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241 XSlayder

Este bun dar nu prea intotdeauna

242 Budokkan V 1 Comment
243 ElephantBroham V 1 Comment
244 Qalux
245 XtremPanda

El best de derp PvP

246 DoctaPop V 1 Comment
247 Oib5
248 IBallisticSquid

Srrsly? Stampy was all the way in front at around 125?!? He should be better than stamps

V 2 Comments
249 Xx_IKingI_xX

Seen him known him, and died to him.. Enuff Said


Loads of people call him a hacker, however he isn't. I know because I fought him in F5 (and lost badly). He doesn't have a rank on any server (rankism).

True that he has no hax! I fought him and got REKT couple of times.

250 ZakattackMC

Most people will not think much of this guy, but as a friend of his, he is ome of the most insane and high iq players I've ever seen. Me and him would take part in ffa battles on badlion and he won all of them. He even made challenges for himself, like no gaps, or no armor. He usually lost then, but only sometimes. he's beat Huahwi 3 times, lost to ngal, but also beat creeperfarts. He is a heck of a guy, and needs to get known.

251 Victas2000

A friendly fellow and deadly with the sword

252 TiqToc

He is a god honestly

253 Latiku3 V 2 Comments
254 iamdeoxys
255 Lizardous_

I think he should be added even though he is not a YouTuber because he took on a 3 team and had 6 hearts left I witnessed it on survival games HE IS PRETTY DARN GOOD he only dies from hackers and 3 teams at deathmatch but sometimes he can beat the 3 teams at deathmatch just please add him

LIZARDOUS IS A GOD IK HE HASNT POSTED A video BUT HE IS THE MCSG GOD like he is honestly a really good pvper he could beat huahwi mitch and a lot of the top 10 players I think he deserves to be like top 100 because he is honestly a god he strafes like really good too!

V 1 Comment
256 Ariapepsi

Just check him out...

Drinks pepsi then goes ham on everyone

257 Doe

This guy's a god with the bow, decent with the sword. Vouch

Steals food from his local shop n stop

Horrible compared to the real bow gods like Tyguy95 and PepperMint

He smokes weed so he should be #1

V 3 Comments
258 Hbomb94 V 1 Comment
259 TofuuGaming

What is he doing in here.. - CreeperNaldsMC

I like how h is above him LOL!


How can this guy be here he is way better than all of those other players he won his very first 2 seasons of uhc and then another one 2 uhcs later and I'm talking about cube uhc and he lost a youtuber uhc but still came second so that is just dum that he is placed 622.

V 1 Comment
260 ShutUpBrick

One of the best in pvp and should be in top 10

I think that brick should be like top 30

V 1 Comment
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