Top Ten Minecraft PvPers

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21 ApacheBlitz V 1 Comment
22 ComboDombo V 3 Comments
23 BiboyQG V 1 Comment
24 ItsTene

He doesn't rlly hack he admitted he only hacked in the first stimpy 1v1

V 1 Comment
25 StimpyPvP

I meant he is good

Stimpy is epic

Stimpy is God at Pvp

I disagree. He should be on like 7 and Dreamer_420 Is better than Huawi And Stimpy and Verzide here is my opionion

1. Dreamer_420

2. Verzide

3. StimpyPvP

4. Krustah - Forgot name -

5. Danteh

6. lolitsalex

7. Lurifaxey

8. Camber

9. Hauwi - Forgot name -

10. TapL

V 1 Comment
26 IPlatinum
27 Marcel
28 Mydoeza
29 JeromeASF/HackSource

Fat nub.he is so bad

Jerome is awesome and is a epic baca. The merome squad has won hundreds of hg,cop and robbers, and many more


30 ZMCNikolai

He is the best pvper ever and he is calm

31 BlueDeww V 2 Comments
32 CaptainSparklez

As most people probably know, captainsparkles was in a season of mindcrack uhc and although he died in his first fight, he did not get a fair fight because the mobs in his cave were very hard to deal with and he lost a lot of hearts

33 SolarFlare V 1 Comment
34 Postinq
35 AntVenom
36 TewChaynz
37 Vikkstar123
38 Fxde
39 PettZahHutt
40 Solrflare
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