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361 MonstroGato
362 EddardStark97

Although he quit Minecraft he was one of the most underrated players in the game

363 CrazyCaliber13

He's a boss... Like come on. If you just stare into his one robotic eye for just a second, he has already slayed you with his sword.

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364 Obs1d1an

Great PvP Skills and is 10x better than the top 10

365 Harri247

This Player Is good can beat top 10 people in Survival Games Or Hunger Games Plays Minigames a lot

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366 Verzuh

Plays very well in recorded rounds like "Risk and Reward"

Unstoppable whenever I fight him

Verzuh is a god.

He is top of the line uhc

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367 98 iRaphahell
368 iRaphahell
369 MCKing28

He's an awesome friend!

370 jody7777
371 ItsKricken
372 RevengeCake

Try to fight him he is okay, maybe in the top 1000

373 jgkid111 V 3 Comments
374 bmbrocks321

This guy is actually really good.

This guys better than most of the overrated YouTube noob pvpers

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375 MegaKross
376 Lunax564 V 1 Comment
377 Yertey
378 Trikeri
379 Xpheonix99

Everybody who comes across him gets DEMOLISHED. No hacks.

380 Miniminter V 2 Comments
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