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361 Harri247

This Player Is good can beat top 10 people in Survival Games Or Hunger Games Plays Minigames a lot

V 1 Comment
362 Verzuh

Plays very well in recorded rounds like "Risk and Reward"

Unstoppable whenever I fight him

Verzuh is a god.

He is top of the line uhc

V 3 Comments
363 98 iRaphahell
364 iRaphahell
365 MCKing28

He's an awesome friend!

366 jody7777
367 ItsKricken
368 RevengeCake

Try to fight him he is okay, maybe in the top 1000

369 jgkid111 V 3 Comments
370 bmbrocks321

This guy is actually really good.

This guys better than most of the overrated YouTube noob pvpers

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371 MegaKross
372 Lunax564 V 1 Comment
373 Yertey
374 Trikeri
375 Xpheonix99

Everybody who comes across him gets DEMOLISHED. No hacks.

376 Miniminter V 2 Comments
377 W2s


Rubbish at FIFA although did beat calfreezy 4-2 and drew 1-1 to miniminter and beat ksi 2-1 but that's just luck

378 Nebris88 V 1 Comment
379 KermitPlays
380 HerobrineKillerz

Herobrine is friend with godly ping, he uses this to his advantage

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