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21 StimpyPvP

I meant he is good

Stimpy is epic

Stimpy is God at Pvp

I disagree. He should be on like 7 and Dreamer_420 Is better than Huawi And Stimpy and Verzide here is my opionion

1. Dreamer_420

2. Verzide

3. StimpyPvP

4. Krustah - Forgot name -

5. Danteh

6. lolitsalex

7. Lurifaxey

8. Camber

9. Hauwi - Forgot name -

10. TapL

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22 Mydoeza
23 FeiTJinxy
24 Danteh

He's one of the best, he will DESTROY you.

I think their needs to be a top 10 PvP battle I'm just saying Danteh has it in the bag

Danteh is a God at pvp He Should be Number 2

Danteh is the best... at least at buildUHC so yeah since when is bajan better? danteh is better than bajan in everything and he is better than huahwi not way better but he is just better AND WERE IS LATENCI and what gapsause is number 2 what

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25 ZMCNikolai

He is the best pvper ever and he is calm

26 SolarFlare V 1 Comment
27 Postinq
28 ProF/ProFlame
29 PettZahHutt
30 CaptainSparklez

As most people probably know, captainsparkles was in a season of mindcrack uhc and although he died in his first fight, he did not get a fair fight because the mobs in his cave were very hard to deal with and he lost a lot of hearts

31 JeromeASF/HackSource

Fat nub.he is so bad

Jerome is awesome and is a epic baca. The merome squad has won hundreds of hg,cop and robbers, and many more


32 Vikkstar123
33 AntVenom
34 StimpyZ
35 Elmayor30
36 KyleSmile
37 ItsUndeadYT
38 IPlatinum
39 Hypixel
40 Creeper_Hiss2506
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