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461 Technoblade

Very skilled, very entertaining, 10/10

He is such a god at PVP no one can beat him he is the combo master he is also so cool

I love his videos he combos everyone its pretty much impossible to kill him

Technoblade neva dies

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462 Monsterlol

This guy is really high skilled he plays the most Mega Walls on the Hypixel server he have almost 2 classes prestige and the all the other classes maxed. He also won the Mega Walls tournament, he also wins almost every hungergames!

463 AnfieldNiall86

Got amazing pocket edition Minecraft pvp skills can beat anyone in a 1 v 1 situaion bu on Xbox his pvp skills are only average

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464 Im2cool4
465 Rudolth
466 Imslick4u
467 Vengelf
468 Stampylonghead

Seriously who invited this guy he sucks at PVP

He's good at pvp on the computer but he absolutely sucks at archery

Sucks with bows, only good with diamond swords.

He's good at console but trash on pc

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469 Timelessflight
470 Toby Sidemen Tjbizle

Tjbizle is the second best FIFA players on FIFA the only player better is miminter who beat him 2-1 but he id beat ksi 3-1 and w2s 5-0

471 Noahcraftw

He is ok but has never beaten pete zah hutt on camra but di get pete zah hutt on half a heart an for the bajan canadian he has killed him once on camera an had 1 heart left but he is bad now

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472 siamon
473 hazzagaming
474 lol
475 hyperion
476 dayof the liam
477 6 bro media
478 acidicslayer
479 setbling
480 salmacow
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