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441 Cole1crc
442 BennettXL
443 AldoSalas

Just voting for people I have never hear of, who is this randy?

God Peveepe, his lag makes himmore op than the others and he is good at rushing.

He rekt everybode with 11 hearts, he rekt chuck norris and said that he was ez, he is the only person that can win a 1,000,000 vs 1(aldo), aldo is love aldo is life.

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444 AwarriorVenom

This guy both sucks at pvping and map making.

- Not_AwarriorVenom

445 ZeroNexusHD

I watch his channel and he is so good. He's the new toxic

446 Yogscast Lewis+Simon V 2 Comments
447 Yellowtaxicab49

PvP is love PvP is life

448 ZincPvP
449 Lootenant
450 Born2Kill_
451 Appoes
452 ZayaGaming

He's an amazing guy!

Check Out his Channel he's so good

Awesome person and pvper - Imagine Blur

Zaya's my cousin and he's one of the best pvper's I've seen1

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453 Ian99LFC
454 Knock12
455 Llamalife V 1 Comment
456 Grazer10

Stimpy would no pot this kid... I mean he should be in the thousands but I mean a lot of people on here should be in the thousands also grape is bad

If you would actually pay attention to PvP then you would vote him because he beat Grape evenly

He is way better then 223 he should be in top 100

He is good with a bow when players are strafing at hem

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457 Technoblade

Very skilled, very entertaining, 10/10

He is such a god at PVP no one can beat him he is the combo master he is also so cool

I love his videos he combos everyone its pretty much impossible to kill him

By far the best Bedwars player and an amazing Skywars player.Very good all round.

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458 Monsterlol

This guy is really high skilled he plays the most Mega Walls on the Hypixel server he have almost 2 classes prestige and the all the other classes maxed. He also won the Mega Walls tournament, he also wins almost every hungergames!

459 AnfieldNiall86

Got amazing pocket edition Minecraft pvp skills can beat anyone in a 1 v 1 situaion bu on Xbox his pvp skills are only average

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460 Im2cool4
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