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221 xTurtle

Why is he Here the only thing he is good at is hacking I think like top 1000 lol

Shouldn't be considered good at anything

I've seen his videos but he just hacks.

Banned - JKRaged

V 3 Comments
222 Scal0
223 DarkLord373
224 iProCombo

He should be top 40.

#10 at least

225 Fwied

Best player ever

Ok, come on fwied is honesty one of the best out there, at the least top 20 he has tons of skill in melee and combos - ShootMe

226 Notch

Bans everyone of minecraft - JKRaged

Notch I 100/100

He's a dank mlg pvper

I have a question that's going to be。 ?

V 3 Comments
227 Xzyleonx
228 Aircry

He can't be defeated. Have you seen them combos?

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229 MysticVolt

He's just good

230 TalekioYT

Not bad at pvp.He won 3 Cube UHCs.(One of them as a new participant).He should be in top 20 at least for his skills.

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231 Tbnrkenworth

He is really good at combos

He ia really good

He's much better than Preston and basically everyone on this list minus xnestorio huahwi and stimpy

232 L8Nick
233 RuLingGame
234 nighthyperblade

He is really good he can easily kill you when he has full leather and you have full iron but he is really reckless but he knows how to pvp big time with any weapon

He is amazing he switched to pot pvp about a month ago and he is pro at it he already has rekt lolitsalex! damn this kid can probibly kill marcel soon

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235 Noboom

Super cool and fun

Absolute trash.

I don't know

Noboom actually sucks
he kindda uses auto clicker

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236 Heyimbee V 1 Comment
237 PorkkanaPvP

I just voted for her because I'm bored

238 Thisgrizzly


239 JustToggle

He is a god I almost beat him and I'm a I'm a god

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240 Cxrly

She is goddess - kmscarly


She is an amazing pvper and a great egirl to date. Also is edating cal. ooh

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