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161 Thesteelnoflexzone
162 GhostMF

This guy is so very fast.

You're the Best Ghost

He's good he killed 3 teams.. using stone sword.

This guy are so good.good skilll can u teach me?

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163 Nocombo
164 TeamPls2017

It's the best

He's a awesome uhc pvper

Hello I think I am a good Pvper in minecraft <3 - TeamPls2017

Valte ton

165 ismetrg

He is very good at pvp

He is the one, he is the best!

IsmetRG man cutting the spectacular bi player huahwiyi (Google Translate

He is ver good pvp player.He has gat almost 500 Survival Games video.

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166 Vembz

He should be top 10 he's a god

He is good at pot pvp

Should be top ten

He should be top... 40 I think he's pretty good(really good)

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167 Cxlvxn

So good start and very good at clicking!

Jitter Clicking God

Calvin is a god in sg, if he had a better pc he can do more

Underrated pvper.

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168 AdrianFireHD

He one's of the betters spanish pvp players he won the UHC Spain Elite S2 - Viiktor

He's a god

He is not a god of pvp, but is good
, it's better markilokoras, he is the god

169 pewdiepie pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs. more.

Not even close. Besides he barely plays Minecraft

Not even close. He hardly plays Minecraft

Dreadful he can't even play he's hardly a player. Leafy would be a straight savage against him


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170 ─░smetRG V 3 Comments
171 rex5826 V 2 Comments
172 Mr_DanRZ

He better at combo and bow shotz

He good mcsg

Is Only 11 Years old and
he good at mcsg uhc
he stuck in Bedwars

Great Player
He Only 11 Years old
he like BuildUHC AND MCSG
He skill Is Best
Bow is first on pvp and sword

173 Ntenito

He is god

He is pro - Ntenito

I think am a good pvper - Ntenito

He is like the best pvper

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174 ZyperCraft

Wow I'm a fan of him and love him

I could beat him in pvp

158?! WHAT?
This guy is beast, put him at least Top 25!


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175 SamitoD

He's good at fishing rods and get Epic Combos

Not much to say than he is a try hard.

Rod trick God. He can do anything with a rod

He is so good

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176 DerpyDerp

I like DerpyDerp videos on YouTube.

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177 ElRichMC

Really sucks

He is one of the best in Spanish language (if he isn't the best already)I think he must not be so far away in this ranking.He deserve to be unless upper than top 50

Hey hey hey aqui ElRich en Minecraft

Eres un pro!

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178 JokeRKiller

It's the best pvp player of the world because he jitter click

He's surely the best French pvp player, it's almost impossible to touch him!

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179 HackyPixelz

He is the best I love him!

Why 252 I think 50 is better :I

He is good pvper but not the best

He is good - Ntenito

180 Nicolp300

Very good player with good Strafe skills. And good Bow aim. He is very very good at survival Games

Yes he is very good!

If you guys don't know about him he is one of the best pvp players in the badlion community, not gonna lie he is really good.

Good at fns

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