kind. - aarond09

237 benconsolver
238 Budokkan V 1 Comment
239 ElephantBroham V 1 Comment
240 Qalux
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